have a wonderful happy first weekend of april!

baby girl is 2 months old today. 2 months! she’s growing up so fast, but my mama was right when she said it just keeps getting better and better. baby girl is smiling, talking (as far as cooing and ahhing and giggling are concerned) and being absolutely adorable all the day long. i cannot get enough. thankfully we’re practically attached at the hip these days, so all is good.
i’m over here today sharing a few little letters on today’s letters. stop on by and check it out if you’d like! mr. and mrs. loerke are just darling. :)
general conference is this weekend. it’s a time set aside twice a year where our prophet and church leaders speak to us worldwide. in a time when our world is really struggling, i find a whole lot of comfort in their inspired guidance and love. i’m grateful for the relationship i have with my Savior and the blessings the gospel brings into my life each day. if you’d like to catch a bit of conference this weekend, you can watch and listen to it here.
we’re off to new york city on monday for a bit! miss E is going on her first plane ride and i’m so excited/scared/terrified about that part. but really looking forward to seeing friends and showing off my baby girl. i really cannot wait!
and the giveaway winners are announced here in this weeks giveaway post! go and see if you are one of the lucky three!
photos of our family by carissa.
  1. Baby pictures shouldn't make me cry. I am tearing up over the second photograph. What a dear memory to have captured.

  2. These pictures are beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Love the hat!

  4. Love your little lion cub :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Congrats on baby's 2nd month…she is just beautiful, as is her entire family! :) Off to check out your other post at Today's Letters and hope you have a lovely weekend together! I'll be in NYC on Monday too! :) Safe travels and have fun!

    Liesl :)

  6. Newborns are the easiest on plane rides! It's when they get mobile that it gets hard. Just make sure she's sucking on a pacifier or bottle for takeoff and the descent. I was a nanny for 3 years and traveled with a baby dozens of times a year.


  7. You and your family are ADORABLE. Also, I love that you have faith and you aren't afraid to show it. The LDS church is amazing, I'm proud to be a member. And I love to see people who are able to express the love they have for the Church instead of just preaching. You're an example to so many people! Stay amazing.

  8. Hannah

    beautiful pictures!

  9. Erin

    What a precious little bundle! I can't wait for my sis to have her baby. Seeing your pics makes me want to hold a baby even more. :)

  10. I just found your blog. I don't know how I missed it for so long! I love it. Dearly. You and your precious family are adorable. I'll be back for more :)

  11. WOW two, months old already, you just had her, you were just saying how long she was in your tummy for, my goodness how time flies. She surely looks cozy in your arms.

  12. Taff

    I can never get over how wonderful your blog is!
    You and your family are so great.

    Keep it up

  13. ahlin

    lovvve general conference. best weekends of the year!

  14. my goodness…what a cute family.

  15. lala

    beautiful photos. where did you get the hat, if you don't mind me asking?

  16. You have a beautiful family!
    I'm excited for Conference too! I like to watch it live so my husband and I have to wake up by 6am to catch it!
    Have a beautiful weekend! I wish I could see those cherry blossom's in person!

  17. beautiful photos! how exciting to be taking Eleanor to NY! have a blast and can't wait to see pictures!

  18. 2 months?! Really?! OMG. I feel old now. I didn't think it had already been two months! She's just precious, though.

    Your whole family is beautiful–from Eleanor to Kingsley.

  19. Love the pictures of your little family! your cheery blog posts always brighten up my day. Btw, where's Kingsley?

  20. TV

    Your family is so adorable!
    Good luck on your first plane trip!

    And as an older sister to a very temperamental baby brother my advice is to have anything in her mouth during takeoff and landing, the pressure pains are triple for their little heads. Luckily her first plane ride won't be 13 hours long…

  21. Gaby

    Happy birthday to your little lioness! Enjoy conference and have a lovely weekend!

  22. i love your longer posts, i've decided. well i love them either way, actually. anyway – can't wait to see the NYC pics! i'm sure little eleanor will be the talk of the town.

