today is thursday. and it’s going to be a beautiful day.

what a crazy and exhausting week it has been so far! thanks to all of you who have kept my family in your thoughts and prayers lately. i wish health issues didn’t exist- that everyone could live a life without getting sick. and i wish my family lived down the street, so we could all be together right now. or at least that airfare wasn’t so expensive. but here we are…. and here it is… and we’ll get through it, by golly! so thanks for the kind support. it means so much. i’m so grateful.
in other news, it’s been 80 degrees here the past few days. i baked a chocolate cake the other day that i am slowly finishing all by myself. and we drove around a neighborhood in falls church virginia last night that still has christmas lights up! i want to be friends with people in falls church.
also, we’re back on the search for a new home. and it’s making me pull my hair out. is it just us, or does anyone else struggle with making the decision between living in the district or moving further out? do we want to stay on capitol hill where rent is expensive and space is limited, or do we want to move further out (and by further out, i mean…. further out), be more of a suburban family with the promise of a big yard and maybe even a parking spot (oh! just the thought of not having to haul a car seat and groceries and everything else that comes with life for blocks at a time because the closest available parking spot at the moment feels like miles from your actual home. be still my heart!) and where does one find floors like these? because carpet seems to be winning these days in practically every home we see.
we’re heading on a road trip soon and baby girl’s relationship with her car seat is making me nervous. people always tell us if you want to calm a fussy baby, take her for a car ride. but the car seems to be the one thing that makes our baby girl scream and scream. do you have any magical tips for babies and car seats?! and do you maybe wanna share them?!
today is thursday and it’s going to be a great day. i woke up and felt it. house hunting, health issues, crying babies in cars aside, it’ll all be wonderful. and we’ll all get through it. xoxo
p.s. candice took this photo when we went to france last summer. thanks for always letting me jump in front of your camera, candice.
  1. LAC

    She might not like her car seat! Though it won't be as convenient (because you won't have a carrier) you may want to try switching her to a convertible and keep it rear-facing. A LOT of babies don't like the way the infant restraint confines them. Worked for my best friend's baby… she went from screaming non-stop to almost exclusively sleeping in the car.

  2. LAC

    Also, the new AAP guidelines recommend keeping children rear-facing until 2 years old, not 1! Rear-facing is safer no matter what their age and a lot of parents can't wait to turn their children forward-facing at one but it's not ideal w/r/t safety.

  3. Libby

    My daughter isn't really a car seat fan either. But when she's back there screaming, I just turn up the volume on either an instrumental/classical type cd or one from the Primary Children's Songbook. It may take a few minutes but it always calms her/and me down.

    Good luck with the road trip!

  4. What a great photo! And great attitude! I'm glad you're staying optimistic! It reminds me of this quote:

    “Our happiness depends on
    the habit of mind we cultivate.
    So practice happy thinking every day.
    Cultivate the merry heart, develop the happiness habit,
    and life will become a continual feast.”

    -Norman Vincent Peale

  5. Leticia

    here are my little two cents, whatever they are worth.
    1. buy a house with a big yard. kids need running space. believe me it's the kind of thing you CANNOT skimp on. it's for sanity reason really. it's a proven fact that kids who play outside are smarter!
    2. car rides with baby. try and make it as positive as possible and by that I mean, sit by baby and play with her. josh will look like a chauffer but it's that or screaming baby. i don't know if you are breastfeeding or not but I even nurse my babies in the car. car stopped of course. :) my 9 mo. old didn't like her carseat for a while and i found out she needed the straps loosened up. we also bought her one of those interactive toys that plays music when she hits it. good luck! and you're right, today is going to be a beautiful day!

  6. Our little man Rhett also hates his car seat…but it's getting better. :) I hung ribbons from the handle and burnt the ends so that they didn't fray. He loved playing with them.

    Good luck finding a home! My husband just got hired with edward jones so were trying to figure out where to live and find a house. Any suggestions? :)

  7. Our little man Rhett also hates his car seat…but it's getting better. :) I hung ribbons from the handle and burnt the ends so that they didn't fray. He loved playing with them.

