miss marci comes to town.

my dear marci from nyc came to d.c. for the weekend! goodness, do i love this girl. and i don’t get to see her enough. i got to see her for a quick breakfast in nyc last fall, but we haven’t really spent time together since we met up in paris last summer (here and here) and that is just wrong! so it was such a treat to have her here, finally meet baby girl and do some d.c. things together for a large part of the weekend.

marci dear, thanks for all your love and support the last few years. you always make me want to be a better friend. please please please come back soon!
  1. You both look so great in your outfits! I love your friends top and skirt!! It's always nice to reunite with friends you haven't seen in a while.

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  2. Ailinh

    How fun! It's always such a joy to have good friends over. It makes life that much more refreshing!

  3. isn't it wonderful to have friends you don't get to see a lot of when you do it's like you were never apart

  4. One of my besties came to visit me this past weekend, as well. And she hadn't met Little Dude yet, either. Isn't it just the best? So glad you guys had fun!

  5. i love her top/outfit in general.

    and friends who make you want to be a better friend are the BEST kind.

  6. TV

    That's so great! I just met up with one of my oldest friends, I hadn't spoken to her in over a year! It's so good to get back in touch.

  7. I love Mrs. Marci!! I'm glad you two still get to see each other. Looks like a lovely weekend!

  8. Lulu B

    Gorgeous picutes! Your are both suhc trendy wendys ! Love it xx :o)

  9. Whitney

    Ah! Could y'all be any more cute and stylish?
    Coveting the outfits right about now ;)
    D.C. looks beautiful! Blooming like crazy.

    P.S. I've seen this striped ruched-sleeve top everywhere on blogs. where in the world is it from??

  10. I said it on Instagram already but i Love your skirt! The way you mix patterns is so great. And your friend's outfit really goes well with yours!! Stylish pair. I know the feeling of missing far away (or not so far away) friends, but it's always so great when you're reunited and it feels like no time has passed at all!

  11. You could be a more adorable mama? I don't think so!

    I have to say, I am always astounded by the beauty and style of each one of your friends. My guess is that fabulous attracts fabulous.

  12. Marci and I went to Junior High together. She is the sweetest person ever and can I just say she's a decorating goddess!! We stayed in her apartment last year and it's amazing! She needs to do some interior decorating on the side.

  13. Nothing like good friends to make your weekend a special one.

    BTW- you look amazing. I cannot believe you had a baby. You are tiny!

  14. Jesica

    wow….your photos area always really really great and bright. I am your fan! May I know what camera do you use? Do you do editing to your photos?

  15. so glad you got to spend some time with a friend! It's really tough to find someone who will be there by your side! you ladies look beautiful!

  16. How fun…it's always nice getting to see friends that you haven't seen in a while! Glad to hear you had a good time!

  17. My best friend lives over 1000 miles away so I can totally relate to missing close friends. Btw, loving how you mixed those patterns!

  18. What an awesome visit! & I just checked out her blog- it's so sweet!


  19. janie

    hey! love love your blog and love you as a new momma. :) i too delivered a sweet baby girl back in november! it's amazing! anywho…just a quick question: where are we gonna get swimwear that fits our new momma-bodies?! any suggestions?!


  20. Maddy

    glad you got to have a friend come to town and see your adorable little girl!

    I know everyone says this but you are the epitome of perfect style (or maybe we just have similar tastes?! i'd still go with the former, haha) and you're a new mom! you really are a rockstar, Naomi (& an inspiration!!)

  21. Holly

    i love that you're not afraid to live life and be free while still being a mother….you are a breath of fresh air!

  22. KO

    I don't see her enough either!

  23. Lindsey

    Seriously, who looks that adorable just to go on a walk?! I hope Marci can come back and visit you soon, you are both so sweet.

  24. Mandy

    So sweet! You both look fab!


  25. Libby

    look how flat your belly is just months after having a baby! lucky you! and both of your outfits are so stylish

  26. I always treasure time spent with you. And Eleanor is an absolute delight! Much love.

  27. Oh my goodness I love your long hair SO much. I can't wait for mine to grow out lots more. Also, I must ask- where is that skirt from? It is fabulous.

    I also adore seeing friends that you don't see nearly enough. Although, it is the mark of a really great friendship when you can pick up right where you left off.

  28. Gaby

    It's so nice seeing friends who live far away. I live overseas but none of my friends have made the trek out to see me yet :(

    p.s. I love your neighbourhood. Looks like a storybook.

  29. Sarah

    Have you been working out a lot since you've had Eleanor? You can't even tell you've had a baby (though you were tiny other than your baby bump when you were pregnant, but still)!! However you did it, share your secrets with us please!


  30. Meagan

    I love your glasses! :)

  31. This post makes me so excited to see my BFF in June! :) Love both of your senses of style.

  32. It's always the best when you finally reunite with friends… Isn't it amazing how you can just pick up where you left off? Like no time had actually passed?

    Glad you had so much fun!

  33. It should be illegal to look that fabulous! yay for good friends and printed tights!

  34. This post made me think of all my close friends from college and school. It's so nice to have those kind of people in your life:)

  35. Leslie

    I bought that skirt you're wearing a few weekend's ago, and I have that too! Maybe I read your blog so much I'm starting to receive your style wave-lengths? (One can only hope!)

  36. Where do you people get your fabulous tights?

  37. @caroline, not sure where marci's are from but mine are from h&m.; :)

  38. and @janie! i have no clue, and prob won't be getting into one for a long time! if you find any, let me know! will probably just try to squeeze into one of my old ones if i go anywhere near water sometime soon, which is unlikely.


  39. @Caroline: My purple tights are hue – available lots of places.

  40. Carolyn

    Love this post! Such rockstar ladies! Naomi- where did you get that darling skirt & those shoes?

  41. @carolyn, the skirt is from Jcrew and the shoes are sanita danish clogs. thanks!

  42. Kiasa

    Both you and Marci are so fantastically fabulous. I adore you both and I'm glad our paths crossed during our brief time in Harlem.

  43. Louise

    You have such a great blog and your daughter is so cute! This is one of those "instant-follow" kind of situations. Can't wait to read more!

  44. I love your glasses!!

  45. Lindsay

    That has got to be the coolest stroller I have ever seen! What a cute Momma you are :)

    Delighted Momma

  46. absolutely killing the outfits you pair are wearing! really love you style!