diary by kingsley: introducing E to my favorite place on earth… the beach.

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“what’s up friends!

last week we drove down to florida for the weekend. i didn’t get to steer the car like the olden days, but hey, i’m happy to still be included on family trips and outings now that a baby is in tow, so… you know, pick your battles.
it was dad’s 10 year high school reunion, which- by the way- i wasn’t invited to. c’mon people, i thought i was the bolles school mascot?! but anyway…
while in florida, we went back to my favorite place on earth. and as you can see by baby girl’s face in the photo, i’m pretty sure it’s her favorite place on earth too. now what’s it going to take to get mom and dad on board with a move to florida? i see how much mom enjoys the sunshine and warm weather… and dad always raves about growing up near the beach and rowing on the river, so, i mean. really? it makes sense to me, and i’m only 10 dog-years-old.
puppy kisses & licks,
  1. Katie

    She could possibly be the cutest baby I've ever seen.

  2. colleen

    i love kingsley diaries! she looks so adorable.

  3. Megan

    Both you and Eleanor look so happy in this picture! Too cute for words. It is so fun to see this adorable little addition to your family!


  4. love this photo – what a great family day!

  5. beach, smiling baby, cute pup- yup perfect picture :)

  6. Oh, Kingsley. You rascal! Such a cute pic. Glad to see the whole family had a good time.

  7. Melissa

    She looks so cute!

  8. Taylor

    you are such a cute mom, you'll look back on this picture with such joy! e is perfect.

  9. Heather

    this is probably the happiest picture of all time! I can't look at it without smiling! -heather- from lifeofapasseri.blogspot.com

  10. CAPow!

    Little E is adorable in this pic! But Kingsley is still a rockstar!

  11. Amy

    That smile on your baby's face is priceless! It's fun when they start smiling, huh? Adorable.

    amy day to day

  12. hannah

    aww! love it!

  13. Leticia

    I love E's face in this pic! What a sweetie!

  14. Emily

    Love this picture!!

  15. Lindsay

    OK seriously…YOUR baby is adorable!! Such a cute picture

    Delighted Momma

  16. Gaby

    That picture is too cute for words! Looks like Kingsley loves Eleanor a whole lot, and the beach of course. x

  17. kingsley is too cute and your lil girl! i miss the beach soo much! glad you guys had fun!

  18. Sini

    Your photo is so sweet, E is so cute and you look happy, Kingsley is adorable!

  19. E is just too cute! Love Kingsley's diaries :D

  20. Kym

    I am in love with this picture. It makes my heart smile :) and it reminds me so much of my babies, my dog loves my son to pieces! and he always has a smile on his face when she is around.

  21. Megan

    Oh my goodness E is too darn adorable!! And I'm a fan of Kingsley's diaries :)

  22. this is the best little family picture i've ever seen. (besides that josh isn't in it) but we get the point :)
    so beautiful!

  23. Amelia

    What a beautiful picture!

  24. She just keeps getting cuter and cuter! I can't handle it! She looks like she is just over flowing with the most adorable personality! And her smile is probably one of the happiest things I've seen all day!

  25. Renée

    beautiful photo of the tree of you! Eleanor is adorable when laughing!!

  26. whimsy

    she really is so beautiful. and the beach is my favorite place as well! yay for the ocean!

  27. Sonja

    Kingsley, the beach is one of my most favorite places too!!! Looks like you had fun! And what is up with that baby being so darn cute!!!? :o)

  28. Kelsey

    omg. cutest pic everrr! lovely post!


  29. Kelsey

    omg. cutest pic everrr! lovely post!


  30. she looks SO happy. i feel like she's looking so much like you as a baby (based on the taza baby pics we've seen every once in awhile on here). is that your verdict too?

