1. Kate

    She is such a doll! Your whole fam is so cute.

  2. Erica

    Having 5 little boys I love to live a little vicariously… goodness gracious she's cute! :)

  3. colleen

    hahaha love there's still more pizza! she is turning into quite the pretty little girl. good luck with moving!

  4. i can't look at these photos for very long before my heart starts to actually hurt from the cuteness. congrats on making the world's cutest baby girl!

  5. Your baby is so precious! I love her hair. :)

  6. Juliet

    Where is that pizza from? I would drive to DC for that!

  7. @juliet, it's from we, the pizza! their cheese is our fave.

    @erica, 5 little boys? you know i secretly wanted a family of all boys, right? although now with baby girl here, i can't imagine having boys! ;)

  8. Liz

    Eleanor is the most precious little thing. Adorable! I love these photos! Also, I need that pizza.

  9. hahaha she's sitting in her car and smiles! yes!

  10. not in her car. just meant car seat :D

  11. Ahh those little striped tights on E are just too much. Melt. What a little cutie!

  12. WHERE DID YOU FIND THOSE TIGHTS? they're perfect sweet. i must put a pair on my baby girl's thighs.

  13. @mama you are my heart– i found them at babyGap, clearance rack for $2.99!

  14. Gosh your baby girl has the sweetest smile. It brings me so much joy everyime I see it and I don't even know her!

  15. ~BB~

    You have the cutest baby I have ever seen in my life. No lie. So gorgeous!

  16. No moving day is complete without a box of pizza! And I must concur with the rest of the crowd about the cuteness your baby girl is serving up.

  17. Erica

    i love how either you or Eleanor are in stripes!

    adorable family.

  18. Your baby girl is seriously beautiful!!

  19. Such cute photos. Your little girl is so so adorable. That pizza looks yummy too!

  20. Kirstin

    I know that all babies are totally cute but I really think you got one of the very cutest :) so happy to see you enjoying your family!

  21. Lyndall

    Looks like a very lovely life indeed :) that pizza is making me hungry! It looks like we share the sane taste in flavours- Margarita pizza all the way!

    Good luck with packing! I love the fresh start if moving but the packing (and unpacking)… Not so much!

  22. what a cutie!!!

  23. I've enjoyed reading your blog since stumbling upon it! Your little girl is precious!

  24. Amelia

    ffdkalj could she be more adorable?? i think not.

  25. eleanor is beyond gorgeous! and do you and your hubz have matching glasses?! too precious!

  26. Delaney

    she just gets prettier and prettier everyday. I can't believe how big she is getting!

  27. H.

    Your little girl is seriously the cutest!


  28. Sarah

    Oh my gosh your baby is a sweetie pie. That smile just lights everything up! And that pizza looks amazing. I don't have anything like that around here, and it's probably a good thing because pizza is something I literally could eat every single day.

    Fun =)

    – Sarah

  29. M.

    you are so beautiful. and your family is dear. it's a pleasure to read about it.

  30. That little girl of yours is such a smiler. Every picture a smile. It makes a girl smile of the other side of this blog post.

  31. Shalyn

    Y'all are by far the most adorable family on the planet!!! :)

  32. Kate

    so cute!


  33. Gorgeous pics. I love them!

  34. Lauren

    You have (hands down) the cutest family!! Great photos and that pizza looks amazing.

    I'd really appreciate if you could read my most recent post, I could use the help ♥ Thank you!

  35. Jess

    Baby E just gets more adorable with each picture that you share! And I now have a serious pizza craving.

  36. Bron

    That baby is such a CUTIE!!!

  37. Gussy

    looks fun & exciting & FUN! ♥

  38. Your daughter is one of the cutest babies ever and the perfect combination of you both! LOVE the pictures…and would love a slice of that pizza right now! :)

    Liesl :)

  39. oh my goodness, baby eleanor is so adorable!!

  40. Your little Eleanor has the cutest smile. It makes me happy when I see it :)

  41. Ainsley

    adorable. i love the close up of the babe in her car seat!

  42. Silvia

    These pics have got me the first smile of the day!
    Too, too cute!

  43. VH

    The burning question on my mind is how on earth do you manage to eat so much pizza and stay in such great shape???!
    I am a pizza fanatic but am a little gym shy so try to avoid it…pure punishment really!