    Good luck finding a home! My husband just got hired with edward jones so were trying to figure out where to live and find a house. Any suggestions? :)

  8. TV

    We have floors like that in the South of France. But I guess that would be MUCH further out… I hope your family is getting better and that you chocolate cake was as satisfying as the slice I am eating right now.
    Best of luck for your house hunting!

  9. My husband and I have lived in DC for six years. The reason we don't own a house is because I refuse to move out to past Dulles just to be able to afford property. Stick with the city life and renting while you can – I know I will miss the city when we eventually leave.

  10. Amazing picture ! You seem enjoying my country ! ;)

  11. Erin

    Trust your gut on where to live. Obviously, city life means paying more for less (in terms of space), but you get the culture and atmosphere of living in a city. If you honestly want more space, and don't mind strip malls, driving everywhere, etc, then go for the burbs. Schools are important to consider, too, since you'll have to deal with that in a few years. If city life means private school, can you swing it?

    This weekend we visited my husband's brother & wife in Kansas City. They live in a faaaar out suburb, and have a huge house that was almost exactly the same price as our 2 bedroom walk up condo in Chicago. While their space is nice, I wouldn't trade the lifestyle for anything. We'll be in our condo at least a few more years, since there is room for a baby. The only thing that could ever make us leave the city is schools, but hopefully we can sort that one out when the time comes! Good luck in your search, and just trust your feelings on what you want (hopefully you & your husband want the same thing, too!).

  12. Kari

    Maybe this will be of no help, but perhaps? My youngest sister used to cry and cry in her car seat… we were cleaning it out one day and their was a poky piece of plastic underneath the pad. Once we got that figured out she didn't mind anymore.

    wouldn't it be lovely if it was that simple a fix?

  13. Jazmin

    Sometimes the problem with the carseat is the carseat. They're design is so hard on baby's spine. This big chiropractic association(their official name is fleeting my mind right now.) has been trying to get these manufacturers to take a second look and try to remodel the infant seat.

    Anywho, sometimes all it takes is trying a different carseat.

    Both my boys hated the infant seats. With my first I assumed it was the car he hated. With my second after speaking with our chiropractor, I switched him to a convertible seat around 5months(though he was 25lbs and needed to be switched soon ;p). It helped, and the screaming stopped.

  14. Oh I used to nanny for a little one who hated being in the car sometimes! Rear facing really helps!

    We are also on the hunt for a place to live in D.C. we are relocating to hill in about 3 months and it is so stressful finding a two bedroom! I can only imagine how difficult it must be to find something to buy which it seems like you are doing. If you come across any good places to rent please let us know! We will keep our eye out for you too!

  15. My little guy hated the car seat as well. It sometimes helped to have dad drive and mom sit in the back to read stories, sing silly songs, retrieve the binkie (although my kiddo didn't really like the pacifier), give a bottle, etc. I also got good at the leaned over nursing when all else failed.

  16. Oh wow, I love that picture! I hope you enjoy your Easter & good luck with house hunting!

  17. As a product of Kensington, MD, I can vouch for it's great school system and easy access into DC proper. I spent most of my high school years hanging out in DC (which was great)and when I moved to Bethesda for a few years in adulthood I loved being so close to the city…

  18. I am in love with your whole outfit. You pull it off so well :)

  19. I'm from Falls Church, I'll be your friend! :)
    I live by McLean and DC is just a subway trip away! I love the city, but I also love the peace that comes with living outside of the city. It's a perfect balance, where we live. I can visit anytime I'd like (thank you, smartpass). Good luck with finding a home!

  20. house hunting sounds sooo fun! can't wait until we're at that point. :)

    amazing picture!

  21. Our daughter – now two – also hated being in her car seat. We kind of secretly (sometimes not-so-secretly) hated parents who said their babies fell asleep in the car. I always sat in the back to read to, sing to, and entertain our daughter (our best trick was to always carry around a bottle of bubbles to blow in the car. This worked most often) but sometimes it just didn't work. We ended up just avoided long drives (like, nothing over a half-hour) for a few months. As soon as she could sit up on her own (at around 5 months), she loved going for car-rides and would fall asleep in the car. They're all bunched up and hunched over in the infant carseats…it's awful. Hang it there! It will get easier to get around soon. For now just enjoy Eleanor's little-ness; it passes way too quickly and soon you'll feel nostalgic about these days and you'll wish she would stop growing!

