1. She is precious! Happy Easter!

  2. Janssen

    That DRESS! Oh, she is precious.

    And cute little headband. I like that the flower isn't enormous.

  3. Sarah

    Her little dress is so precious. It was my baby's first Easter too. So much fun. Although it was a task trying to keep her quite during church service lol.

    – Sarah

  4. @lauren, found her dress at Target! and the flower headband is from Lou&lee; on Etsy.


  5. naomi! she's beautiful! i want one!

  6. KateK

    She is getting so big! I love her full head of hair..so cute! Hope you all had a good Easter!

  7. happy easter to your gorgeous family!!

  8. she's getting so different, so grown up, so pretty!

  9. how adorable!! she has such a sweet expression on her face. and i love your sunglasses!

  10. jcondc

    That face! She is just so adorable. Also, I love your tights. The weather was so confusing yesterday, it was hard to know what to wear. Both of your outfits are so very cute.:)

  11. Very cute dress! She looks just like her daddy!

  12. Happy Easter! What a gorgeous Easter dress E has on! I want her headband, please!!!!

  13. you two are so adorable! i love her dress and your polka dot top!!

  14. I love that dress. Cute eleanor!

  15. Kelsey

    oh she is just too adorable and that headband! tooo cute!! lovely post and a happy easter! xoxo


  16. What a precious little dress and headband! (I kind of love your sunglasses too!)

    I hope you had a happy and memorable first Easter with your beautiful baby girl!!

  17. What a cutie pie! That headband is fantastic :) (also love your blouse, by the way)

  18. Linley


  19. She keeps getting cuter and cuter!! I love her little yellow socked feet poking out from under the dress. Precious.


  20. She is beautiful Naomi! Love her dress!

  21. Allie

    She is absolutely adorable!!!! And that dress… oh my Lord it's precious! :)
    Happy Easter!

  22. She's SO precious. But seriously, where did you get those textured tights? They are rad!

  23. MellyB

    I don't even have a daughter and I almost bought that dress for any future little girls. It's so cute! First holidays are so fun!

  24. She is DARLING! Love the headband and dress!


  25. she is just so lovely :) i love her little flower headband!

  26. Ana

    Oh boy, she's adorable with her little pastel outfit! I'm a little jealous of her striped dress too :)

  27. Awwww! Too cute! I love the expression on her face. lol

  28. Amanda

    adorable picture!!! what a cute little dress she has on!

  29. She is so gorgeous!

  30. Hannah

    oh my word she is adorable!!

  31. Rachael

    She looks so cute! I can't believe how big she is! It seems like you just had her!

  32. Kelly

    Love love lOve the dress and headband! She's so sweet.

  33. Little girls MAKE Easter. Seriously, the sweet little dresses are so cute I can barely stand it. I love her little headband too!

  34. Such a cutie! And that headband is perfect!

  35. we LOVED her dress yesterday. seriously, was dying over the cute fluffy ball of dress and baby.

  36. becky

    Oh, she is a beauty! I love her little frown, too, as though she is confused by the camera—she is surely going to the best dressed girl around. I hope the three of you had a wonderful Spring day!

  37. Alivia

    Gosh, you two are sweet! Love her outfit, and her FACE! So cute :) She looks just like you and just like Josh. How is that possible?! haha

  38. Kate

    You seriously have one adorable baby on your hands! *smile*

  39. taylor

    so cute! your daughter is adorable. and her clothes are the best.

  40. Eleanor is such a cute baby! I love her little Easter dress. I love your amazingly positive corner of the internet – I have been reading through your older posts because your outlook on life really makes me smile, and your family is so wonderful!

  41. amy

    I love that she always seems so concerned in her photos. She must be a "thinker".

    Hope you had a lovely Easter!

    amy @ glass confetti

  42. 7upkels

    Soooooo darling.

  43. more easter pics, please! or maybe just more eleanor….can't decide.

  44. isabird

    she is so pretty! she's your mini-me (or mini-you?)

  45. Lily

    How adorable…love the headband !!


  46. jenny

    oh my goodness gracious. PRECIOUS! We had our little ones in light blue also!!!

  47. Kim

    Ah! The feet are the icing on the cutie-pie, so adorable!
    I love her expression too, she reminds me of a coworker of mine when we're telling him something and he doesn't quite know if he believes us or not (his "are you pulling my leg" face) :D
    But she dresses way better than any of my coworkers.

  48. Erin

    Happy Easter, Eleanor! (SO CUTE!)

  49. she's so beautiful!!

  50. Omg! So cute! I love her dress!!

  51. Amy

    she is sooo adorable!

  52. ellen

    I bet it was your best Easter ever!

  53. Naomi, your little princess has your lips and his dad's eyes. :-)
    I can even see your mom's and your twin sisters' faces in her beautiful little face.

    Happy Easter! xo

  54. MK/HK

    Oh MY GAH.

    She is a little doll.

    So adorable.

    Happy easter, darling.

  55. Lori

    She is so beautiful in her little Easter Dress. And, such a dainty little headband.

  56. Lindsay

    Oh I LOOOVEee her little Easter dress! Precious. Your blog is too cute! I'm having fun looking through your posts!

    Delighted Momma

  57. Meagan

    Happy Easter! :) She is just darling!

  58. colleen

    target is the best! she looks perfect for a beautiful easter morning.

  59. Anna

    Wow! She looks JUST LIKE you and your sisters…Isaac too, actually. :) Adorable!

  60. Michael

    Adorable! We were just able to spend our first Easter with our 2 year old granddaughter this year. What a gift! Treasure every moment!

  61. I almost bought that dress for Iris! It looks so cute on her!

  62. Can't handle the cuteness of your baby! Adorable!

  63. What a cutie, and LOOOOVE that dress!!!

  64. jlc

    Love her Sunday best! :)

  65. First Easter and she looks thrilled! ;) Seriously, too cute though.

  66. what a cute little easter dress! the boy and i were just talking last night about how holidays make us most excited to some day have a little one.

  67. Chelsea

    where is her bow from??

  68. Erin

    Love the headband.

  69. Briel79

    Her dress is so cute! She looks like a little flower. :)

  70. Sum

    Beautiful robin's blue dress! She's gotten so big now! Seriously she keeps getting cuter and cuter! :)

  71. Ohh she is so SWEET! :) Love this picture!


    xoxo :)

  72. Tim

    You ROCK those shades! Very 1993!

  73. t.

    adorable! she's grown so much. and ps. i have that same cardigan!

  74. she is so beautiful. and is lucky to have mom who dresses her so well :)

  75. Emily

    Oh my goodness! She is the cutest thing ever! She is getting so big too :) I hope you and your family had a great day.

  76. Bonny

    Elanor is Adorable, but so are you where did you get the outfit you have on???

  77. Oh so cute!! Happy Easter!

  78. what pretty little girl!

  79. what a little love bug she is! i am sure you are tempted to just eat her up! LoVe.

  80. Such a cute little girl! Just wait…next Easter she is going to love running around collecting all those eggs!

  81. She looks like she would taste delicious with a little bit of powdered sugar…………

  82. She could not be more adorable!

  83. If you happen to read this, I was wondering how you got your blogger header to disappear?

  84. Pilar

    Adorable! I love E's headband! xo