diary by kingsley: walking mom.

“i’m 55 lbs. no longer a pup.
they call me tank on the streets.
and mom always has a baby/stroller/car seat in her arms.
put all of this together and what do you get?
a bulldog in charge. i call the shots these days.”
  1. amy

    kingsley is so cute!! i love this picture.

  2. AHaha!! That is pure awesomeness! He looks so serious about his job;)

  3. LCR

    so clever. cutest little tank ever. Hope it was a good weekend for you all:)

  4. Oh sweet Kingsly…he knows when it's time to take a break! PIctures like this aren't making my desire for a puppy go away at all! If only I had room for one! :-)

  5. Eve

    so funny the way he sits!!!

  6. I just love your baby stroller! Where did you get it/what brand is it?

  7. I love when my pup sits like this! Kingsley is simply adorable. I want to just cuddle with him!

  8. Karen

    That photo is adorable! I <3 Kingsley :)

  9. I love that you post about your dog, too many times mommies have babies and the dog gets put on the back burner. He is too cute for words.

  10. vanessa

    lol that's too cute!! :)

  11. i always look forward to diary by kinglsley!

  12. Saara

    I am such a Kingsley fan!!!

  13. Gaby

    This is such a funny picture! I might be just what I need to convince my husband that we need a bulldog!

  14. i cannot get over that he weighs 55 lbs. he's like, what, 5 eleanors?? he's packing so much weight on such a small frame!

  15. Katie

    he's sooo cute!

  16. Kingsley's diary never fails to make me laugh! xo

  17. Elsa

    what a cute guy!!! :]

  18. Karen

    Kingsley, you are so cool.

  19. amber

    haha! what a cutie :)

  20. so funny! an english bully is my dream dog :) one day!

  21. Morgan

    it looks like calling the shots gets tiring :)

  22. What a lover-munch! But, no really.

  23. Shamini

    oh! so sweet

  24. Sonja

    So cute!
    And Ahahah! I love the way you're sitting Kinglsley!

  25. by r.

    your dog and my dog would be great friends! Lars is ALL about taking me for a walk :(

  26. Heather

    Haha, that picture is amazing. :p

  27. Ok, I take back what I said on the last post… this is the cutest picture of kinglsey!

  28. kristin

    Have you met my dog (a French bully) whose name is Tank!? We see your husband out walking sometimes! Kingsley & Tank are fast friends :)

  29. Kinglsey is looking as darling as ever! I love the way he sits :)

  30. CUTIE PIE!! give him a hug from all of us:)

  31. Molly

    Too funny! My bulldog is the same way, she thinks she is boss always. And I have to admit, she usually wins!

  32. Jessica

    that picture is hysterical! my puppy (all 110lbs) likes to take me for walks too.

  33. I know the feeling. I'd been wearing my Moby Wrap to carry Iris when we walked Roscoe. Yesterday was our first attempt with the stroller–he did pretty well!

  34. Trish

    I too have just moved to DC from London and am bemoaning the difference between cosmopolitan, sprawling metropolises and mini-dc. I was wondering if you would consider adding a page of your DC recommendations? Those spots that ease your transition. I'd be happy to share mine in return, if you'd like.
    Thank you!

  35. Erin

    55-lbs and a stroller? Heaven bless you!

  36. haha, that tank is funny.

  37. This picture is hilarious! It looks like he's sitting down taking a break haha

  38. Rachael

    I love Kinglsey! He seems like such a sweety.

  39. My bulldog sits exactly like this too! His name is Stanton but we often call him Pinocchio because of it.

  40. rebecca

    somedays i swear my pup is smarter than me. i love how he is sitting on his little booty. i wanna eat him up.

  41. ellie

    that is one funny photo. you can almost see something human about his posture. It's hilarious.

  42. hahaha what a pudgy sweetie. and by that i mean a rough tough tank.

  43. Lulu B

    Haha so cute! Love the pick xx

  44. Kingsley will always be boss!

  45. Maggy

    ugh, I just love Kingsley's letters. I read them out loud to my husband :) 55lbs is no joke…

  46. we go through this every day with our 26lb-er. I can't even imagine with a child and 20 + lbs!

  47. This dog is awesome! Makes me want a bulldog :)

  48. Sooo not good! Like Cesar Millan says , humans should always be pack leaders and dogs followers.You should watch Dog whisperer! ;) (http://www.cesarsway.com/)

    P.S. Lots of greetings to beautiful Eleanor!

  49. Sarah

    I love how he's sitting. I have a pug and she sit exactly the same way. What some people call ugly, I call endearing =)

    – Sarah

  50. d'awwww i love this! especially since my own hunk of dog love's name is actually "tank". he is 100 lbs of st.bernard love. :)

  51. Oh my gosh, he is so cute! I love the way he sits!!

  52. Arianna

    So. Funny. Hahaha!

  53. He is SO the boss, haha. This picture is adorable (in a manly kind of way, of course, Kingsley!).

    Au Naturel Chic

  54. He's so cute… I want a puppy so bad!!!


  56. I love the way he's sitting :]

  57. The bit about being called tank is so funny- I have a friend who's brother has a bulldog named Tank!

  58. I thought I stumbled on a new find for myself in your blog. How did I not come across it before I wonder. Than I see this picture and realize I follow you on instagram!

  59. I awoke from a long night shift and went to check my email. My best friend had posted a link to a blog that she had found and just loved so naturally I went to check it out. Things began to look oddly familiar and imagine my surprise that after finding this fabulous blog I realized the woman who wrote it……had been my patient! Hahahaha. Don't know if you remember me. Its Jenny. I was your nurse at the hospital before your delivery. Hope you get this and things are going well. Eleanor is beautiful. Know I will be following you and your lovely family….and most likely linking your blog to other nurses that took care of all of you :)

  60. tRiSh

    how can you not fall for him! he's so adorable!

  61. guldlog



    ;-) GULDLOG

  62. Just discovered your blog and checked in because a) I'm a new mom as well, b) I too have a bulldog that rules my world (Turbo says "Whuddup" to Kingsley, by the way) and c) I'm loving all your pics! Nice to meet you, blog-wise!

  63. sjsw

    i love them bulldogs!!
    your blog is the cuttest blog ever.

  64. Red

    I met a boy called Kingsley and i just could not place the name for the life of me! I knew i 'knew' someone had a puppy called Kingsley and i just couldn't place it.

    Gosh he is a cutie. The puppy, that is.;)

  65. I love this picture. My pup Moxie sits like this and I think it's one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

  66. Do you mind me asking how much you paid for Kingsley? I want one and dont know if I would be getting a good deal…

  67. Julie

    I love your blog! We have a bulldog and he sits just like that! They have such personalities