eleanor + nigel.

our friends patrick + kastle were in d.c. over the weekend
so we got to meet their new 8 month old baby nigel (cutie pie!)
and they got to meet our *almost* 4 month old baby girl.
josh and patrick studied at columbia together.
i love this first photo of the two of them now…
years later, with their new little babies.
it’s fun to stand back and watch these guys talk about baby stuff,
exchange birth stories from their view
(cause they know all that child birth lingo now…)
talk baby gadgets and books and hold their babes
like nothing in the world is more precious.
what is it about a man with a baby?
i love it.

*and oh how baby girl’s chubby thighs get to me. cutest little rolls ever.*
  1. awwww eleanor is getting so big! and soooo pretty. i love her headband. it is precious.

  2. Ash

    what adorable pictures! that last one of you looks so joyous and happy! and those rolls…gah! I love chunky baby rolls!!

  3. you take such lovely photos of every day life. i'm an aspiring (super beginner) photographer with a nikon d5000. i'm curious- what kind of camera do you use?

  4. Ana

    The first and last pictures are my favourites. I love how mommies and babies are coordinating stripes in the last one. Both babies are just cutie pies, I now have a big smile on my face from looking at them.

  5. i cannot get over how cute your baby is!

  6. naomi what kind of camera do you have? your pics are amazing!

  7. becky

    That first one is so wonderful—but then so is the reverse: of you two mothers sitting in the park. So lovely—Eleanor's smile gets me absolutely every time.

    P.S—Finally, finally getting used to seeing you in trousers! I guess it just must be easier?

  8. Love love love rolls on babies!

  9. That first picture melted my heart. Seriously, it's on a puddle right here on my desk. And girl, you can rock a pair of glasses like no other. No wonder you coveted them for so long.

  10. @j.henderson and @maddybanks, all my camera info is under the FAQ page. thanks!

    and @becky, i go through such phases! but if they are stretchy jeans, i'll wear them. i find regular pants/jeans so restricting! skirts are still the best!

  11. so very very adorable. I don't know what it is about watching men with babies. It definitely melts my heart. Fantastic pictures. x

  12. Shannon

    So beautiful. I have had total baby fever lately and these cute pics are just fueling it ;)

  13. that first picture of eleanor…..she is so HAPPY. she loves her life. !

  14. Ashley

    So fun that you got to hang out with your friends.

    I have to say I think this is my favorite E hair accessory so far – adorable. :)

  15. cute cute cute this makes me wanna be a mommy soon :)
    I want your hair!!

  16. miriam

    eleanor's thighs are great! chubby baby legs are the best kind of baby legs :o)

  17. Renée

    I can't stop telling you that eleanor is soo pretty! xo

  18. Hannah

    Aw that first picture is adorable! I don't know what it is either but it seriously melts my heart! I can't tell you enough how adorable little E is! She is precious, her leg rolls are pretty cute too!

  19. Nigel is a fantastic name! Love it. Also, can you imagine if he and E became sweethearts one day? These photos would be priceless! :)

  20. rebecca

    i wanna put those chubby legs in a pita pocket and eat them up.

  21. Robin

    YOur baby is so beautiful. I am one of many random strangers who reads your blog, so it was funny to see Patrick on here, who my husband works with. We were at his wedding reception for a little bit too, so I maybe even saw you and never knew! funny.

  22. I just love chunky thighs! My daughter has them, too. ;)

  23. Emma

    The names Nigel and Eleanor sound adorable together. I know marriage is far off for little Eleanor, but I'm just saying. . . .

  24. julia

    she is so beautiful.

  25. Haley K

    such sweet photos…all of them :)

    and i'm with ya, the chubbier the better ;) Your eleanor is getting cuter every time you post!

  26. chubby babies are the best! the little ones are adorable. where did you get that headband? i would love one for my daughter!

  27. AJD ∞

    This is adorable! Your baby girl has to be one of the cutest babies I've seen lately. And she's so stylish, too!

  28. Heather

    sigh, little baby legs. my daughter is 5 months and the doctor said she looked like a Michelin baby.
    ANd I'm with everyone else. Where did you get little ones headband?

  29. To be honest- your little Eleanor is one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen. You + Josh = pretty baby!

  30. tRiSh

    too cute, both of them, well… all of you!

  31. I love her little thighs! They are so adorable!!

  32. aw! the little ones seem overjoyed.

