today is thursday. and it’s going to be a beautiful day.

what a crazy and exhausting week it has been so far! thanks to all of you who have kept my family in your thoughts and prayers lately. i wish health issues didn’t exist- that everyone could live a life without getting sick. and i wish my family lived down the street, so we could all be together right now. or at least that airfare wasn’t so expensive. but here we are…. and here it is… and we’ll get through it, by golly! so thanks for the kind support. it means so much. i’m so grateful.
in other news, it’s been 80 degrees here the past few days. i baked a chocolate cake the other day that i am slowly finishing all by myself. and we drove around a neighborhood in falls church virginia last night that still has christmas lights up! i want to be friends with people in falls church.
also, we’re back on the search for a new home. and it’s making me pull my hair out. is it just us, or does anyone else struggle with making the decision between living in the district or moving further out? do we want to stay on capitol hill where rent is expensive and space is limited, or do we want to move further out (and by further out, i mean…. further out), be more of a suburban family with the promise of a big yard and maybe even a parking spot (oh! just the thought of not having to haul a car seat and groceries and everything else that comes with life for blocks at a time because the closest available parking spot at the moment feels like miles from your actual home. be still my heart!) and where does one find floors like these? because carpet seems to be winning these days in practically every home we see.
we’re heading on a road trip soon and baby girl’s relationship with her car seat is making me nervous. people always tell us if you want to calm a fussy baby, take her for a car ride. but the car seems to be the one thing that makes our baby girl scream and scream. do you have any magical tips for babies and car seats?! and do you maybe wanna share them?!
today is thursday and it’s going to be a great day. i woke up and felt it. house hunting, health issues, crying babies in cars aside, it’ll all be wonderful. and we’ll all get through it. xoxo
p.s. candice took this photo when we went to france last summer. thanks for always letting me jump in front of your camera, candice.
  1. I love that picture! I am going to Paris this July and having fun browsing through your archive posts about your trip. Have a great day!

  2. April

    I feel your moving pains. My fiance and I are looking too. I really want to move to an affordable area where other young couples/families live. I want my kids (to come in a few years) to have a similar childhood to what I had (neighborhood wide flash light tag while the parents had a BBQ). Do these places still exist? I love being close to the city but am beginning to wonder if its worth the cost… I love the Rockville/Silver Spring area. It would just be a far commute for the job I have now, in Vienna. I love Alexandria, but its pretty pricey (we are looking to buy). If you find a nice neighborhood, let me know! We are lost!

  3. Alex

    i live pretty much 50 feet from east falls church, in arlington! i'm a freshman in high school, and i've been following your blog for quite sometime. you are amazing :) and youu know… i sure would love a new family to babysit for here in the arlington 1st ward ;)

    much love xoxo<3

  4. Hiya…oh no.. don't leave DC… My husband and I lived in Arlington (like a mile from the Pentagon) and it was nice..

    well.. not as nice as when I lived in Del Ray Alexandria.. but alas…

    We wanted more space so we moved this past December to Springfield.. yes, Springfield. (blek)

    While YES.. it's quieter and less active.. more surburbian, you can't just dash to the store or to a yummy ice cream shop around the corner. It's a trek.

    REALLY think about that before you decide… (plus I've lived vicariously through your experience in DC… I would LOVE to live in DC.. to experience it all like you have!)

  5. My husband and I just had that same housing debate last summer… it was a tough one, but we bought a great rowhouse in Petworth (that has parking in the back and hardwood floors!). Our neighbors are fabulous, but yet we're still walking distance from the Metro to go "downtown" so it was perfect for our soon-to-be growing family. You'll find something you love and that is perfect for your family soon, but in the meantime you guys will stay in my thoughts!

  6. classical music always worked for our "car screaming babies"…it actually calmed all of us down ;}

  7. Sum

    Love the picture. I'll pray for better days for you! :)

  8. I feel ya on the car seat thing> We have a road trip to Santa fe coming up (6 hours) Yikes!!! Maybe drive at night?

  9. Trisha

    My family lives in Woodbridge, which is just outside of DC. Most of the homes there have beautiful wood floors and nice big yards! Also, the schools in that area are great!

  10. Ah, I'm struggling with that in Florida! To stay on the outskirts, commuting to work, but SOOOO close to family, or moving closer to work, and visiting family on the weekends… I just love getting to see my parents and sibilings randomly throughout the week though, so I'm leaning towards sticking with the commute. It always feels like a little vacation from all the craziness when I go home… it didn't feel that way when I lived in the midst of the hussle.

    As for the carseat, Elle eventually just got used to it. Although, still there are days (at 14 mos old) when I go to put her in she's literally jumping out and clinging to me so she doesn't have to go in… but, I think that's more to do with the fact that we had her carseat front facing, and now we've turned it back to back-facing after reading an article stating you should leave it back-facing until your child is 2. She's not happy about it… but she's safer.

    Sorry for the book!

