1. gorgeous photos! i agree about the alllergies, so far so good this year. xo

  2. Leigh

    How beautiful and exciting!!!

  3. Renée

    oh that first photo is gorgeous!!

  4. such pretty pictures!!!

  5. So beautiful!

    There's not a lot of nature in bloom in Arizona right now…I don't think cactus & palm trees count!

    ❤ Katherine

  6. Legs

    This weather is GORGEOUS! I pray my bosses let me out of work early. I've come down with a case of spring fever!

  7. have the cherry blossoms made their appearance yet?!

  8. Naomi

    Try eating locally made honey. It helps with allergies. Google it.

    I have never been to DC but I want to…

    Love your blog

    and your new little rock star

  9. geri e.

    Oh! Love the first photo—beautiful. Totally frame worthy.

  10. gee

    spring is officially my favorite season this year after WAY to much snow this winter.

  11. M.

    those pictures are gorgeous! looks like a lovely day!

  12. Miranda

    I'm hoping for a better allergy season too, last year was terrible I was so sick. I had never had problems in the past until last year boo.

    Pretty photos!


  13. I'm in Silver Spring & my allergies are alive and well! Beautiful photography. :)

  14. Lex C.

    Aww I love D.C. The pictures are beautiful and I hope you enjoy your first spring with baby!! :)

  15. so beautiful, I'm still waiting impatiently for spring here in Denmark :-)

  16. So jealous! It's dumping snow here in Alaska right now and apparently nowhere near close to Spring.

    Gorgeous pictures ♥

  17. Gorgeous to the max. We're having our first sunny/warm day up here in Massachusetts; spring is just so beautiful.

  18. these photographs are beautiful! what i would give to live on the east coast where there are REAL seasons. southern california feels like spring/summer all year long. it's nice weather wise, but i could use a little variety!

  19. Amanda*


  20. Gorgeous photos lady!!!

  21. So pretty- Spring is the best! x

  22. Rachel

    Oh, spring! I love it. These photos are absolutely lovely and make me so jealous of your weather.

  23. love the colors in that first photo! so gorgeous!

  24. Erin

    Beautiful pictures! I gasped — for real.

  25. Alivia

    Beautiful! I'm so exciting to be there in April and (attempt) to take lovely photos like these!

  26. Kasia

    Omg, so jealous! But happy for you of course! Can't wait to see all the adventurous walks you'll be taking around town.

  27. Inessa

    so pretty but I get crazy allergies even though i force myself to enjoy all the new blooms despite that

  28. season changes and springtime is definitely one thing i miss from living in california! your pictures are beautiful and i especially love that first one :)

  29. Kuleigh

    So pretty. I pray those things too. I could do without sneezing and bug bitten skin. Can't wait to see your spring shots to come.

  30. Chiara

    Capital Hill is gorgeous this time of year! Enjoy with the fam.

  31. Ah Spring! Tis' a season of lovliness.

    These are gorgeous photos.

  32. I am moving there in a few weeks and these pictures are making me so excited to come!

  33. Li-Sha

    oh gorgeous… i especially love the last picture of blossoms… sigh. i just wish it would be spring in rexburg.

  34. tRiSh

    I join you in those prayers =D
    those pictures are sooo beautiful!

  35. Jeska

    Love your photos! I live close to DC and it really is gorgeous in the Spring! Hopefully the nice weather sticks around :)

  36. Jaclyn

    These photos are so pretty! I love all of the blooming flowers. It felt like Spring for me today too, can't wait to enjoy the warmer weather.

  37. gsw

    they are amazing photos. as is your blog :)
    look forward to more reading xx

  38. How absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I'm so envious of your scenery! Chicago is still cold and dreary.. Makes me wanna take a trip to Washington D.C!

  39. janis

    i think it will be months until i see spring like this. sigh. the photos are just so so pretty.

  40. Liz V.

    That last photo is so stunning!

  41. spring tried to show up in in nyc today although we don't have any of those pretty blooms yet. so soon!

  42. Man, how I miss that. I really like the picture of the branch against that brick house. The red of the exposed brick goes nicely with the blossoms.

  43. Hurray for Spring! I'm so tired of the cold!

  44. no waaay i'm so jealous! it gives me hope though.. can't be long! that last picture with the bee is amaaazing.


  45. Liset M

    Awesome pictures…

  46. misss_e

    I can't wait to move back home. I miss the row houses…busy streets…and scenery.

