oh new york city, i miss you every day.

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i love nyc. i miss living there.
but i don’t miss hauling that stroller
up and down all those subway steps.
(heaven bless those two working subway elevators
in all of manhattan that i was able to find.)
moms of nyc, you are super women.
so great seeing a few old friends and
grabbing some food at our old favorite places.
wish we could have had more time to see everyone
and do everything, but there is always next time.
  1. I love that you captured the personality of New York in these pictures…the street construction, the grafitti on signs. Lovely…makes me miss being there too, and I've only been for a week!

  2. Jessica

    ah, these images made me ache for the city! I miss it too…..sigh

  3. Bree

    Love that city and these pictures. I'll be back there in 3 short weeks :)

  4. ah! I want to LIVE inside of your scarf!

    you know, I haven't been to NY since I was 10.. I think it's time for another trip.

  5. Niki

    Glad you had a nice time in NYC, love the pics…and i love baby Eleanor's hat :)

  6. Jessica

    That yellow scarf is beautiful! Love the pictures, thanks for posting. :)

  7. Zsara

    I cannot wait to get myself to new york city – it just looks so amazing, and so much FUN! xo

    love zsara

  8. Leslie

    Is that Chat 'n Chew?
    Sigh. I really miss it.
    I used to live in nyc too, but now I live in Indiana. What is it about that city that just pulls your heart strings?

  9. Absolutely love these photographs. Your yellow scarf is wonderful and I love your glasses.I live in NYC and those subway stairs can be tough and I don't even have a baby! I can only imagine what it's like with a stroller!!

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  10. i love the pictures.
    sometimes i wonder, is there really anywhere more fun to travel than new york city?

  11. ohhhh naomi. i spent a summer an a winter in NYC and i miss it all the time! and the food…mmm i sure do miss the food. i had been wondering from your "about this blog" page what you did at juilliard and recently saw that it was dance. how wonderful :) i'm glad your trip was fun!!

  12. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I love NYC but I don't think I could live there for too long (something I wouldn't have said even 5 years ago). There's just too much going on!

  13. I'd move there just so I could eat the pizza every single day.

  14. beautiful pictures!

  15. misie

    Loving the glasses – it's obvious you are too :-)

  16. Lindsay

    Amazing pictures!! Thanks for sharing :)

  17. Renée

    All these photos are so beautiful!!

  18. new york i love you.
    thanks for the pictures.

  19. What great pictures! It makes me excited to be spending the summer there this year! Have you ever done a post on your favorite NYC places? I'd be really interested in hearing about them!

  20. Kris

    looks like you had a great time! LOVE Fanelli Cafe!

  21. You really captured NYC very nicely. Makes me want to spend more time in there strolling down the streets. Like I already don't…

    The entire family looks great! Happy weekend!

  22. CBJ

    what a beautiful time you had :)

    would you mind giving me the brand and name of that stroller? i'll be having a baby in august, and i want one just like it!

  23. Love all the pictures:) Looks like you had a good time, I've always wanted to go to NYC!

  24. love love love fanelli's and miss their fries sooo much. jealous.

  25. Amanda

    Ahhh, I want to go to New York before I die. I blog about life in OREGON, haha – a much different pace than that of the great NY. LOVE these shots!

  26. @CBJ, It's a STOKKE Xplory in beige.

    @best foot forward, i have a small round up of fave places in NYC in my FAQ page, and you can also browse the NYC tab.


  27. Luisa

    Oh I want to go so badly to New York :)
    Those pictures are just so beautiful.
    I absolutely love your glasses.

  28. Whitney

    AH. One day I will visit.
    And I'll be utterly happy when I do :)

    You just look like a New Yorker! Love the glasses. LOVE them.
    Btw, did you knit your yellow scarf? It's just so BIG and perfect!

  29. I've been a long time reader, but I believe this is my first time commenting! Your daughter is so stinking cute I can't even deal with it. Her hat slays me every time! It looks like you had a great time in NYC. xx

  30. I've been a long time reader, but I believe this is my first time commenting! Your daughter is so stinking cute I can't even deal with it. Her hat slays me every time! It looks like you had a great time in NYC. xx

  31. Monique

    Glad you had a great time here in NYC. So glad the baby was able to check out the sights and scenes and experience NYC's energy. Happy Weekend

  32. rebecca

    i live in nyc. no kids. and i'm with you… moms of nyc are super women. either that or they just take a lot of cabs.

  33. These are some great pics Naomi!

  34. Is that the guy from Outsourced? So fun!

  35. you look so at ease in the city. do you think you'll ever return?

  36. Brooke

    Fabulous pictures. The first one is especially gorgeous. Makes me long for another trip to NYC more than already do…

  37. maybe one day you will live in nyc again. you look so happy and beautiful <3

  38. Love these NY photos. I have never lived there, but have visited a few times and loved it. The hubby proposed there, too, so it holds a special place in my heart.

    I really like your stroller! Where did you find it?

  39. Devika

    I really want a list of your favourite things/places to eat in New York!

  40. aw, I just love your yellow scarf! =)

  41. we miss you! sometimes i need little reminders of why i love this place – thank you. eleanor is beautiful.

  42. your blog looks like SO much fun! My sis and I just started a blog and would LOVE for you to come be our newest follower and {blog} friend
    hope to see you soon!