  22. Kalen

    Everly hated her infant car seat. As soon as we changed her to a convertible car seat (she was 3 months old) – she loved riding in the car. Problem solved. We got the Britax Marathon and it will last us until she's 4 years old. Once they can hold their heads up, babies seats can be adjusted so they're not so far back, too. Read your manual to see if yours can be tilted forward some. Sometimes older babies hate the infant car seat because they want to look around and it hurts their neck to keep lifting their head.

  23. I'm sorry I have no answers for you… but I do have a question.

    How the heck do you jump so HIGH in your pictures?!

  24. ahhh! house hunting! yes, so discouraging. we live in southern california and we want to buy something but it is so so expensive. we constantly have the battle of buy something very tiny for our family of four by the beach or move further inland and have a yard. decisions! good luck with yours.

    and yes, it will be a wonderful day. just make it through one car ride with baby at a time. :)

  25. Taryn

    Our 2nd baby screamed in his Graco snugride. We moved him to a Britax roundabout when he was 4 months old and he was a completely new baby! No more miserable car rides.

    So I would suggest moving her to a convertible car seat. Good luck.

  26. Check out the City of Falls Church, not just Falls Church proper. It's the best mix of suburbia + urban-ness. It's within walking distance to shops, restaurants, parks, the library, and the metro (easy commute to downtown). And there are lots of families with young kids. After living in cities for 6 years, it was the perfect transition for my family.

  27. Hi There Taza,

    My wife showed me your post today and I wanted to let you know that I know exactly where you can find floors like those!

    Appalachian Woods (about 2 1/2 hrs drive from DC) is a company that specializes in reclaimed lumber. We currently have a bunch of ancient heart pine beams we could saw up to make you a new antique floor. With a little stain and maybe some hand scraping of the edges you could get what you're looking for. Check out our site:
    Call us! -TOM

  28. my 6 month old son hated the car seat and screamed his head off as well, especially when he was much younger. what i found to help the most was swaddling him in the car seat. the "swaddleme" brand has a little hole in the butt area of the velcro swaddle made especially for this so you can still safely buckle them. once we started doing this he snooozed through all his trips or cooed quietly! it was a miracle!

    once she gets older, putting a few toys or lovies back there with her should help. we have also found that moving baby boy to the bigger combination car seat has helped. it sits a little higher so he can see more, and he seems happier :)

    try the swaddle! i hope it helps!

  29. Lulu B

    Fantastic picutre. Life sounds like it is out to test you at the moment and by golly has it done the same to me as of late. But what doesnt kill you makes you stronger , keep your head up and keep smilling xx :o)

  30. Lori

    I know all babies are different, but my second son HATED the carseat. At the time, one of my friends told me he'd probably start liking it better around 3 months and a week after his 3 month birthday, we took our first car ride with NO SCREAMING. I hope it's that way for you too.

  31. The only thing that calms my car-hating kids is nursing. Since one should ALWAYS be buckled and one's baby as well, I perfected the "lean and feed." Sitting in the back,next to baby, with my seat belt on, pop a boob in baby's mouth. If you stick a receiving blanket under your ribcage it hurts less. NOT comfortable, but neither is listening to a baby scream.

  32. Whoops. One more thing, we lived in Germantown Maryland and LOVED it, but there is the pain of commuting.

  33. Falls Church is further out without being WAY out. If you are semi-close to a metro you can still feel a part of the city life!!

  34. A couple things, which may have already been said…

    1. If you are breastfeeding she will be able to smell you in the car and want to eat and/or be held by you. Dip a blanket or part of her clothes in breast milk. She'll be comforted by your smell being so close to you.
    2. A mirror that attached to the handle of the carseat.
    3. Toys that dangle down for her to try and reach up and grab.

  35. Jenny

    Let me know if you need a Realtor in the 'further out' area! I'm licensed in Virginia and would love to set you up with a search for homes in the area. We would love to have you all close to your favorite BBQ spot, Willards! :)

  36. Hilary

    My best advice on the car seat issue is to invest in some ear plugs. Some babies just aren't big fans of cars. Maybe a mirror or something strapped onto the seat she's staring at would help too. Or one of you could just sit with her in the back and entertain her. That's what we had to do for a while with my first. I hope you figure something out, because I know how tortuous car rides can be with a screaming baby. In the meantime, the earplugs really do help!