  31. haha so nice Mr. Kingsley! my little Miss Lola (french bulldog) feels the same. She loves the beach but every time that she tries to go into the water she stays by the shore just looking cause she cant swim…ohooo

  32. gah, you can't keep posting photos of dogs and babies together – my hormones are getting confused… I want a puppy not a baby… and both of them, on the beach (also my favourite place)… its almost making me broody :)

    though saying that, your baby does have the cutest baby smile I've ever seen, so maybe its just her making me broody…

    I hope you had the most amazing time together!

  33. Lulu B

    Wow what a beautiful photo! So glad you enjoyed florida! xx :o)

  34. This is my third Winter in Florida–I was resistant at first but it really is bliss living near the beach and NEVER feeling cold!!

    Love your pics!

  35. She does love it! Mike and I have been discussing when we'll introduce our babe to the beach…s/he will be a summer baby, so they have to love it, right? :)

  36. Naomi, that photo is too perfect! She is such a cutie! So happy all the time…I love it!

  37. carissa

    eleanor's face is amazing!!!!!!!! i miss you guys!

  38. Can i just say that is just the cutest picture EVER!!! Eleanor has great fashion sense!:) Thank you for sharing this with us, Kingsley :P Hope you enjoyed your stay in Florida!

  39. your daughter's face is beautiful! i'd have a big grin on my face if i was at the beach, too. :]

  40. Erin

    Such a perfect picture! You all look so happy and healthy and lively. You should move to Florida, Kingsley. And take the family with you. ;)

  41. Maria

    This is so cute! I love the beaches as well, they're so calming!

  42. love this photo of you three!

  43. Sara

    This photo is adorable! You were in my neck of the woods, I'm on Amelia Island, FL!

  44. Eleanor looks so happy! such a cutie..moving to the beach might not be such a bad idea :)

  45. this made me smile :) thanks

  46. I love Kingsley diaries! she – and off course little E looks so adorable:)

  47. im in love!!!

  48. kivioq

    You and Eleanor are both radiant–happy and gorgeous!

    I feel silly always asking about your stripes, but I love a stripey tee, especially a perfect mint one like this one. Could you share where you got it?

  49. cutest picture ever!

  50. such a beautiful picture!!

  51. this picture is beyond cute! <3

  52. Your family is so precious. :)

  53. tRiSh

    so sweet! you should take Kingsley's idea into consideration ;)

  54. @kivioq, it's from anthropologie. :)

  55. Kelly

    I love diary by kingsley entries : ) what an adorable photo!

  56. Jello

    ahhh. what an adorable picture! your baby girl totally has the heart-breaking smile! watch out! she's be cracking hearts soon : )

  57. Alanah

    You are so beautiful! And so is Eleanor. Can't wait to see her grow up.

  58. Dear Kingsley & beautiful family,
    your photo is so crisp & fresh I was wondering what camera this was taken with!

  59. Dear Kingsley & beautiful family,
    your photo is so crisp & fresh I was wondering what camera this was taken with!

  60. Loni

    This is literally one of the cutest family portraits (minus dad) I have ever seen. She is going to love this picture some day. I love it now :)


  61. What a cute shot!! Kingsley is SO insightful :)

  62. Connie

    this is the cutest picture!!

  63. glad kingsley got to go to his favorite place on earth!! looks like loads of fun :)

  64. Windy

    I've been reading your blog since January. Every time I see your husband, I think to myself, "He looks JUST LIKE this guy I went to high school with." Turns out, he IS the guy I went to high school with! We were on the crew team together. I graduated in 1998, the year his boat won the Freshman 8 race.

    All together now, "It's a Small World, Aaaaafter All."

    I really enjoy your writing. Thanks for sharing!

    Windy Booher Taylor

  65. Skye

    such a magical photo. the beach…you holding the most adorable baby in the world and her expression of pure bliss…and kingsley. i love it!

  66. misie

    love this.

  67. Hi Kingsley! {waving from Northern VA}

  68. Your family has found a new fan in india. :) your pictures on instagram and blog here, lifts up my mood. Thankyoo!

  69. Your family of 4 has found a new fan in India. Your photos on instagram and blog lifts up my mood. Full of life. Thankyoo!