date night with a baby.

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we hear it’s all healthy and important to continue to have date nights with your spouse (and only your spouse) after baby arrives. leave the little infant with friends, they say. have a few hours just the two of you.
are they for real?
maybe when she’s ready for college we’ll go out for an evening without her. maybe. but for now our world will continue to revolve around eleanor, date night and all.

  1. haha give it like 5 more months and youll be ready for a date night, just you two. i promise.

  2. Ash

    That picture of Eleanor holding your husband's thumb is possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen. And if I my parents had offered to buy me whatever sort of treat you guys had, I would have happily gone on all their dates with them.

  3. Rachael

    That picture with Eleanor hand just tugs at my heart. Aww.

  4. Jackie

    thats how i felt too at first. i couldnt leave his side. then around 8-10 months, i was ready. and weve gone out usually once a month to dinner with out our toddler.

  5. if you ever need a babysitter…..

  6. Renée

    cuties :)

  7. becky

    How could anyone leave that beautiful thing? It's so weird to think of her going off to college—so, so weird. It makes the idea of parenthood really daunting—but an absolute treasure all at the same time. I love that first photo, by the way. So heart-warming.

  8. her outfit is THE BEST. i still don't like being without my babies and they are 1 and 3. family dates are more fun anyway. well, some of the time. ;)

  9. When she's two and a half you will see the wisdom in spouse only time.

    Trust me. You will.

  10. Bethany

    i couldn't agree more. it's so hard to leave your babies, no matter how old they are. such cute pictures. :)

  11. aw! When your baby is that cute who would leave her at home!?

  12. i'm with you. our boy turned 2 in february and we've only gone on probably 4 dates completely alone in his life. and now we've got a 6mo. old girl and we prefer to have family date nights even more! here is the secret: our babies go to bed at 8pm and sleep till 8am. voila! every night is date night.

  13. haha, I said that when Elle was a baby baby too. It took us until she was 9 months old to go on a date without her… and now, I know how important it is… You will see.

  14. yes and yes. they are so precious it's hard to EVER leave them!!!

  15. Heather

    Post like this make me want to have a baby so friggin bad!

  16. So glad to hear someone else thinks as I do!! And I read some other comments…our baby boy is 14 months and we have only gone our once without him–I just missed and worried about him the whole time, totally wasn't worth it! People are always asking us if we have date night–first of all we are homebodies who love each other and would rather watch a movie together at home than go out…second of all, I cannot stand to be away from baby Lincoln for even the amount of time he sleeps at night, so we take him with us. Plus I really don't trust anyone but my parents to watch him…and they live six hours away…so I am sooo with you! Sorry that was a novel…just something I feel strongly about I guess!


  17. i could barely leave my son when he was so little. i'd leave him with my husband to go grocery shopping & come home, bursting through the doors like i'd just been on a 10 day safari.

    if you're anything like me, date nights alone would consist of you calling the person watching her every 8 minutes & imagining her face on odd things like light bulbs & cucumbers.

    follow your heart! xx

  18. Oh yes, I felt the same way. We rarely had a date night without the baby. It's hard when you are nursing! But eventually, when he was older (like 2) we were able to leave him with my mom and his cousin!

  19. we waited til about 6 months and I liked it that way. Now my son is almost two and I can't bear to think of leaving him overnight, but it's coming with the pending birth of his little sibling this fall! yikes!

  20. hello.

    i think eleanor is a pretty sweet tag-a-long to have :) enjoy time with baby {cliche- they do grow up way too fast!}, but it's true, date nite sans baby is a must!

  21. i wouldn't know yet but i totally understand. love those stripes :)

  22. we are the exact same way. Dash is now 18 months old and we still cant bare the though of leaving him, for even an hour. he is one of us!

  23. soooo cute :)

  24. J.

    I agree with previous commenters. Once she gets to about age 2, date night with just the two of you will sound like a wonderful idea!

  25. Julie

    How funny! I don't think I've ever met anyone who wouldn't want a date night without their kids. I can't wait to have kids and find out for myself. :)

  26. Nicole

    I love it! This is exactly how we are (our daughter is now 2). People think we are crazy. We do go to the movies without her now and then but it is not a scheduled weekly thing.

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  28. You know, I have four kids, and we rarely get OUT without the kids, but we do love to do dates at home. One of us will go get take out and we'll eat together after they're in bed, or we'll rent a special movie, or whatever. When we DO get out without kids, we do enjoy it, but we're always ALWAYS ready to head on home and see their faces.

  29. autumn

    Family dates are our favorite and the older our little girl has gotten the more inventive we can be. Park picnics, museum snacking, coffee shop and antiquing with a tiny little walking girl- I adore our family dating. We have been our a handful of times alone (but the first was once she was about 8 month old) and they have been incredible times to reconnect but we always miss our girl and head home early. That said, we are going on our first long term (like, lots of hours) date away from her (to a wedding! I love, love!) in July when she is 20 months and I couldn't be more excited. Ohhh family dates!