    And by the way, I will pray for your family. I hope it all works out for the best.

  37. Okay… my baby girl HATED her carseat, she only liked being carried and snuggled. What I did helped {didn't totally solve it…} but I got a baby safety mirror in the back seat {hung it on the head rest} and hung toys from the handle bar of the carseat. She LOVED both of these. We also got a "sleep sheep" with rain/water/white noise sounds to play. And lastly, when hubby and I were together we would have one of us sit back there and put a hand on her to comfort her, along with a pacifier. Totally helped! ;) Best of luck.

  38. Ashley

    You all are definitely in my prayers.

    I just started working in Falls Church. I know it's not the District, but I could still see you all taking your evening walks around the neighborhoods. :)

  39. about $10 will get you a toy bar that goes across the handle of her carseat. We had one with mirrors and a frog that sang + lit up. It really helped. Otherwise, ditto to those who said to sit in the back with her if you can.

  40. Cait

    maybe she gets car-sick? I used to hate riding in the car when I was little because I always would get car sick and have to stare at the road wherever we were going…

  41. Liz

    Both of my kids HATED their car seats. My only suggestion is patience for the parents because we never figured out how to help them like the car! They just had to grow out of it. :(

  42. Whenever we take our baby places, one of us always sits in the back with him to keep him entertained. It is worth it for a happy baby in the car! Good luck!

  43. I love your positivity. I hope your Thursday really was awesomesauce!

  44. M

    I don't know if you have ever checked out fairlington in arlington, but it is a fabulous historic ( registered as a landmark) townhome community. It is beautiful and calm, yet really close to shops and stores and just off of 395 so the district is about a 7 minute drive.

    I love it here and I have original 1950s hardwoods :-). I pay $1950 a month but have seen some go as low as $1750. Good luck in your search!

  45. This pic is beyond amazing. Hope the house hunting goes well, no matter where you choose to go!

  46. Good luck with the car seat! My daughter cried every time I put her into her car seat. Then, one day, out of the blue, she stopped crying as much. Then things got even better once we installed the convertible car seat; it's as if her biggest complaint was not being able to sit straight up. Go figure.

  47. I love your blog!
    I had a little girl shortly before you and I'm glad to see that others are exhausted!
    As far as the car seat put a mirror if you already don't have one on the seat facing her. My little girl loves to look at her self.
    And believe me that carpet will look mighty nice when she starts crawling and rolling everywhere!

  48. Oh… Or dowload reliant k's sleigh ride video, pop in a nuk Bonnie( it's the o my brand that they can keep in) and have her watch that. I swear it's a child soothed.

  49. Bron

    Sounds like you have a few stressful things happening in your life right now, but it's good to see that you have a positive outlook on things. Don't let go of that!!

    P.S. I love your blog!!

  50. Sharon

    What kind of car seat do you have? We switched our baby from the Chicco Infant carrier to the Britax Marathon and she was so much happier because it seems roomier and she's higher up (it has an insert so you could even use it for newborns). We also have the mirror, and now she's closer to it which makes her smile!

  51. jlc

    I so pray that you guys can find somewhere closer to Utah or closer to Florida so that you could have family there.


    Follow your heart…

  52. Lauren

    If you are looking to move further, further out from DC, be sure to check out Warrenton (it's where I am from, so I'm a little biased). It's Southern Northern Virginia and absolutely BEAUTIFUL. But if you love the city and don't want to drive far to get there, I suggest finding a place with easy Metro access!

  53. colleen

    If we had stayed in DC (we moved to new york this winter), I could have never switched to the suburbs. We lived in noma, which isn't the most convenient, so we probably would've moved to the hill.
    I'd miss the freedom of walking places (husband grew up in bethesda, there is not walking unless you live in the immediate "town" area) too much. also, I did have to reverse commute out to the suburbs and yes the traffic is so mindnumbingly awful. That's a huge quality of life downer.
    Have you guys looked at senate square? it's where we lived, and like I said not the most convenient location (but getting better), but there are w/d in units, parking, dog friendly, lots of amenities.

