pool side baby.

we took a break from all our unpacking yesterday to enjoy this hot summer weather by having a little BBQ with these friends on their roof top pool. and since E only has probably 2 more weeks before her little 4 month old body outgrows this bathing suit sized for a 9 month old (this child knows how to eat!) we hope to get in as many pool days as possible in that next little while.... Read more

tennis, anyone?

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last week when my sisters were in town, i enlisted their help in teaching me how to play tennis. after all, they are tennis rockstars and while i’ve never been on the court before, tennis has been on my list of things i wanna learn how to do, and do well. but as you are about to witness by the following photos… tennis is hard for me.... Read more

getting our move on…

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i was afraid something would get in the way–because that tends to be the case when we find a home we love on the hill, but… remember when i mentioned this place? well, we held our breath all week, waiting with a pen in hand to sign that lease… and sign that lease we did! thanks for crossing your fingers for us!... Read more