  33. Baby thighs and guys with babies…stuff of perfect postin'.

  34. Lovely photos x

  35. A bit off topic but I saw a black onesie with a bull dog print today at babyGap and thought that Eleanor had to have it. Even though black on babies is a bit "ehh" I'm sure you would find a way for her to look uber cute in it. I looked on the website but it's not there but the panda a monkey are. Super cute for baby girl!

  36. these photos are amazing! i can't wait to see how the first picture retaken in like 5 years ;)

  37. she smiles just like you, don't you think? xx

  38. Mrs F.

    OMG, and the yellow bow headband? I love it! SO precious!!!

  39. yes! i know the feeling! i love watching my husband hold and play with our 3-month-old. makes my heart melt!

  40. erin

    ooh those sweet little thighs. too cute.

  41. melissa

    i love love love her tiny bows/flowers. where do you get them?

  42. colleen

    haha her thighs are amazing!!!! love to see seersucker on a little boy, too!

  43. Laken

    Those thighs! I could eat them!

  44. super sweet! baby/parent play-dates :)

  45. Hi Naomi! I have spent the last few days reading your blog from the beginning and I want to know that it has truly inspired me in so many ways. You and your family exemplify what love and togetherness truly is and I'm thankful that you made the decision to share parts of your beautiful life with the world =). Eleanor is absolutely beautiful and she is getting so big!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE when babies have chunky legs and arms!!!! xoxo

    P.S. Kingsley is super cute too =)

  46. @jennifer, that's the sweetest comment. thank you so much for sharing!

    and to all who inquired about e's bows, headbands, anything in her hair— all her hair accessories are from Lou and Lee on Etsy.

  47. Jo

    ADORABLE. Simply adorable!!

  48. lauren

    I love your shirt Naomi! So darling!

  49. cutest rolls ever! I love the rolls, they are soo kissable too!

  50. Rudi


    You're living my dream life.
    Nooooooot even joking on that one.

    love, rudi

  51. Rudi


    You're living my dream life.
    Nooooooot even joking on that one.

    love, rudi

  52. Amelia

    squueeaaal, that first picture is to die for :) so, so cute.

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  54. These are by far the cutest pictures I've ever seen on your blog. I adore that little girl and your sweet family.



  55. Emily

    ok you have the best outfits ever and i am in love with your glasses. pick out my outfits please?! : )

  56. Saara

    So adorable pictures- as always :) they made my morning :)

  57. Beautiful. Love your words, always. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos with us. <3 xx

  58. i'm due in september…my goal for the first few months is making some chubby little baby thighs to kiss as quickly as possible. nothing could be cuter!

  59. oh my goodness, there is just an overflowing amount of happy, love and CUTE in those photos!

  60. Kelly

    aw I love photos of babies playing together! that first photo is adorable.

  61. her little legs are killing me! Fact: you make incredibly cute babies

  62. i always love your photos! wouldn't it be funny if the two babies grow to become friends later in life?

  63. Eleanor is getting cuter by the day! And I love the bow. So glad you guys got to see good friends!

  64. I've got to stop following your blog.
    It is making my uterus act up.


  65. Katie

    Eleanor is obviously adorable, but your shirt is SUPER nice. Where is it from??

  66. Laura

    lovely pictures! eleanor's so cute in her headband:–)

  67. amber

    those chubby thighs are way too stinkin cute!!

  68. I just wanted to tell you that you have the cutest little child ever! She is adorable! I want one just like her!

  69. Eleni

    I hear you! I'm not a mum and am not usually broody in any way, but I saw a pretty cute guy sitting reading a book outside a cafe once, and as I got closer I realised he had a tiny tiny baby propped up on his chest. I literally stopped and stared, it was the most devastatingly attractive thing I'd ever seen! And then I realised it's kind of rude and creepy to stop walking and stare at people, so I move quickly along…

  70. The headbands you put on Eleanor are the cutest little things I've ever seen!!

  71. cca319

    Such nice babies ;-)

  72. If only we could all embrace our thigh rolls as easily as a baby does. Chubby thighs on babies make me SMILE. Love it!

  73. Li-Sha

    seriously the cutest little baby ever!

  74. kwistin

    um…this is absolutely precious.

    …just in case you didn't know. ;)

  75. Ooh! Babies are the best, aren't they? So adorable!!