date night with a baby.

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we hear it’s all healthy and important to continue to have date nights with your spouse (and only your spouse) after baby arrives. leave the little infant with friends, they say. have a few hours just the two of you. are they for real? maybe when she’s ready for college we’ll go out for an evening without her.... Read more


…wish us luck! … p.s. thanks for all your advice here on screaming babies in car seats! hopeful a few of those tricks you shared will work in our favor during the long drive… ... Read more

for sale.

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i put a bunch of my clothing on ebay last night. if you’d like to take a look or grab anything, here is the link. also, my friend marci (who also happens to be the best dressed lady i know) is selling some of her stuff, too. click here to check it out. xo ... Read more

today is thursday. and it’s going to be a beautiful day.

what a crazy and exhausting week it has been so far! thanks to all of you who have kept my family in your thoughts and prayers lately. i wish health issues didn’t exist- that everyone could live a life without getting sick. and i wish my family lived down the street, so we could all be together right now.... Read more