  43. jenny

    these are incredible photos… they capture the real essence of the city! And your joy in it!

  44. Where did you eat while you were in town? I always love your recommendations.

  45. Great photos–I love the heart.

  46. Is that a diaper bag?? Super cute!!

  47. Daisy

    Fantastic photos… !

  48. buhdoop

    I noticed you and your friend have the same hairstyle. Is that hairstyle common for dancers?

  49. Your glasses are so so rad! And, between that milkshake and burrito (or pita? or gyro? or something?) I find myself extremely hungry right now. Hope you have a great weekend!

  50. is it weird that i want that stroller and i don't even have a baby? how can a stroller be so cool?

  51. oh my goodness really your the cutest.

    love m.
    keep in touch

  52. these pictures make my heart hurt I miss nyc so bad.

  53. I think I must have said it before, but I just cannot get over your gorgeous yellow bag!

  54. Lindsey

    Naomi, you look darling as always! Where did you get your yellow scarf from? I've been dying to get one with that width but have not been able to find one anywhere.

  55. Your blog continues to be an inspiration to me! What I love about your blog, and what I try to do with mine, is that you always post inspiring pictures from your own life. It is always more fun to see posts that are unique to your own blog and aren't being posted around the blog-o-sphere!

    I would love for you to stop by my blog that I run with my two sisters. We write about the charm of our small town : )


  56. Ahhh you continue to inspire me that I don't have to lose my personal style just because I'm going to have a child! Looks like a splendid trip with baby and husband, and your scarf is amazing.

  57. I was always amazed with the ladies and the strollers in the subways! Don't know how they do it. Looks like a wonderful trip!

  58. just found your blog. immediately obsessed with you. it's ok though, i promise not to be too creepy. just a little bit.

  59. if my future family is half as cute as yours, i would be totally pleased :)

  60. Hannah

    ahh your photos are so cute! i would love to live in nyc. i imagine its hard work though!

    raspberrykitsch.blogspot.com xx

  61. Lidia

    all your pictures are beautiful…but that last one is just too cute!!!!

  62. by BUN

    NYC looks amazing! I am headed to NY for the first time this summer…and this post just all me all excited!! xoxox


  63. all of these pictures are amazing.
    i have only been to new york once and i can't wait to go back.


  64. Naomi! these look lovely :) I'm going to visit New York for the first time this summer, any you-absolutely-have-to-see-it/eat-it/buy it places?

    As this is my first comment, would also like to congratulate you on your great blog..I've been reading you for almost a year now!

  65. Ants

    You're killing me with envy! These pictures are so extremely cool.

  66. How in the world did you take the last picture–the one with the reflection? I can't figure out how you got that angle. Which line is that? (haha weird question…sorry!)

  67. Kelly

    "Personality of New York"…"You are lovely"….blah blah blah, etc etc etc…

    But. What is your stance on homosexuality? Do you steal the originally gay-inspired (just ask anyone in the NYC 70s) hipster dress/ideas/quirk for yourself and practice Mormon (i.e. anti-homosexual) lifestyle or are you only a lukewarm Mormon and secretly accepting of the sexual persuasion whose hipster quirk you are (unknowingly) stealing?

    Sorry for an abrasive, anonymous jab at your blog but in all honesty that's the feeling that the homophobic, polygamous religion that you (and your husband) subscribe to inspires in 76% of the general intelligent public.

    I mean really, seriously, "Taza and Husband". Your husband could take a few more wives and you're fine with that? Come on. No amount of stylish tortoise shell glasses and adorable tweed blazers can make up for that unsettling piece of your spirituality, am I wrong?

    You seem too smart for that Mormon crap they're feeding you.

  68. great pictures, and write up. I definitely want to go to NYC sometime!

  69. Natalie

    I really miss the smell of the city.

    And Broadway Dance Center :)

  70. Gussy

    you're the cutest mama ever! you're wearing such a pretty yellow scarf :]

    happy monday! xoxo

  71. i know it missed you too.
    i don't know how city moms do it. san francisco too. just going up and down the stairs from apartments to the street with a stroller a kid a diaper bag. sheesh.

  72. I miss NY every day too. I'm jealous you are still so close and can visit!! All your pics are great! Glad you had such a good time. AND LADY!!.. you look AAHHHMAZING!!

  73. Sarah

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  74. Such amazing photos, makes NYC look that more appealing!

  75. Oh how I miss NYC daily too and have really enjoyed being back there visiting! :) You truly are the most chic mother out there…you look amazing and NYC was the perfect backdrop to go strolling down the sidewalk…love it!!!

    Liesl :)

  76. Regan

    omigosh i love your purse! where did you get it?

  77. Nikki

    Naomi, I LOVE all of Eleanor's little outfits and accessories and bedding. Would you consider doing a post on your fav baby products and labels for moms-to-be?!


  78. NYC seems like such an amazing place. I hope to someday visit there. It would be really cool to LIVE there actually, but who knows if I could ever actually afford that. Maybe I'll keep that on my dream list of things I hope to do someday if I win the lottery. ;)

  79. Kirsten

    I love your yellow scarf! Do you remember where it is from (please somewhere online:))?

    Have a nice weekend!