  54. If you nurse, teach yourself how to nurse her while she's int he carseat. It's sort of a lean-over-tuck-up-under-the-ribcage maneuver, but . . . LIFESAVING.

    Otherwise, at least sit in the back with her. I haven't sat in the front seat in ages, haha. But my boy used to scream his head off and now we have a pretty good time singing songs and being silly together back there. =)

    Also, Old Town Alexandria is spectacular if you can afford it.

  55. Move to Fairfax! We live in some townhomes across the street from George Mason, its almost all professors and younger families, we love it! Plus they just opened a new frozen yogurt shop across the street from Mason :-) They have lots of dogs in our Townhome complex and an area they let the dogs run :-)

    For our son Judah (he is 4 months) my husband actually just recently got into a car accident with my car. So I have a rental, Judah normally loves the car rides, but I guess this car was to quite and he would SCREAM. I was losing my mind this week so I decided to roll down the windows like a half an inch so he can hear some outside noise (and put on a quite radio station, I put on 91.9 the christian one) and sure enough with in mins he was asleep! I think it was the outside noise, plus they said that babies when they are over 3 months they know that you are up front and they just want to be around you.

  56. Rudi

    Sorry for your troubles,

    love, rudi

  57. My second baby hated the carseat–and still does, to this day, at four and a half. Kids who hate carseats just hate them. I wish I had some tricks, but I've tried everything and none of it works. Have a great trip, crying baby aside!

  58. I LOVE this photo!

  59. Hey! I just found your blog :). I love it! You take some amazing photos. I love this picture haha.

  60. Tania

    Have a wonderful roadtrip, am praying for your family, and as for the carseat, my daughter was the same way until she was about 4 months old. Especially if we ventured out at night….oh the screams! More than a few times I resorted to breastfeeding her while she was safely buckled in her carseat (my husband driving)–I am not even kidding. The things a mama does! I did attach a carseat mirror to the back seat's headrest and think that helped a little.
    Honestly, though, I think it just takes time. As babies get older they are able to regulate their emotional state better. Now at almost 8 months my baby girl is fine in the car–unless it's naptime, and even then it's seldomly all that bad. Just some fussing before she falls asleep.

    That probably was no help, right?! Try to plan for lots of breaks. I bet she will surprise you and it will be much smoother than you expected. Good luck.

  61. If you ARE considering moving out to the suburbs… my former landlord is about to put her place up for rent. It's a large townhouse (huge by DC standards) near 236/Backlick Road in Annandale, with a nice fenced-in backyard that faces the woods. I think she's looking to rent it out for around $1700-2000/month. The house is fantastic and it would be a great place for a family, although I suspect you'd hate the location after living in Capitol Hill (I did).

  62. haylie

    Spouse and I live in Laurel, MD. He works in B'More, I go to school in DC. We like our apartment well enough, but I'm really not a fan of the suburbs and am super envious of your district life! We moved here from Portland, where we lived right downtown. It's been a tough adjustment. I'd say stick to the city, lady… the 'burbs are not for city lovers!

  63. haylie

    Addendum: All that being said, I do love looking out my window at the Patuxent river and watching herons and hawks flying overhead. And I would love a yard… I think what's tough is having an apartment in the 'burbs, like we do. A house would probably be much easier. The end!

  64. Rachael

    It's pretty cool you saying about looking about in Falls Church and all that, since I used to live near there!
    I guess you just have to decide where to move that will best suit your lifestyle. I can't really say which would be best for you, but I'm sure whatever you choose to do will be the best decision.
    As in car seats…I've never had a baby in my car, but I've had toddlers. And for me, they've pretty much been fine. As long as you have a binky (or pacifier) at hand, hopefully it'll go okay!

  65. it's totally true that you don't get into the city as much when you move to the suburbs, but somehow i never seemed to mind when i lived in crystal city. we were so close to the city but had a yard and a nice house and PRIVACY. haha.
    but that being said…you know our vote! :)

  66. misie

    wow – this post is quite the popular one!

    i'm right there with you on the exhausting week – and all the emotion that goes into support, strength, putting on the happy face. we get through it though and hopefully come back better on the other end. *fingers crossed*

    good luck with the house search – you guys will find that perfect place – no doubt. there are some great little places outside the district [or so i've heard]. back when i lived around there shirlington was super cute, falls church – definitely, i like glen echo but it's kind of an odd place but so much natural beauty. can't wait for the updates. hang in there!

