a little bit of our weekend.

pizza + arrancini with friends, family walks,
cherry blossoms + other springtime flowers…
hope you had a lovely restful weekend!
we’re off to NYC today… be back soon!
  1. beautiful pictures as always. i'm afraid i'm going to miss the cherry blossoms this year!

  2. Kelly

    I love our blossoming district. I moved here 3 years ago too! Love them!

  3. That looks like a dream stroller. And that pizza, yum!

  4. Aw I just posted about cherry blossoms yesterday :) Beautiful! And that pizza looks delish!

  5. ah i love this! perfect family!

  6. Euginia


    I think we met last week at the bulldog meetup, I had the other Kingsley bulldog! Do you have any photos? I imagine if you did, they'd be beautiful.

  7. @eugina, hi! i only took a few! will try to get them on here soon. great meeting you! see you again soon!


  8. Ainsley

    one of my favorite entries you posted, so beautiful and all of the photos just…flow


  9. Dear Taza, when I am pregnant and have a little one, I hope to be as beautiful of a mother as you are.

  10. J'adore ce blog.
    Il est frais et simple.
    Bravo naomi!!!