  44. Mandy

    Aaaw these pics are so cute! :-D MENNEPEN

  45. Baby Girl sure is growing up! and looking more beautiful everyday! ;) Love keeping up with your family and life! So down to earth and vibrant all at the same time! ;)

  46. love baby girl's smile.

  47. Linka

    That pizza looks delicious! now I want one!

  48. aw, I love her little smile. so cute.

  49. tRiSh

    Happy moments, great memories to make! =)

  50. I love happy people! and that would be you guys!

  51. LC

    E has the sweetest face!

  52. Sher

    Oh, I love it when your baby girl smiles that big:)

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  53. Chelsea

    her smile is SOOOOO adorable!

  54. You could possibly have the cutest child ever! And I have my own so that says a lot!

  55. meg

    You really have the cutest baby ever!! You and Josh could go into a baby-making business, it's ridiculous!

    And I can't forget about Kingsley, he is looking handsome as well (:

  56. I love that ap. I use it all the time!!!

  57. Stacy

    She looks like such a happy little pumpkin! Love those smiles. :)

  58. Rachael

    I'm sure you've been told this over and over, but you have such a beautiful family!
    Great Iphone pictures too! You're reminding me why an Iphone is so cool….

  59. eleanor looks more and more like her daddy! so cute.

  60. Robin

    That baby girl can sure rock a faux hawk!

  61. Jaclyn

    could your baby be any cuter? i think not. gotta love the insta gram app :)

  62. hello.

    eleanor is so sweet!! reminds me of my daughter when she was one- smiley + happy baby :)

  63. can you tell me what the app is you use for your iphone?! i love it! your family is so darling and i have been following your blog for a little bit! I am a dancer from utah and someone and another dancer pointed me to your blog! i love it!

  64. Just a question…your pictures look so fun :) However, you are always eating the most scrumptious food and keeping such fabulous form. However do you do it?

  65. CoCoon

    She's always smiling that Eleanor. Such a happy baby! x

  66. Daniela

    heyy! do you have instagram???

  67. I don't always comment, but I started following your blog a few weeks ago and just want to die from the cuteness every time you post pics of Eleanor! :D You have a really beautiful family.

  68. Such a happy Baby :) Love that smile she's got!

  69. bonnie

    eleanor is the perfect combination of you and josh! love this. good luck with the move :)

  70. Erin

    Eleanor, I have a little crush on you. Precious!

  71. Carly


  72. Faith

    The baby needs to be in a commercial. It'll certainly help pay for private schools or college! She is adorable. Have a great move by the way.

  73. Faith

    I just had a thought — it would be very funny to write blog posts from the baby's perspective since you started with your dog. I have linked to you as one of my favorite "couple" blogs. Thanks for the delightful entertainment and affirmation of core values.

  74. those are the sweetest little baby eyes! and congrats on the move, packing is such a beast but i'm sure it will be well worth it :]

  75. Chloé

    what a smiley face. she's wonderful!

  76. She is so stinking adorable!! And I thunk it is even more adorable that mama and baby match in pretty much every outing? So precious!!

  77. Britney

    I'm so happy I came across your blog! It's so beautiful and inspiring. I'm LDS and a new mom also! My little boy was born at the end of March. You look insanely amazing for just having had a little one. She's so beautiful and I'm so jealous you're in DC! I was in Nyc before I got married. Now my husband and I live in Vancouver, WA, right outside Portland, OR. SO excited to follow you and your adorable family :)

  78. Milly.

    These are beautiful. I love the effects and all those smiley photos of little Miss E are the most adorable things I've seen. And Kingsley too! Thank you for the good luck re: the house hunt. I really hope we get the apartment we want… and congratulations on getting yours! Looking forward to some photos :)

    Milly x [mlle_milly on twitter!]

  79. Ah! Baby girl?! The sweetest, dreamiest little face. You're all so good looking it's rediculous…

  80. fefi

    Hi Naomi!

    Adorable photos, would you mind sharing which iphone was used for these pics?


  81. fefi

    Oops! "iphone app"

  82. @fefi, i used my instagram app on the iphone!

  83. I love that like 90% of your photos are of your beautiful baby!! She's a lucky gal to have such a proud momma. ;)

  84. luci

    nice pics! do you use a special app for them?

  85. most precious family!!