  30. I can't wait for date nights with baby. someday. it will be grand.

  31. Thank god for this post (and your blog)! Have been feeling crazy for almost never leaving my 1.5 year old. But she's still so young and attached and not ready–and neither am I. thanks for letting me know I'm not alone out there! Oh and maybe you might like to check out my blog, too?

  32. Alisha

    I feel the same way! I HATE date nights without baby! They become Alisha is cranky nights. And no one likes those…

  33. Cassie

    I wasn't ready to leave my first born behind until she was nearly a year old (and then it was only for a couple of hours.) There is nothing wrong with family dates!

  34. Lex C.

    awww babies grow so incredibly fast. i say enjoy every stage together as much as humanly possible!!!! soo cute!!

  35. Haley K

    i LOVE the first photo…holding daddy's thumb :) too sweet.

    And YES enjoy date nights with your little one while she's still tiny and low-key! Once they start walking/running it's a whole other ballgame (a fun one, but a little less relaxing one;) What sweet memories of just the 3 of you you're making :)

    PS – stripes on stripes…love it :)

  36. that first photo? priceless.
    and the bottom photo? i love how stripey she is!

  37. Leah

    I feel exactly the same! Our 14 month old goes to bed at 7:30 so if we do go out with him, we still have the rest of the evening to ourselves!

  38. Kacie

    Our daughter, Gwyneth is four months old and I know JUST how you feel! We have been having date nights at home every Wednesday. We have a nice little dinner, make popcorn, have a glass of vino and watch a movie. It's great! Last night he even gave me a foot massage. =)


  39. Ashley

    pretty soon you'll be ready, i promise ;) and i also promise its GOOD for your baby to know you 2 deserve time alone also. healthy marriages give kids security. you guys are a darling family ;) best of luck to you!

  40. Brooke

    My husband and I try to go on a date once a week and let our baby have some grandma and grandpa time, but by the end of the night, I can't wait to come home to my little sweetheart! I miss her after an hour!

  41. Jenny

    Add a couple more to your brood and you'll be running for the door on date night. It's absolute heaven to go out with my husband and be able to have a interruption free coversation. Family dates are great too but for us we def need a balance.

  42. Liz

    And it can be so difficult to actually trust someone with a new baby. I think it's great the three of you get out together!

  43. colleen

    that's sweet! although by the time she hits high school she might start feeling a little differently, unless of course ice cream is still involved!

  44. Moriah

    I completely agree with you! We still have "date nights" with Josiah included. He's just too much fun to leave at home with someone else, even at 1 year old! We feel like we're missing out!

  45. Caralee

    all families make their own rules and they are flexible and may or may not change with time. enjoy your date nights, you and hubby know best what is right for your relationship.

  46. I had to read your comments to see if you'd get people saying, "HA! Wait a few months!" Ack. Sorry about them. People said that when we first got married too… because we're so "lovey-dovey." Well, guess what, we've been married over 8 years, and we're STILL so lovey-dovey and act like newlyweds. LOL. I guess the joke's on them! ;-)

    Thanks for sharing how happy you guys are with your little one! Our first one arrives in three months, and we CAN.NOT.WAIT. :-D

  47. Rachel

    She is so cute! My fiance and I secretly like to think up baby names and I thought you should know that "Eleanor" was the first one we could both agree on. Love it.

  48. Hannah

    aww such cute photos! looks like you had a great time


  49. claire

    Such sweet photos. She is one cute kid. x

  50. You guys are so sweet!
    Beautiful pictures, as always!

  51. Maria

    This is so precious!

  52. Tanya

    This post made my day :)

  53. this is the sweetest thing!!! :D

  54. Luna 22

    I love her tights and onesie combo. It makes me wish I would've had a little girl. I agree that soon enough you'll want a date night with just the two of you. No rush. Maybe to celebrate Eleanor going to kindergarten.

  55. Sounds so fun! I've been meaning to tell comment and share that we tried both Pitango AND 2 Amy's on our recent trip to DC- both recommendations from your blog! Loved them both (especially 2 Amys!)

  56. Autumn

    this made me laugh haha :)

  57. I 100% agree with you! My husbands mom keeps on wanting me to leave my baby with her for a "date night" and I keep saying I will bring the baby with us.

    He is cute, sweet and he loves being around people, the perfect add on to our date nights :-)

  58. Anna

    How could you want to leave that adorable little baby! Family date nights can be fun too :)

  59. Leticia

    yes yes. we very rarely go on dates with just the 2 of us. our friends now know that if they invite us to dinner, unless they specify no kids, we will have all three of ours with us.
    only when we go to the temple do we leave them. :)

  60. These are adorable–I love little Eleanor's contrasting stripes! Our little guy just turned 4, and we have a lot of family dates–beach, picnics and the like– but our marriage is really strengthened by alone time, because it reminds us that parenting is part of who we are, but not our whole identity. But we didn't feel this way nearly as much when he was younger…it's as he's gotten older and we've gotten into a rhythm that we've started to prioritize other aspects of life. Either way, spending time together is beautiful!

