an afternoon with brett and chanel.

the trey mcintyre project is in town right now, which means we got to spend the afternoon with our dear friends, brett and chanel! oh how i’ve missed these two. and i just don’t get to see them often enough! the three of us were in the same graduating class at juilliard and it’s been so fun to watch these two talented friends really make names for themselves in the dancing world since graduation. they make me proud.
and, of course it was wonderful to have them finally meet baby girl in person! can’t wait to see these two blow us away on the stage tomorrow! love you both!

  1. e looks super cute, as do you! I love her constant hair accessories :) have fun with your friends! xx

  2. E is soooo cute! That little smile just gets me every time, what a sweetheart!

    Seeing E makes me even MORE excited to meet our Little! The countdown is on – 4 weeks till the due date :)

    Talia Christine

  3. Melissa

    I went to junior high with Lauren Edson who is a dancer with the Trey McIntyre Project! What a small world!

  4. @talia, congrats! 4 weeks is sooo close! although in my opinion, you should probably count 6 weeks to help with the *waiting*. ;)

  5. kersey

    I do love that skirt. Eleanor is gorgeous, just like her mama!

  6. Jenna E

    Elanor has the sweetest expressions!! Have fun with your friends this weekend. xo

  7. Em

    Look how happy Eleanor is, getting all that lovin'. ^_^

  8. I love TMP!

  9. colleen

    So I loved the first picture – e is laughing, looking so cute, your friend is funny kissing her but the last picture is amazing!!! The look on Chanel's face and Eleanor's face are classic. She is such a precious baby Naomi – congrats over and over again.

  10. awh yay brett! i wish i were in boise to go see the trey mcintyre project :/ they had this one performance at a hotel and in each room it was differently themed. i am pretty sure it was for that. anyways. these are so cute. brett is so sweet :)

    hope youve been well! xoox

  11. claire

    You guys are adorable! Eleanor looks SO much like you x

  12. Jessi

    Eleanor is so adorable, and I LOVE your outfit!!

  13. oh my heavens. that first face of E is sooo classic! Perfect face for what's going on in this picture. so funny/adorable!

  14. Morgan

    spoiled baby :)

  15. Juliet

    You guys are adorable!! (:

  16. she is such a cutie!

  17. Renée

    beautiful photos :)

  18. Heather

    wow these pictures are so great! everything about them is happy!

  19. Louise

    I can't get over how cute your daughter is, seriously she could be a baby model or something. These photos are adorable!

  20. eleanor's face in the first picture!!!! i can't handle it.

  21. Jen

    She is sooo cute!

  22. Her expression in the first photo reminds me of expressions your hubby makes in some photos! Your friends look really nice! Have a lovely weekend. xo

  23. E looks stunning in yellow! I love how happy she looks with you and your friends!

  24. Hannah

    E is so adorable!!

  25. your baby girl is more beautiful every single day! she is so precious!

  26. Omg! Eleanor is sooo cute in these pics! She is totally digging having so much attention. lol

  27. tRiSh

    So cute! those pictures are awesome! please tell us all about the show too later =)

  28. Gussy


    happy weekend!!!
    eat some pizza! heh.

  29. jodi

    I just got that same asos skirt in the mail….so cute, you style it well. as for miss E – oh the cuteness! x

  30. I used to read your blog religiously when I blogged more often and then life got busy and I got out of the habit. I've started up again and it's lovely to see that you have a beautiful little baby now – the photos in this post with you, her and your friends are gorgeous, everyone looks so happy.

  31. Banshee

    You've definitely made one crazy beautiful little girl

  32. It is a great feeling to meet up with old friends!!

  33. Ah. So darling.

    You are gorgeous.

    Eleanor is the most adorable baby. I just love her!

  34. Hilary

    I love your skirt! Where did you get it?


  35. What a fun little outing!! Great friends!

  36. Jill

    Eleanor's squeezy legs are to die for!

  37. Chelsea

    where do you get her little cute hair bows???

  38. aww must be so fun to reconnect with old friends! Eleanor looks soo happy…love that smiley face!

  39. I hope you had a lot of fun!
    It certainly looks like you had!
    & I couldn't stop giggling at Eleanor's face in the last picture , she just looks so confused & distracted !
    Beautiful as always – both of you!

  40. I can't get over how cute Eleanor is!

  41. Great shots seems that you both are having a lot of fun when you are together ;) and the baby is an absolute princess

    Greetings holiday apartment london

  42. Melissa

    I just found your blog today, don't know why it took Google Reader so long to recommend it as dancer, 2+ year DC transplant, baby+dog lover, and much more are things we absolutely have in common!

    I work at the State Dept. with the Bureau who's sponsoring Trey McIntyre Project as Dance Ambassadors and it's been great to work with them. Hope the performance went well!

  43. I just finished browsing through all your posts that I have missed. I am down with measles, all alone while it's raining outside but your blog put a smile on my face. So happy for you and your little family.

    Lots of love and admiration,

  44. These are adorable pictures of e and I love your skirt and shoes!

  45. julia

    Oh my goodness I am obsessed with your blog! I showed my mom and she asked if you were a real couple or a made up one… so cute! Just wondering where did you get your tortoise glasses I am in LOVE with them!

  46. tifsong

    you are so pretty.
    and your baby girl is the prettiest.

  47. haley

    i love your skirt! where did you buy it?

  48. Zoë

    I live in Boise and was lucky enough to see TMP – Chanel and Brett were amazing! It must be so fun to get to watch your friend perform :)