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i was trying to log into youtube last night and realized i have two different youtube accounts, one of which has videos in there i hadn’t seen in ages so i’d forgotten all about them. like this one above. watching it made me laugh again. because i loved those college days in our little studio apartment in new york city where we’d be dumb and dorky together. and josh is my favorite person to laugh with. it’s one of the biggest reasons i married him.
  1. I stumbled upon your blog last year and was instantly hooked! :)it's just an absolute delight! i agree with the others that people who leave negative remarks are just unhappy and prob jealous. fortunately when you are in such a happy place in your life (which is so evident you are), nothing can take that away and you just hope these negative people will find the happiness you have found. Loved the post, your laugh is adorable! :)

  2. vanessa

    i remember watching this video when i first found your blog! i went back to your very first post and read all the way up to the then-present (this was about two years ago).

  3. Kristin

    This has made my day. TOO CUTE!

  4. I love this. You guys are PRECIOUS. And I couldn't help but laugh too! :D I really like what you said about laughing together. I know whatchu mean gf.

  5. Cristy

    That put a smile on my face!

  6. Kayli

    I tried to keep a straight face through this too–didn't work! Haha, adorable!

  7. tRiSh

    awww that me me smile so much =D

  8. you guys are the cutest.