i hope i’m not making you dizzy.

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we’re back from new york. we had a wonderful time!
my body feels more toned from all that walking.
my tummy is still crazy stuffed from all that eating.
eleanor was such a trooper.
she’s a great little travel companion.
we took some photos (well, of course we did)
and i’d love to share a few soon…
hope everyone is having a wonderful week!
  1. Yeah! NYC! Can't wait to see you in DC soon.

  2. Meg

    from your tweets, and that smile on your face, i bet you had a fantastic time! looking forward to more pictures, i have yet to visit nyc so i'll be living vicariously through them :)

  3. Such a cute little photo of the two of you in the big apple!

  4. ahaha! you are making me a little dizzy! but the cute of it all overpowers the dizziness!

    you look so blissful.

  5. Love the animation on this. You're not making me dizzy… you're making me smile! Very cute.

    I'm having a $100 dollar Shopbop giftcard giveaway on my blog! Come check it out :) It's open to international bloggers as well.


  6. Can't wait to see more photos! Love NYC :)

  7. chloé

    you are the cutest person alive.

  8. Suzanne

    You two are simply TOO cute!

  9. Love Eleanor in the new banner!

  10. You are the coolest mother alive.

  11. Sonja

    Awww cute!
    Sounds like a great time!!!
    Can't wait to see all the fun photos! :o)

  12. Adorable!! I'm dying to know where you got those boots too!

  13. maybe i've missed you mentioning it, but what baby carrier do you have?

  14. Elise

    i miss NYC! Such a cute picture-y thing!

  15. Glad the trip was successful :) Can't wait to see more pics!

  16. @inspiration files, they are FRYE.

    @how charming, it's an ERGO baby carrier and i love it.


  17. Lucky you got at least one sunny day during your trip. Now it's nothing but April showers day after day after day in NYC.

    Glad you had fun!

  18. Lucky you got at least one sunny day during your trip. Now it's nothing but April showers day after day after day in NYC.

    Glad you had fun!

  19. i can't wait to see the rest of your photos

  20. Chiara

    These pictures are great!!! Can't wait to see more.
    Are those the famous glasses you can finally wear?
    Have a great day.

  21. OK I just fell in love with your glasses all over again

  22. adorable! elenor will love the city as much as you do!
    ps. i know i say this everytime i see a picture with yo and the ergo but isn't it amazing!! i'm on vacation with my family right now and i've been carrying my almost 2 year old brother in it on my back with no problem. it's amazing

  23. Zsara

    looks like you had a great time! cant wait to see the rest of your pictures xox

  24. and yes, that does make me dizzy. I'm suffer from motion sickness very easily. But the cuteness overrides the dizziness any day.

  25. love this image :) glad y'all had such a great time, looking forward to more pics!

  26. So adorable.

    gickr.com, huh? Gotta check it. :)

    Have a lovely Thurs.!!

  27. are you sure you just had a baby?? :p your body is TOO cute – as are you :)

  28. Mary Tyler Moore!? Love it. You two ladies are so cute!

  29. if by "dizzy" you mean "dizzy from astonishment that you look this tiny only a month after baby", then yes. very dizzy.

  30. Alivia

    I adore this. So much.

  31. Love this! <3 Cute little Eleanor in New York! aw :)

  32. Love your boots! Where did you get them?!

  33. Kelly

    Wow, you are so brave for taking baby! Good for you!

  34. jenny

    love those revolving pics! NYC with a baby! You are brave and adventurous! And NYC will be in little E's blood!!

  35. Kim

    Haha, cool! I hope those photos include a shot of the boots you're wearing there!

  36. How great!!

    I am DYING to go to New York, so I really can't wait to see your photos!

    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde
    *South Africa*

  37. Too cute! And adorable boots!

  38. I know you've had your glasses for a little while now, but they're so lovely!

    I'd love to know where you got them from(although living in the UK I doubt I'd be able to get them!).

    NYC looks so sunny! Never having been, I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the pictures!

  39. That is so cool. I am so not cool. I wish I was that cool. I wish I could go to NYC.


  40. how did you do that?? what program do you use?? thanks!

  41. lol what a cute gif.

  42. o. this is far too cute.

  43. MaggieO

    Such a cute photo! Can't wait to see more!

    – Maggie


  44. neat photo arrangement! can't wait to see more of all the fun you had!

  45. Oh i love New York! Miss it so much!!


  46. my only concern is that your baby is not dizzy…haha! you're cute!

  47. Bridget


  48. Natalie

    Love the annimation. I'll need to try that on my blog sometime soon. Thanks for the inspiration (as always!)

  49. I have to say…you look right at home!!
    And…I love your boots!!

  50. colleen

    too cute! can't wait to hear about it. i love living here – glad you enjoyed your visit back!

  51. I seriously can't wait to see your NYC pictures!!
    Bet you all had a blast.


  52. Heidi

    You. Are. The. Cutest. Thing. I've. Ever Seen.

  53. Super cute! :)

  54. Thats so cool….super duper cute ^_^

  55. This is so cool :)
    Your whole little family is just so adorable.


  56. awesome photo! and you are rockin' those glasses. can't wait to see more pictures from your trip!

  57. Maria

    Awh, this is so cute!

  58. Holly

    love this! and your new banner photo!

  59. taza you are so cute! i wish i was you.

  60. Its like the picture should be in the wizarding world. They move in their pictures too

  61. e.day

    the only thing that could possibly make this more awesome would be if the van cab behind you was the cash cab. so darling :)

  62. love the spinny! it's wonderful :)

  63. this is sooo cute! :)

  64. Kaycee

    you're super cute, just sayin'! =D

  65. Daniela


  66. Cassie

    This is adorable!

  67. it has been said before but i have to say it again – you are adorable. you look so happy and free.

    ps. can i borrow your blazer?
    (or at least get some info on where i can get the same one :)

  68. @panagiota, so sweet! thank you! it's from UO, got it last winter. :)

  69. jlc

    LOVE THIS!! This reminds me of the announcement of your pregnancy when Josh is rubbing your sweet tummy!

    How do you do this?!

    PS you are in SUCH good shape after having baby eleanor!

    PPS I LOVE the new header…. the fam is now complete. :)

  70. Roxane

    so awesome!

  71. Kelsey

    when I went to New York last month I was surprised by the amount of families I saw roaming the city. It was nice :)

  72. CC

    can you please remind us again the brand/name of your yellow diaper bag? i <3.