a good laugh.

last night, we stayed up way too late watching funny youtube clips (they never get old) and i almost died i was laughing so hard when josh showed me these old clips of jim carrey in the background. if you have the time and want a good laugh, watch all five clips. oh man. i needed that laugh. he’s a funny man.
  1. this is making me laugh. he's so young! youtube can be such a timesuck….kind of in the best way possible.

  2. Wow he has been around a while. Thanks for sharing! Laughing is so good for the soul.

  3. amber

    hahahaha thanks for the laugh, naomi!

  4. Oh my gosh, he was so young! Totally hysterical ;D

  5. Gaby

    What would we do without funny YouTube clips? Such an easy way to lose an hour without even noticing :)

  6. julia

    He is very funny.I love him.

  7. Linka

    hilarious! in living color was and is so funny!

  8. You should go look for his SNL Black Swan skit. He was hilariousss

  9. HAHAHAHA!! Jim carrey is so "special":)

  10. What would comedy have been with out Jim Carrey? A sad sad place indeed.

  11. Nina

    hahaha i looove jim carrey! he´s the best. xD
    have a nice day!
    xoxo nina <3

  12. Taff

    hah! wonderful!

    It's good to get a little laughter in during finals and pre-finals weeks. woof.

  13. Amanda

    ha ha you are so right those are funny! thanks for sharing them!

  14. i love him during his early career. absolutely hilarious. i watch that show when it comes on some of the older channels, still. :D good stuff.

  15. Oh man, if you like wasting time on youtube, you should for sure check out YouTube Time Machine…. random funny videos from whatever year you choose.



  16. nicole

    Hilarious. Just sent this to my husband. Thanks for posting! xo.

  17. Kristie

    Hahah. This is the best! I used to watch In Living Color every day when I got home from school with my dad. That was the best. All the famous actors/comedians when they were wicked young and J-Lo as a backup dancer. It doesn't get much better.

  18. tRiSh

    gosh, I think I'm going to have pain tomorrow so much I laughed, thank you so much for sharing!

  19. hahaha. i absolutely love jim carrey!!! this is so funnyyy. he is so young here. love it!

  20. Erica

    I remember seeing this when it came out!! LOL. I love the shows of the 90's. Do you like Martin? Otis the security guard is my favorite.