date night with a baby.

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we hear it’s all healthy and important to continue to have date nights with your spouse (and only your spouse) after baby arrives. leave the little infant with friends, they say. have a few hours just the two of you.
are they for real?
maybe when she’s ready for college we’ll go out for an evening without her. maybe. but for now our world will continue to revolve around eleanor, date night and all.

  1. When my babies were babies, we rarely left them. Date nights were family nights. So hard when they're tiny. Once they were over one, we started venturing out alone, and it was easier. Now that they're 10 and 14, we have to make sure the 14 yr old's schedule allows us date night once in a while. Whatever works, as long as you have a chance to connect alone (we have an hour alone most mornings after the kids go to school, so it makes up for a lot!). Enjoy your gorgeous Eleanor!

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  3. Maggie

    Good for you guys! That's what we did, too. Instead of spending most of the evening missing one another, you're all having fun together. There's plenty of alone time to be had when she's sleeping (although often times, mine didn't want to sleep alone – they do eventually, though!). Love your blog. You guys are a beautiful family.