1. man do i love you miss. thinking about you and sending lots of love your way.

  2. Your bub is such a sweetpea! Such a gorgeous pooch too. Have a lovely weekend. X

  3. Meagan

    Thinking about you! :)
    And Kingsley's has the cutest puppy face ever!!

  4. Such a sweet and comforting combination. I just want you to know, I am praying for you and your beautiful family.

  5. these are the sweetest pictures i've ever seen.

  6. still praying for your family.

    p.s. i should tell you that the first time you posted a picture of those cupcakes, at first i thought they were a certain female appendage.. that babies really love.. since you are a new mama and all. and i thought.. wow, nursing cupcakes. or something. haha

  7. Cathy

    What a sweet puppy face!

  8. Praying for you and your family. Hope everything turns out better.

    Plus, the picture of Kingsley is probably my favorite one so far.

  9. A post that would leave a smile on anyone's face! Hope you and your family are well, and can keep smiling even through the difficult times.

  10. Lily

    What an adorable puppy ! And of course, beautiful baby. Cupcakes can make any day better!


  11. lynette

    Beautiful photos. They make me smile too :)

  12. geri e.

    Everything on that list should do the trick! Love them all—especially the little lady, she looks so cuddly.

    Hope all is well.

  13. Kendra

    Cupcakes can make any day better! :)

  14. Haley K

    Those are four fabulous things! What a blessing you get to be at home with your sweet Eleanor :)

    PS – I read your last post…hope everything is going better. And nice choices on the icecream ;)

  15. Kingsley is the cutest thing ever. :)

  16. It's pretty amazing how one look at a scrunchy little bully face and your heart melts! gotta love em'

  17. Aileen

    Hope you guys are doing well and everything on your list cheers you up. I used to go to the Sprinkle in Beverly Hills and now that we've moved I miss it dearly.


  18. Ashley

    baby girl and puppy dog face so sweet. Love them to pieces. :) praying big prayers for you and your family!

  19. Erica

    how cute! I'll take one of each starting with the cupcake

  20. I'm pretty sure I just wrote you a very weird sounding tweet, but seriously, your posts are just so lovely. The way you appreciate the simple things makes me so happy. I can't explain it.

  21. man, i don't know which one is best.

    except i do, and it's #2.

  22. Lulu B

    Love this! Everything about it is perfect! xx :o)

  23. Linka

    those cupcakes look delicious!!!!

  24. Lovely list!

    I think you'd enjoy the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. I've listed what I love since an early age and this book is a blessing to me. I think it would be to you as well. She keeps a VERY long list… it's beautiful.

    "Press On!"

  25. Kelly

    Lovely images! They brightened my day!

  26. Bridget

    such a sweet post, naomi. hope all is going well in your family and that you're feeling the love/prayers everyone's sending your way.

  27. U U N A

    You had me at cupcakes

  28. Sarah

    Keep thinking about the positives in life and I'm sure we'll all keep sending our best wishes and good vibes to you and your family. I know I will.


  29. dear little kingsley makes my heart go thump thump… and your little bebe girl eleanor is just a magical little ball of adorb!

  30. I said a prayer for you this morning. I was praying for you alot yesterday too. I'll keep them going up! :)
    P.S. Those cupcakes look delicious!

  31. Tanya

    Looks so so good, I'm in need of some bake goods now :)

  32. all of these things make my day better too! especially that beautiful tulip…wow!!

  33. Chelsea

    that looks just perfect!

    Praying for your darling family!

    I promise, the new born days are sweet and short lived, but they are HARD and DRAINING! BUT it all gets easier!

  34. Praying, praying praying for your family.

    This post is too sweet. It made my morning (and a morning where I feel jet lagged and cranky). That picture of baby girl is so sweet. Her eyelashes. Amazing!

  35. Ana

    I don't think I can ever get tired of lovely pictures of your sweet little girl….oh, and blooming flowers are one of the best parts of spring for me, that is after the warming temperatures.

  36. Jessica

    this looks like the best kind of day. kingsley + baby are precious. my 4-legged child makes alllllll my worries go away & gives me the biggest smile! enjoy your weekend :)

  37. LCR

    amazing things to keep the good in mind. I hope all is well, prayers coming your way… beautiful post.

  38. Whitney

    It's always the little things that make everything better. Agreed.

