1. Maria

    So cute! She is absolutely precious!

  2. everyone's already said it, but this picture is absolutely adorable!!!!

  3. she's so beautiful! congrats!

  4. precious!! happy Easter to you and your family!


  5. Rachel

    Oh my goodness she is getting so big already! Such a sweet picture. Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

  6. She is beautiful! Hope it was a wonderful day!

  7. Aww hope you guys had a very happy easter x

  8. Ever Elizabeth wore that exact same dress from Target for our Easter!! I am putting our photos up today. Eleanor and Ever, awwww

  9. she gets the award for best-dressed baby. love it!

  10. J

    what a sweetheart! my 4-month old elliot wore the same dress on sunday… it's from target to answer people's q's.

  11. LJ

    Can I just say THANK YOU for not putting a giant flower the size of your little Eleanor's head on her. Not that I ever think you would. But I smile every time I see her tasteful felt bows and flowers.

    I always say, a baby's head is classic, as bald as that little head may be.

    what is up with the ginormous sunflowers overpowering every family photograph?? Do they really think they'll love that in 20 years?

    Ha, okay, I guess I'm venting on your blog because I would be too afraid to vent on mine. But perhaps one day I will do a post: "Say no to giant florescent sunflowers on babies!"

    but, THANK YOU! You are a classic beauty, and so is little E.

  12. How cute!
    Happy Easter! (:

  13. Ahhh! What a cutie pie!