  67. I say you move out to Portland where you can get the house (and the floors), the yard along with a cool downtown vibe only minutes away. Tix from Portland back out East isn't too much either, so you can go back and visit friends, family, etc. often (I'm heading out to Manhattan in a couple weeks through a great deal).

    You could even buy our house, since I'm ready to move back to Orange County. We're coming up on the anniversary of our 5 year plan (moved out here after my hubs earned his MBA at Notre Dame), which the agreement was to head back South. Even more of a selling point is that our Orenco Ward is literally the most talented, smart, amazing, inspiring congregation in the world!

    Well, in any case, hopefully your decision making process becomes clearer and you're able to trust in the direction you guys take from here on out.

    Dude, it seems like you guys have been making a-okay decisions thus far, so don't sell yourself short on your competency in the matter. ;-D

    Good luck!


  68. You are so inspiring <3

  69. Ha! I think you might have been driving through my neighborhood in Falls Church! By the end of January I was curious about all the lights still being up, by the end of February quite fascinated, and really it gets to the point where I've stopped noticing it.

    Good luck with the house hunting! My fiance and I just bought our house in December and were really nervous about the whole experience, but we found a great realtor who walked us through everything and found us an amazing little mid-century modern home (I had no idea these existed around here!) that we never would have found on our own. And we're getting married in our own back yard in June!

    It will all come together in the end. :)

  70. AllyM

    I may have just read most of your blog. Your baby is adorable. I cant even get over how cute she is. love you blog. I'm your newest reader:)


  71. just started reading your blog and i love your pictures. just wondering if there's any way to follow you in google reader? didn't see an rss link anywhere.


  72. Great pose!

    Is there a chance that under some carpet lies beautiful wooden floors?

  73. Happy Easter to you and your lovelies! Marta xx

  74. vicfree

    Just some friendly advice based on my own mistakes when I was your age (and lived in the DC area!). When you are looking for a house, make sure it's in a good school district. It seems so far away now, but it will come quickly, and it will be heart-breaking (and a pain in the neck) to move once you have put down roots with your young family. Sadly, unless you can afford private, I think that rules out DC. If only they had kept Michelle Rhee, that might not be the case, but oh, well…

  75. Kasey

    my house will be for sale as of May 1st;-)
    Hardwood floors everywhere…old…charming….
    but it's outside of chicago.
    call me.

  76. Bonny

    Thankd for posting the pictures of the floors. We're rippin out our carpet and layin dark floors, and I couldn't decide what to do with our staircase banister, but after I saw the one in the pictures I told my husbamd that is what we're doing. Yeah.
    My girlfriend has problems with her son in his carseat, and she has all these cool things attached to the back of the seat to keep him entertained. I'll have to ask her where she got them. Good luck with the house hunting, that's a hard decision I wouldn't want to have to make.

  77. Bonny

    PLEASE!!! tell me where you shop at!! your style is to die for I love it! xoxo :D

  78. Autumn

    even when our lives have so many blessings they are still so stressful!

    i can't wait until we get to buy a home :)

  79. I can't believe people are recommending places like Arlington, Fairfax, and Old Town Alexandria– they are much more expensive than Capitol Hill. So are the nicer parts of Falls Church for that matter. You might get a little more space for the money but I speak from experience when I say it is definitely not worth the quality of life decrease. Especially if you work in the city– every ten miles out is an extra hour you spend commuting during rush hour. And even when you're just out and about running errands the constant gridlock will drive you crazy. Northern Virginia is just too crowded and expensive and not a nice place to live anymore.

  80. When I was little I would scream my head off when we were in the car. Years later my mom figured out it was because I am very motion sensitive, and I was getting sick every time she put me in the car seat.

    I don't have any advice on how to help a baby with car sickness, but that could be something to look into!

