match box dances.

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a few years ago i worked with my dear sweet adam, a friend and classmate from our days at juilliard, on a short, four-part dancefilm, match box dances. it’s been picked up by a couple of film festivals, which we’re thrilled about, and was also just recently released online, which you can view in its entirety here.
match box dances is “a product of an inter-disciplinary collaboration, a snapshot of ongoing investigations of portraiture in dance on camera, ….exploring the intersection of public, private and personal gestures.”

i loved being a part of this collaboration… adam is such a genius and i’m so excited to see the film doing so well! hope you enjoy watching. (more info here.)

  1. Nice to see your work. And all of the dancers… looks like an amazing workout!!!

  2. so amazing! and exciting! :)

  3. OYAOY!!Well done giiirl it's amazing!!


    I am so incredibly un-artistic when it comes to dance… but it seems so liberating to just be free and commit all of your body to those movements and music!

    So impressive, and absolutely awe inspiring!

  5. A.

    That was beautiful.

  6. Naomi! I don't normally understand this dance style, but you are so gorgeous, and when you dance – your beauty goes to another level. What a strong body you have – congratulations :)

  7. very beautiful Naomi! congratulations!

  8. Saara

    its amazing! i like it a lot :)

  9. great video! you looked beautiful dancing in there, naomi.

  10. Lex C.

    Wow. Incredible

  11. Leah

    You are beautiful!

  12. so great!! I've been wanting to see this since you mentioned it on the blog ages ago!

  13. Sydney

    just look at how completely lovely and graceful you are. such an amazing legacy you have to pass on to E. Congrats on your success lovely friend!

  14. Beautiful, Naomi! It's so cool to get to see you do what you do.

  15. Erin

    Very neat – reminds me of Pina Bausch.

  16. Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

  17. kwistin

    way cool. so fun to see you do something that you love. :)

  18. Lovely! There's nothing I enjoy more than beautiful hands in a work of dance (it's about the ENTIRE body!), and yours were gorgeous :)

  19. Becca

    naomi, that's stunning.

  20. chloé

    you dance so beautifully!!! so so gorgeous.

  21. Ayley

    was this choreographed or improv??? it was so interesting to watch and discern between all the private and public gestures.

  22. your part was my favorite, sounds cliche but truly, it was. xx

  23. Just lovely. And I have to share, I called my two year old over (Eleanor too!) to watch your dance vignette and she said "Ooh! It's Belle!" A pretty brunette dancing in a yellow dress, close enough.

  24. Wow. Coming from a fellow (LDS) dancer, that was so beautiful, strong, lovely and controlled :)

  25. B

    I love it. You are so creative. I think there should be more films like this. Wow, I loved it.

  26. Jenna

    Stunning Naomi – it's absolutely beautiful and full of such talented people :)


  27. becky

    Lovely to finally see you dance—what a strong, controlled movement you have (even though I confess to knowing so little about dance: my own knowledge is of limited, limited ballroom steps). Thankyou for sharing!

  28. J.

    First off, love the video. Beautiful dancing.

    Second, I was wondering if you would be able to do me a favor. For my husband and my 5th anniversary, I am getting pictures from as many places as I can, all over the world, with a person holding a sign that says "Janae loves Jeff in…."
    I was wondering if you would take a Washington D.C. picture for me?


  29. So beautiful to see you dance. Now I can see why dancers are classed are athletes – you look so strong and poised! x

  30. This is so gorgeous. ♥

  31. CoCoon

    Simply stunning. Wow, you really dance from your heart.

  32. Bri

    absolutely mesmerizing how beautiful each piece is. you are stunning naomi!

  33. I know nothing about film or dance, but I thought that was beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  34. Katie

    you are amazing!

  35. hyemi

    awesome! would love to see more :)

  36. Your section is still my favorite.

    I hope there are more films/projects for you in the future, because you are one amazing dancer.

  37. Katie

    Ah wow, that's beautiful.

  38. This was so interesting to see…your dance is my favorite. You all did such a great job!!

  39. I loved every second of this – thanks so much for sharing!

  40. you are the one in the middle right? confused over some of the comments :) Not my style but I can see the creative hard work involved. Lovely.

  41. What a treat! Thank you for sharing:) I remember you posting a still photo from this awhile back and I've always secretly wished you would post more about your dancing!

  42. yes! I got so excited to see this is finally out!

  43. This made me cry. I was a dancer for most of my life and this makes me miss it terribly – I've been wanting to get back into it and perhaps start teaching again, and this just inspired me SO much! Thank you for sharing, Naomi, watching this made my heart so happy. :)

  44. Els

    That was amazing! Thank you for posting this!!

  45. Stunningly beautiful. I love the argument that all intentional movement is just an interpretation away from being dance.

  46. Jill

    I would love to hear more about how you got into dancing, how your parents encouraged you, was Juilliard always a dream, do your sisters dance, etc. You're so talented!

  47. Breanna

    This is so lovely. Thank you for sharing it.

  48. Oooh! I've never seen you dance before. You're so talented. How fun!

  49. Thank you for sharing! I loved it.

  50. Jenna E

    wow, that was dream-like

  51. Such an amazing video, so much talent. Thanks for sharing! I've grown up dancing, and it's watching videos like this that make it such an inspiration to keep it apart of my life!

  52. Molly

    You are a stunningly beautiful dancer- just as I imagined you would be! Loved seeing this!

  53. jlc

    You are a beautiful dancer…

  54. Carla

    What a beautiful video – you're such a lovely dancer, you move so freely and well. The video has made me want to start dancing again!

    carla xx.

  55. Swiss

    Wow great work of art. My favorite is your hand movements in the beginning and end of the dance.

  56. so beautiful,
    its nice to finally see your dancing, you dont show that side of you much here on your blog.
    but i'm also loving all the beautiful pictures of your gorgeous little baby and adventures into motherhood.

  57. so beautiful,
    its nice to finally see your dancing, you dont show that side of you much here on your blog.
    but i'm also loving all the beautiful pictures of your gorgeous little baby and adventures into motherhood.

  58. Megan

    I was so excited to see your work!! That was absolutely stunning, thank you for sharing :)

  59. this is beautiful, lost for words.

  60. G

    What a beautiful dancer. This was very inspirational. Thanks, Naomi.

  61. "B"

    this is amazing. does adam have any more work out there? i'd love to see some

  62. Elisa

    This was beautiful! Thank you for sharing :)

  63. wow. that was really neat. i love, love, LOVED the shot where you are the center point and all of the beams sort of radiate behind you. and with the traffic it's so cool. that was beautiful! i don't know you beyond reading your blog, but you're so beautiful and talented. thank you for sharing!

  64. Unknown

    beautiful and stunning.

  65. Marijke

    Wow, love it! Great talent you have there! I wish I was that good :).

  66. CCL

    I found your delightful blog from Cup of Jo and I absolutely love it! Just stumbled on this gem and it's amazing – Adam W. is one of my oldest childhood friends. Small world!!!