the twinsies are back!

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my twins sisters are visiting us for the weekend! they just got back yesterday from studying in italy, so right now we’re eating pizza together and looking through all their italy photos pretending we’re there… so dreamy. {do you spot all those tennis rackets behind them in this polaroid? so cute. love these little athletes.} ... Read more

eleanor + nigel.

our friends patrick + kastle were in d.c. over the weekend so we got to meet their new 8 month old baby nigel (cutie pie!) and they got to meet our *almost* 4 month old baby girl. josh and patrick studied at columbia together. i love this first photo of the two of them now… years later, with their new little babies.... Read more

updates + more updates.

i’m afraid i’ll jinx it, because we haven’t officially signed the lease just yet… but, we found a big old victorian home (to rent) that just might really-truly-dreams-do-come-true be ours by the end of the month. and, there is natural light! and two full baths! and dogs allowed! with a parking space! and in our price range…which is the best part.... Read more

an afternoon with brett and chanel.

the trey mcintyre project is in town right now, which means we got to spend the afternoon with our dear friends, brett and chanel! oh how i’ve missed these two. and i just don’t get to see them often enough! the three of us were in the same graduating class at juilliard and it’s been so fun to watch these two talented friends really make names for themselves in the dancing world since graduation.... Read more

over the weekend…

as the weekend began, josh said to me, “i feel like for mother’s day, we should celebrate all weekend with what you love most… food.” oh that man, he knows me so well. and so, that’s exactly what we did. we ate. all my favorite things, at all my favorite places (yes, this means we maybe ate pizza three times this past weekend… but hey, please tell me i’m not the only one who obsesses over one specific food until i’m sick of it, you do too?... Read more