  61. FINALLY ~ someone gets it! Date nights are still divine even with our little crumb in tow…and we wouldn't have it any other way.

  62. i have never thought of date night without baby as something that means you don't WANT the baby with you or that you need time away from baby, but more as a way to be able to completely focus on eachother. i know that my husband needs some attention from me and just me- ALL my attention. and visa versa. it's good to be able to give each other your full attention and not have to worry about feedings, changings, naps, etc and just be able to focus on eachother. even though yes, i agree- it is hard to leave the little ones. it's good to be a WIFE while being a MOTHER.

  63. Love these photos! Keep 'em coming! Your little family is the sweetest thing.

  64. Melissa

    Being away makes you love them more. Once she gets older, you won't even be able to carry on much of a conversation. AND the prophet told us to spend one on one with hubby so you have to think there's a reason. With mine, we never leave them when they are tiny and the first one it took longer even. A few kids deep though…six months old feels good. It's good to adore your kids, but it's ideal to spend some rare quiet time with the hubbs.

  65. Brandi

    That's EXACTLY how my husband and I were with our first baby. The one or two times we DID go without her we just talked and thought about her the whole time anyway and came home early. Ha. We had our 3rd 6 months ago and we DO go out on dates alone now, but it's not because we want time away from our babies. It's because our 4 year old is such a talker (which is one of the best things about her and it makes us happy that she loves talking to us) But we have to go out alone if we want to actually talk to EACH OTHER once in a while, because at home she hardly takes a breath and we can't get a word in. Haha!

  66. Sammy

    Oh yeah, you'll eventually want to go out without her. I think we all get to that point! I don't think anyone expects you to leave your baby while she is so little. Just give it time!!!

  67. Sarah

    Awww I remember our first date night after the baby. We brought her to our favorite Italian place. Everyone kept smiling at us and talking to the baby.

    Eventually we started to leave her with family when we went on dates, but it wasn't because we wanted to leave her. She ended up kind of getting herself on a schedule so she was tired and wanted to be in bed by 6:30pm. Otherwise she would cry a lot.

    It's nice when they are super little because they either stay up late and are ok with it, or they crash wherever and don't get woken up too easily.

    – Sarah

  68. This post makes me so happy! I LOVE that you love taking your baby everywhere with you AND your husband, that is so sweet and you will all grow closer because of it. I know that for a fact, my Mom was the same way. I'm past the collage age and I still want to go everywhere with her.

  69. miriam

    my baby is 6 months and we've never had a date night without her. :o)

  70. We didn't leave Adelaide with a baby sitter (other than my mother or sister) until last month…when she was 12 months old! And I had some heart palpitations the whole time we were gone. Although it was nice. But I don't think I could leave her every week! I much prefer to have a friend come over after baby is sleeping so I can leave her guilt free.

  71. Kasey

    You have to remember that it was you and hubby first…and will be you and hubby last…and its important for your relationship to have that time. But..i totally get the not wanting to leave the baby.

  72. Julia

    HAAA! You and I both sister. I totally agree with YOU as my husband and I hear the same thing constantly…

  73. I hear ya! Baby goes EVERYWHERE with us until she reaches that age that she would rather stay home and play than be stuck in a restaurant:)

  74. Chelsea

    yeah, i agree. a few more months and you'll be ready to dress all cute for your hubby and go make out together in a restaurant and be romantic.

    My mother in law took our son for a sleep over when he was about 10 months old and it was awful. we came back around 9 and took him home. Then after that first time, it started getting easier and I could really enjoy snuggling in bed and watching re-runs of arrested develeopement without the baby.

  75. I love that you take your sweet little girl with you. best parents, ever!

  76. Erin


  77. More power to you both! I wouldn't wanna leave my baby girl either. =)

  78. have a fun weekend! she's too cute to leave at home anyway.

  79. Amelia

    so, so cute. hey, if you ever need a babysitter, i'm going to be in d.c. area this summer.. haha just saying.

  80. Amelia

    Aww I am the same way. I never leave without my kids. The older they get, the better it is. It gets more fun! :)

  81. this is adorable! I think my husband and I will be the same way!

  82. I love everything about your aesthetic, that's probably the best way I can describe how much I love your life via this blog :)

  83. Karen

    Love Eleanor's outfit! She can "power clash" with the best of them–she's just that influential.

  84. n.davis

    We still take our little girl out and she is almost two. It's still just as fun. Granted we do pull a few dates alone, and they are totally worth it, it's usually just silent. Cause we don't get to hear silence much anymore. Haha. I love it though.

  85. Kalola


  86. I absolutly love your blog!

    I love the pictures. I love the universe. I love that your family is in focus – and I love that I can relate to every single thing you write…. My daughter is 2 month now and I love spending time the three of us together;-)

  87. Tiffany

    Oh, don't worry, your day will come when you want some time off from the little one!!! I hate time away from my little girl, but I appreciate that time without her so much & when I get her back, I have a whole renewed energy & we have so much more fun. Your time will come!!

  88. i love that little onesie…where is it from?

  89. Carrie

    Amen to this post! :)