1. So precious! I love Skype for exactly that reason…it connects me with people I love who just happen to be far away. :-)

    I hope you have a happy Monday!

  2. Isn't Skype the greatest? We Skyped with family in Croatia and Germany on Easter and never had to leave the couch in Queens!

    I'm sure your relatives were stoked to have such a precious baby held up for their viewing pleasure!

  3. Miranda

    I love Skype! So awesome that it can connect families/friends from far away. Most of my family is from FL, GA, and AL so we use it a lot.

    Btw, I am in love with the name Eleanor. So beautiful!

  4. Mrs. C

    Could this be any cuter?!?! Adorable!!!
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  5. Ailinh

    Skyping is such a wonderful invention!

  6. oh my gosh soo cute!!!

  7. i feel the same way about living so far from my family and always tell my husband i hope we move back to ohio someday to live closer to my family! :) thank goodness for phones/skype/video chat/facetime/etc! :)

  8. heh yeah it's one of my wishes {{to live closer}}, in my case it's a whole different country, only 2hrs 40 mins flight though. may our wish come true then! lots of hugs for you& your family

  9. aw we do video chat with my parents too cuz they miss their grandaughter so much..love technology!

  10. becky

    Awww, she is a cute little thing!

  11. Oh my goodness! That first picture is the sweetest image I've seen! I love her sweet face and baby belly!

  12. This is so cute! I hope to do this in the future with my family back home.

  13. Fenke

    we also have to skype with our familiy A LOT, cause they live too far away to see them more often! i really am missing everyone even more since noa is born. i feel like they miss seeing their grandson/nephew growing up and sometimes it makes me very sad.

  14. kwistin

    ah! love that you documented this. it's the little things that are easily forgotten, yet add up to the best things.

  15. Sarah

    My boyfriend and I are long distance, making my webcam one of my favorite devices. I dunno where I'd be without it…

  16. jenny

    oh precious. i am so thankful that we live sort-of-near-by to our family. Wished you did also. Maybe one day!!!

  17. Jenna E

    skype is one of my fave past times. It makes you feel not so far away, but then after I am always a little sad as I would love to just snuggle my family/friends in real life.

  18. SKYPE IS WONDERFUL!! So are those pictures (:

  19. This is so sweet. Family is the most important thing. My family is the most spreadout it has ever been and I don't like it. Thank goodness for Skype.

  20. this is absolutely adorable. :)

  21. Love skype. It has been a life saver for me and my fiances long distance relationship the past 2 years. Such lovely family pictures though even if they are through a computer. :)


  22. Alivia

    Naomi, she is the sweetest. Isn't Skype just perfect for family far away? I need to make more use of it!

  23. so cute!! skype is a lifesaver, especially for studying abroad/traveling.

  24. Andrea

    So cute! We totally did the same thing this weekend.


  25. isn't technology amazing? is so hard living far from family though! I'm in utah, and all my family is in texas! That is why blogs, and skype and what not are so amazing!

  26. where are you from?

  27. Eleanor is just the cutest!

    Ive just started my own blog, and would love it if you'd take a look. Thanks xx

  28. We will be moving next year probably far from family and I'm excited for adventure, but it is lame to think we won't be close by!!! I have a feeling we'll become skypes bff!

    PS- She's so cute!

  29. Gaby

    Thank God for skype! I live across the world from my family (in australia) and I miss them every single day. x

  30. oh this post made me smile :) Thank goodness for video chat! My parents (who live out of state) are grateful, as i'm sure yours are with Eleanor, to see our little guy, even through a computer screen…they just grow so fast! :)

  31. Jess

    Skype is truly amazing! It has helped my husband connect with our three month old daughter while he is overseas.

  32. Autumn

    i dream of living close to family as well!

  33. Lily

    Bless your beautiful (and growing) family.

  34. She is just the cutest thing:)

  35. this is so cute, its great that they can see her lovely smile!

    We just used the video kinect feature on our xbox for the first time with my parents and it was so much fun!

  36. this brough ttears to my eyes! it'd definitely be hard to be away from my family if i had a little one. i know i take it for granted having them so close to me. like you said, hopefully one day you guys will all be close:)

  37. skype is the best thing since sliced bread.

    we often have sunday night dinner via skype with my fam. it's a great way to help with the homesickness.

    oh, and everyone says your sweet baby girl looks like josh, but i think she looks so much like your mom! am i the only one?

  38. In that first picture of Eleanor her face looks so much like yours!

  39. Whitney

    oh man.
    she's a doll.

  40. Chloe

    This is so incredibly cute, your daughter is so adorable! I can empathise, I hate living so far away from family and friends, but thank goodness for Skype dates.. Plus, it's always a good excuse for a good holiday to go and visit! :-)

    Chloe xxx

  41. whimsy

    so darling! we have matching macs! yay! im in love with mine:) skyping is my fav:)

  42. Oh we do that all the time. Also live far away from family who is in Costa Rica. Thumbs up to Skype :-)

  43. Lol – that's funny. We out here in the West say "back East" to refer to the East Coast, but I've never heard it said "back West" to refer to the West Coast. ;P

  44. Rachel

    Gosh she looks just like you in that picture with her side profile. So beautiful, that girl of yours :)

  45. I live so far from my family, I don't know what I would do without skype!!