  81. Caity

    I'm not an expert on babies or carseats, but I have a tiny little half sister and I remember she used to be terribly fussy in the carseat. I would sit in the back next to her, and let her suck on my little finger (clean hands of course…I have no idea why she liked that, but she loved it!), and sorta keep her company and it always managed to calm her. Anyway, I'm sure there are other more practical and better options/ideas, but I thought I'd throw my own odd thought out there! Good luck!

  82. Caity

    In fact, I'm sure a pacifier would do that same trick, haha. It is what they are made for after all. Also, perhaps if you don't want to sit in the back, and if your car allows it, you might be able to push your seat all the way back so you can kinda be in the front, but a little in the back as well. Maybe seeing her Mama or Daddy's face will help keep her calm?

  83. julie!

    Our son HATED his carseat! He screamed the entire time he was in it. I was so nervous b/c we had a BIG road trip coming up for the holidays (it was 13 hours and we planned on driving it all in one go). He was about 4 months old at the time.
    I sat in the back with him and amazingly enough, he calmed down. Also, and I know this is difficult, sometimes we just let him cry it out. We'd try to give him a binky or toy and if he refused, we just let him cry until he fell asleep.
    After this trip, he was a champ in the car. I think he figured out that he was safe, we were close by and eventually we were going to take him out again.
    Good luck!

  84. julie!

    o, and one more note. The times we did let him cry, I would always hold his hand or rub his tummy, give him some physical contact so he knew he was safe and I was close by.
    It helped.
    You'll do great!

  85. love the picture! so adorable. i really like that you show you aren't perfect on this blog. this post let me know i am not alone. you are in my prayers.

  86. Brooke

    just a random question- i am in the process of growing my bangs out. any tips on how to make the process more bearable? thanks!

  87. Minnie

    My tip for the car seat is get baby girl used to it in the house, away from scary car noises.

  88. hi! i'm a seventeen year old, christian girl and i have been religiously reading your blog for about a year now. i absolutely love everything about your life; your gorgeous clothes, your wonderful family and adorable puppy, and especially your faith in jesus christ, despite how hard it is to do that in this day and age! you are my style and religious icon! :) but anyways, that's not why i'm commenting! i'm commenting to answer your house hunting problems- come live in mclean, virginia! it's where i live! we're about fifteen minutes out of dc and all of my friends' parents work in dc. we're basically all the families who don't want to live in the hustle and bustle of the big city, but still like to go there a lot. i go to georgetown about every weekend with all my girlfriends just to shop AND we have tysons corner, THIRD BIGGEST MALL IN AMERICA WOOT WOOT, another ten minutes in the opposite direction from dc. and i work as an intern on capitol hill every wednesday and i can assure your the commute isn't that bad at all, only about an hour! which considering traffic could be much worse so i consider myself blessed in that regard! so yes, we have it all. come live here, i love it!

  89. jlc

    Joyeuse Paques!!! To my favorite blog family!!!

    Finished up a 7 page research paper all on Eleanor d'Aquitaine… and couldn't help but think of you guys <3

  90. Kym

    I will be keeping your family in my prayers. As for the car seat business :)… My son had no car seat problems at first, but suddenly around 2 months, he would SCREAM. So I put him in his seat when we were at home. After a few days, he got used to it again.

  91. KB

    I would say move to Hillcrest. You can find a house for less money and more space. You would be just a bridge away from Capitol Hill and still in DC. I like to call it the Brooklyn of DC ;)

    Also we've got those beautiful hardwood floors you were talking about.

  92. Unfortunately, I think this is a problem for anyone living in a city! Lol. I went back and forth when I lived in Portland, OR. Did I want to be closer in but pay more and have less space or have a longer commute but pay less and have more space? It's all a toss-up. Which do you value more? Space or time?

  93. leigh

    Put the radio on an AM station and the white noise may sooth her. It worked on both of my boys. Good luck!

  94. M

    When I first moved to DC I wanted to stay only in the district. But then the husband (who was the boyfriend at the time) moved into arlington (near the east falls church metro stop) and I fell in love with the little brick bungalows, proximity to the potomac and adorable neighborhood eateries (lost dog cafe??). Plus as long as you stay inside the beltway its super easy to get to all your favorite places in dc.

    Good luck with the road trip!!!