  47. Bridget

    those pictures are great. you guys need to list photogs on your list of many talents.

    and mosquitos are never nice. i hate them with a passion.

  48. this is so fabulous! i cannot wait to one day visit your beautiful little city :) lovely!

  49. this is like fairytale spring! sooooo beautiful. i bet your loving every second of the spring time with your new little spring chicken :)

  50. Haley

    i recommend local honey for the allergies! (it's like eating the pollen and building up an immunity rather than breathing and sneezing!)

    pretty, pretty springtime pictures.

  51. kate

    wonderful photos!!! i love the one with the bee! just amazing.

  52. Stacie

    Hey! I've loved your blog for a while– I was just wondering what lens you use? :)

  53. Oooh I want it to be spring in Utah so badly.

    such lovely pictures.

    i love washington dc.

    especially springtime dc.

  54. Kylie

    so glad i found your blog – love following you. beautiful photos.

  55. Sum

    These are gorgeous pictures!

  56. Oh lucky you!!! we still struggle with snow and ice here in Norway, but spring is here too now :) Finally!

    love the pix of your little daughter. she is so cute :)

  57. Chaucee

    So beautiful! Unfortunately flowers are rare sight here in Jerusalem : (

  58. Capitol Hill looks like an amazing place to live <3

  59. Nina

    very pretty flowers… and awesome photos!

  60. misie

    DC in the spring is the jam. Annapolis isn't too shabby either if you like little towns on the water – only a 40 minute drive from Capitol Hill. :-)

  61. Beautiful. We just moved to the Hill, and I'm hoping to get out with my camera this weekend.

  62. a) a friend of mine recommended your blog a few weeks ago, just getting to it now…
    b) I love it.
    c) my mom took me to D.C. last year over spring break – she had a work meeting, I just adventured around by myself.
    d) i miss d.c. so much. your blog makes me happy.

    thanks :)

  63. Mary

    Spring is definitely my favorite season. Loving all of these pics!

  64. bethani

    spring is so awesome! i love it so much – can't wait to see more of pictures of eleanor and kingsley on the lovely family walks and picnics ♥

  65. Beautiful photos. DC looks so lovely.

  66. These pictures are so pretty! I'm already getting attacked by allergies! I can't wait for the cherry blossoms to bloom!

  67. These photos are beautiful.x

  68. Rachael

    Yay!! This has been the first time I've RELALY been excited for Spring! I've had a big winter!!

  69. Pilar

    i love these photos. they're beautiful! can't wait for spring in chicago – one of the best times in this city!

  70. Holly

    love these photos!! the pink flowers and the buildings are so pretty!

  71. ana b.

    Such sharp, clear photos. Beautiful and springy. We're going into autumn/winter here in the Southern Hemisphere so take care of spring for us!

  72. I can't wait to get there! We move to the area in less that 2 weeks!!!

  73. Jill

    beautiful photos, welcome spring!

  74. beautiful! I love the colors. Makes me want to move out of AZ even more than I already do!

  75. i saw you and hubs in The Nest! how awesome :)

  76. That is such good news! My husband served his mission in D.C. and after 3 yrs of marriage/dreaming about making a trip out there we are finally going next week! We were worried that the flowers wouldn't have bloomed by the time we got there, but this post has just made us even more excited about our long awaited trip! Thanks so much!

  77. it looks beautiful!

  78. Beautiful! I live in Oregon, where the rain doesn't stop until after July 4. I'm totally jealous of your spring!

  79. I love cheery blossoms and daffodils! The trees are holding back in Vancouver…but the crocuses are beginning. a rebirth. ahhhh.

  80. Caitlin

    Hello Naomi! This is kind of a long shot – but I was wondering if there's any chance you'd be willing to feature a fellow rocker from Utah out? My husband's band, Fictionist, is involved in a big-time competition with rolling stone magazine (http://www.rollingstone.com/choosethecover) and we really want to win. There are more details on my blog (hueandhum.com) and I'd love to chat with you about it! Feel free to email me – we'd be happy to do some shnazzy give-aways or something.

    thanks a bunch.

  81. Betsy

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  82. Betsy

    What gorgeous shots of spring on capitol hill. I thought that autumn was glorious with all the gentle amber leaves but this is just magical.

  83. BSJ

    Makes me want to live there. Almost. But I don't think I could bring myself to leave this lovely beach town, wonderful surf & year-round tan ;) Although I would kill for an old colonial house.