  11. Eliza

    My kids did not enjoy their infant car seats. Once I moved them to the Britax Roundabout they were so much happier–they weren't as scrunched and they were up higher so they could see out the window.

    That's my recommendation! My son was older, probably 9 months by the time I moved him up to the convertible seat, and my daughter was probably 5 months. Most convertible seats are safe from newborn on up. (and Britax is the best IMO…) You lose the convenience factor of the infant seat but I like the convertible seat for so many other reasons. Plus those infant seats get heavy after a while.

    good luck :)

  12. I'm with everyone who mentioned Arlington. Have lived here since college, and it really is the best of both worlds. Further out and the lack of family time due to commutes really x'es out the big house. Smaller house, close in, my kids are thriving (though I only have 2, so it works), we see daddy every day (I have friends far out who don't see dad much during the week), schools are awesome, taxes are way better than DC (when we got married and Hubby moved from DC, paycheck automatically went up, plus property taxes are some of the lowest in the entire region). I could go on. But moving is a personal decision, maybe a big house is more important than easy access to the city (honestly, most friends further out hardly go into the city, and for me, I love the option of hopping in for a few hours for any reason, and it's not an all day affair). Good luck with everything. :)

  13. Budhegt friendly home in the district near metro + big yard+ parking spot+ the floors you've shown = renovated house in Brookland. Besides you'll remain not too far from Eastern Market, and you'll be so close to Takoma Park vintage boutiques. And there is a cupcake boutique opening at 2701 12th Street in the next months… Check it out!

  14. You are so beautiful.
    As is your family!

    I am sure you'll find a place perfect for your small group.

    In the meantime, seeing as I'm only 20, and without a child (thankfully), I can't say I have any cures for the babe, but I do hope you find something soon.

    I had a pacifier that always shut me up as a kid.
    Maybe she just needs something like that to occupy her while she's on the go?

    Or, maybe, if you take Kingsley, he'll help calm her down?
    (That is, I don't know how the little bullie is on trips.)

  15. I have the same jacket!!!!! Its lovely right????
    Well i lived in DC for six months and its an amazing city (i studied there for a semester).
    You are really blessed with your family and friends, all your pictures look amazing.

    Greetings from Texas =)

  16. Hey! So, the solution is Frederick, MD. 40 minutes from the city.

    I grew up there, I moved from the East Village to live downtown and manage a local restaurant. It's young, artsy and awesome. Top chef restaurant, amazing late night pizza and pretzels, great burgers…and that's just the food. Try out some public schools that consistently churn out Ivy League and Top 50 college kids (like me) or art students (my high school offered about a million artistic classes). A 1.5 acre park in the middle of the town for puppy and baby. Basically the town is awesome and you could easily get that cheap and beautiful housing you crave. There's a liberal arts college right off the downtown portion of town (named one of the Top 50 neighborhoods in the US) and there are some beautiful homes nearby. Whatever you decide, you would love, and "further out" of DC really isn't so bad…I had that NYC experience too and trust me, for everything you think you are "giving up" because you are moving out of DC – you will LOVE! Especially in Frederick :)

  17. lauren

    when we came to seattle, we were so confused as to why a city on water had carpeting in every affordable apartment. and moving to the UK hasn't made it easier. the scottish love carpet. in their kitchen. and their bathroom. i don't know why. but we managed to find the ONE place in glasgow with hardwood floors. you just have to be patient. finding the perfect place can be frustrating, but always worth it to hold out for something amazing. nobody likes to live every day in a place that doesn't make them happy.

  18. Nina

    That is a fanstastic photo. And I know how you're feeling when all the stresses in the world seem to come on at once. But it seems like you've got the right attitude. Just marching through it!

  19. Emily

    The carpet floors is something so strange to me! I don't think many houses over here in Belgium have them. Most have stone/wood/other alternatives, but no carpet! Of course finding a nice old wooden floor isn't easy here either!

    Good luck on your hunt!

  20. Lindsay

    We live in Capitol Hill, but we live on the edge so our rent is cheaper and we have a parking spot. But, we're still within walking distance of everything! As long as I'm on the metro line, I feel that it doesn't really matter how far out I am. Anyway, good luck with the hunt!

  21. Loni

    So at first I was looking at this picture, and I was like "wow! look at that extension! And her toes! So nice a pointed! Regular people can't do that in a picture."

    ….And then I realized, you're not "regular people." You're a dancer. And a great one, by the looks of this picture! :)

    Wish I had baby advice for ya.. I hope your car trip went okay!

    <3. Loni

  22. My guy hated the car seat. Screamed any time the car was not in motion, which is hard when you're just out and about and stopped at every block for an intersection. He was in a super cozy Britaz carrier, and it wasn't until I put him in the Britax convertible car seat at about 6 months that he stopped crying. I chalk it up to him hating the super cozy carrier, those head rests are so safe and so secure, but he must have felt to claustrophobic is my only guess.