diary by kingsley: walking mom.

“i’m 55 lbs. no longer a pup. they call me tank on the streets. and mom always has a baby/stroller/car seat in her arms. put all of this together and what do you get? a bulldog in charge. i call the shots these days.” -kinglsey ... Read more

one of those days…

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yesterday was one of those days. nothing went right. everything went wrong. what can you do but end the day with some ben & jerrys (or haagen dazs in my husbands case) and a whole lot of praying. if you’re feeling up to it, would you mind keeping my family in your prayers? we could use them right about now… and, thanks a million.... Read more


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i was trying to log into youtube last night and realized i have two different youtube accounts, one of which has videos in there i hadn’t seen in ages so i’d forgotten all about them. like this one above. watching it made me laugh again. because i loved those college days in our little studio apartment in new york city where we’d be dumb and dorky together.... Read more