  23. I love the family portraits. Good luck with the fight. Everything will be fine.

  24. those pictures make my heart melt.

    i love reading about your adventures, they make me really look forward to that stage of my life.

    xoxo, Erin

  25. Precious family. <3 I hope your NYC trip is amazing!

    I'm so grateful for God's blessings, too… it's comforting to know that He is there when the world is having such a hard time right now.

  26. JB

    Visiting from Today's Letters. Such an inspitational blog you have.

  27. Your daughter is beautiful! I'm a new Mom too and it's the best job in the world!

  28. Monique

    These pics of you all are absolutely beautiful. Enjoy your trip to NYC. It's a quick plane ride so I hope baby E handles it just fine. Much Love!

  29. don't forget to feed her while youre taking off and landing so her ears don't hurt!!
    have a great time!!

  30. LOVE the photos.
    and don't worry about the flight! i flew frequently with both of my babies while they were itty bitty and it's totally no big deal. in fact, lucy was TEN DAYS OLD on her first flight.
    ditto to nicole's comment, but if your baby is fast asleep, whatever.
    also, check your car seat and stroller (and put your car seat in a big plastic bag so it doesn't get dirty!!!), bring a sling or a bjorn-ish carrier, a paccifier, and um, both of your boobs. it will be a breeze. ;)

  31. Emily

    These pictures are adorable, and her little hat could not be any cuter! Have a wonderful trip, xx.

  32. Anna

    These photos are so cute! She looks beautiful and I love the little hat.
    I'm now following :)

  33. those photos are so precious! your family is so cute. you are so blessed!

    have a wonderful weekend!

  34. Lulu B

    Such a beautiful family. You are truly blessed. Hope you have fun in new york xx :o)

  35. tRiSh

    Happy birthday little E. <3
    I looooved your letters =)
    Have fun in the Big Apple!

  36. Shamini

    ooh those pictures are so cute!
    have a nice weekend out there

  37. Ames

    First time here…brough here by Todays Letters. I just wanted to say that your baby girl is BEAUTIFUL! she made my eyes water…I'm partial to the girlys though..ours is almost two (insert sobs here). your baby is just the cutest thing! love your blog, too!

  38. Y

    Baby E is the luckiest girl.. she has the cutest clothes!! x

  39. Paige

    These are so beautiful! You make such a charming family. And, of course, I love her hat. :)


  40. kivioq

    These made me tear up too! Eleanor is darling in that hat. Have a wonderful General Conference!
    I'm sorry to keep asking, but where is your shirt from? Each time I see it I covet one!

  41. I am loving the hat. That is adorable.

  42. I love Baby E's cute lion hat! Absolutely adorable.

  43. Hey recently found out I'm expecting. Where did you get all your super cute clothes when you were pregnant. I've been searching to no avail and it's hard gaining weight and wearing frump clothes at the same time. Love your baby!

  44. Shannon

    I just adore your blog and photography! How do you process your photos? Is there a certain action you used to get this effect?

  45. i just really like you…not in a creepy way. you're just legit and i can feel that you're sincere in your posts. i appreciate your blog and think that you're doing an awesome job with it. love your style….

  46. Amanda

    Beautiful photos!

    Thanks for the link to watch your churches conference! Not a member but still love to listen to the talks.

  47. @maren t, hi! congrats on the pregnancy. i actually didn't buy any maternity clothing besides 1 shirt at target. i couldn't find anything i liked in my price range so just decided to make my wardrobe work. skirts and dresses usually are key, and lots of longer t-shirts. have fun!

    @shannon, i actually didn't take or edit these photos. my friend carissa did. there is a link to her site in this post. :)

  48. amy

    you make such a beautiful family!!
    love your top by the way… i'm always searching for more stripes!


  49. I love those two family photos! AH! So darling.

  50. Thanks for getting back to me. You make pregnancy look so stylish.

  51. so touching!

  52. I adore these photos! Such a lovely little family.. :)