    And those cupcakes look so yummy.
    But baby Eleanor looks sweeter :)

  39. love-v

    Your finale is perfect. Coming home and seeing a puppy face often calms down my stress. That face, plus your little girl melt me. Your little family has been on my mind and I hope that all of our thoughts plus your ice cream help.

  40. Kingsley is the cutest. E* is the most precious.

    I hope you're smiling and feeling better today.

  41. So true! The amazing little things always put everything into perspective for me.

    Have a great weekend!

    – Diana

  42. Carly

    lots of little things tend to add up, don't they? :) you and your family are being kept in my thoughts & prayers!

  43. 1. he is so cute, he makes me want a dog
    2. your baby girl is the sweetest
    3. those tulips look amazing. you're a really good photog

  44. a smile and a hug from my sweet son makes all long days better :-)

    praying yours gets better

  45. Rachael

    Love those photos!
    Especially the ones of Eleanor and Kingsley!! Just looking at those faces would put you in a good mood!

  46. Linh

    Just started following your blog and voted for you for circle of top moms. YOU ROCK and so do cupcakes, your baby, and that adorable dog of yours! I have an American Bulldog & Boxer. xoxo

  47. agreed! all of those would make any day better.

  48. Shamini

    beautiful pictures

  49. Dear Skinny Minny,

    Tells me your fit secrets!

    Love, Lisa.

  50. Peabody

    The dog face is too much! Love it!

  51. Angie

    What are you talking about, your tulip picture turned out beautifully! I have noticed you are rocking the photography lately. You are getting so good with that camera! Love it. Keep up the good work.

  52. Jonni

    the great thing about terrible days and stressful times is that the littlest things seem unbelievably more amazing. i bet cup cakes and baby smell and puppy dog kisses never seemed so perfect.

  53. I'm sorry your little family is having a rough time; you are all in my thoughts and prayers. xoxo

  54. What is going on, I know it will get better!

    And I am so missing item #2 in my own life right… spare a prayer for me?

  55. luvh8

    I just came across your blog today and I am OBSESSED. Never got so hooked on a blog so quick, I can't stop reading! (and I am a blog junkie) You are the CUTEST THING! and your baby/family is painfully adorable. I'm going to be checking this compulsively :) Thanks for letting everyone into your life:)

  56. Jill

    Babies really do relieve stress for me. Thanks for your nice comments on my once-alive blog. I haven't blogged in 1.5 years, whoops. I still love reading them though.

  57. those cupcakes look delish!

  58. i'm craving a red velvet cupcake reaaaal bad. might i add, your kingsley has given me a newfound love for bull dogs.

  59. Megan

    Hello– quick question, if you don't mind: do you still use your Canon XS? I think I remember from Twitter that you were hoping to sell it a while back. Just wondering if these photos were taken with a new lens. Thanks!

  60. Sonja

    awww! yeah! I bet those things do make bad days much better :o)
    Hope this week is much better for you!

  61. Pablo

    Keep stong lady and have faith, whatever it comes face it with the smile that your baby rockstar deserves =)

  62. oh taza, I hope you and family are doing well. these are great things to make one happy though! & cookie dough, & love notes, & all-things-inspiring :). hugs & kisses.

  63. oh taza, I hope you and family are doing well. these are great things to make one happy though! & cookie dough, & love notes, & all-things-inspiring :). hugs & kisses.

  64. oh taza, I hope you and family are doing well. these are great things to make one happy though! & cookie dough, & love notes, & all-things-inspiring :). hugs & kisses.

  65. Heather

    Taza, I hope things are looking brighter in your neck of the woods. Prayers are being poured your way by many!
    I loved your "little things" list from Friday so much I linked up to it on my blog as a "little things" feature.
    I try to encourage my readers to search for the "little things" in life and feature their lists frequently on my blog.

    Here is where it all started:

    Here is where I linked up to your wonderful self:

    I hope you check it out.

  66. Kelsi

    These photos are delicious. Every single one of them.

  67. AJD ∞

    Oh my gosh. That puppy dog face is to die for. He's so cute!

  68. ag.

    Such gorgeous photos…and a nice reminder to slow things down every once and a while.

  69. Kelly

    We gotta slow down every once and awhile and enjoy the simple things. Like babies and cupcakes. Glad to see you're taking a breather.

  70. Amanda

    ow i just ate cupcakes yesterday with a friend! always a good time!

  71. cupcakes babies flowers and dogs are probably my top four favorite things!


  72. Lindsay

    Your photographs are beautiful! Your Daughter is adorable as well.

    Delighted momma