1. Rachel

    haha i love how much your husband was getting into it. the perfect kind of thing to happen when you get together with friends!

  2. That was great!! Obvious rockstars–all of you

    that is all

  3. Haley K

    awesome. period.

    wait, double-awesome because your hubby knows how to play the sax :)

  4. Alivia

    Oh my gosh, SO funny! Love when you post videos :)

  5. Melody

    This is so wonderful! So fun that you captured this!

  6. :). Made me smile big time!!


  7. Leelo

    This is so funny! I love having friends like that. This totally made my day. THANKS!

  8. Sounds like an amazing evening

    Lindy xxx

  9. how adorable! luv this post.

  10. This video cracked me UP. My favorite part was Josh yelling "yeahhhh!" and then running off in search of the sax. So funny. I want to come to a party with you guys.

  11. cutest ever. y'all have so much fun! xo

  12. ellen

    You need to take that show on the road!

  13. Mece

    this post made me smile! love friends!

  14. Ahhhh…I LOVE it!!! You are all so much fun and it is so refreshing and wonderful…watching this video made my day!

    Liesl :)

  15. FeeMail

    So great to see (at least some of) you moving… loved that :)!

  16. Thanks for posting this Naomi, it was a delightful way to start my day!

    Felicity x

  17. this is hilarious!!

  18. Erin

    This is so funny! I love days like this! :)

  19. janel

    That's great! Love it!

  20. OMG, laughing sooo hard!!!!

  21. ahhhh so much fun!! oh good times with friends are my favorite.

  22. It's so fun to be goofy and spontaneous with your friends and to not care if you are perfect or not! Love it!

  23. That just put a huge smile on my face. THANKS for sharing!

  24. Carly

    oh my gosh, this video was just what i needed this stressful afternoon: it made me smile SO much. love this!! :)

  25. Liz V.

    This is so fabulous! You guys are such rockstars :)

  26. THIS is happy living.

  27. Emma

    haha this is great!

  28. Hannah

    haha this is great!!

  29. Elle

    That is too funny! I love the "yeah" from Josh when he realizes instruments are now involved :)

    love, live & wear
    xo, L

  30. nova

    Hahaha, when the saxophone came out I was seriously grinning at my computer.

  31. I was totally expecting Josh to come out with a drum set and symbols…but a sax is even better!

  32. KillerB

    Ummm: adorable!

  33. I love the way Josh walks out with the sax. Like you can just hear him thinking, "Oh, now it is ON." lol

  34. "la-da-doo-da-da..!!" Haha that's great!

  35. Alex

    just awesome.

  36. Sky

    that was amazing!

  37. Jenna E

    My pals and I do that on the regular. So fun

  38. what is that song?! lollollol

  39. haha too funny!

  40. Way too fun!!!

  41. abby

    music geeks are the best kind of friends. no one ever figures out how cool we are until after high school ;)

  42. I laughed so hard. That was amazing. I love when he yelled out "YEAH!!" and then ran to go get the sax.

    You guys are awesome.

  43. and where was the baby during all this?! lol ;)

  44. Jen


  45. naomi:

    this is wonderful haha :)

  46. Moments like this are just absolutely priceless… and it's AWESOME that you caught it on video!!

  47. looks like a blast! you guys are all so cute and fun :)

  48. those friends of yours are so cool! i especially like that bald guy. rowr!

  49. benson

    the magical back bedroom…love that.

  50. Faith

    How fun! Friends make everything brighter.

  51. Dejah

    That made me so happy! You guys seem like so much fun!

  52. I was in its of laughter at this!! :D Loved it! Random moments are the best type!

  53. this made me laugh and smile :)

  54. Renée

    This really looks awesome!

  55. Lisa

    obviously the best part is your man excitedly running off to get the sax

  56. SO hilarious. that is totally something my husband would do, too ;)

  57. janis

    favourite part is when josh makes a mad dash down the hallway…and comes back with a saxaphone??? haha, so random!

  58. Emily

    oh tenor saxophone is my favorite ever!
    this is all wonderful.

  59. analise

    This remotely sounds like "elmo's world"!

  60. Rachael

    Rock it!

  61. this video was so sweet, and it made me want to drop by and see friends more often!!!
    but, then, I clicked on the video of kingsley playing with the pigs ear at seven weeks and I nearly collapsed from his cuteness! seriously, now I have to add english bull dog to my list of future pups, right next to french bulldog. and cairn terrier. and wire haired hot dog (daschund?). and basically every dog ever. ha. thanks for a few minutes of sunshine in my wintery day!

  62. J

    That was too cute :)

  63. This is precious.. looks like a great time!

  64. Jessica


  65. Marfio

    You have such talented friends! Good times.

  66. Aw, Mark and Julie!! This is so cute. Hope you are doing well, Naomi!

  67. Chelsea

    that's awesome.

  68. Chelsea

    that's awesome.

  69. I love this. The randomness of the instruments being busted out… classic. You weren't the only one laughing ;)

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  71. mad

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  72. mad

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  73. jlc

    Yay!! Maybe you actually read my blog cause I always post singing stuff?! lol

    But I have a really serious question and I'm in a funk and I'd really appreciate your help.

    I can't blog anymore (so so sad) cause there isn't enough "space" for photos… did you purchase more space?? or delete previous posts?? cause i know u have a lot of photos on yours too… help!?


  74. Beth

    i love your friends too. and you and your sax-playing husband. fabulous video. i hope my future includes improtu singing and music. haha =)
    y'all are awesome.

  75. Sara

    You are all such rockstars!
    Nothing better than impromptu jam sessions :P Hope you are always surrounded by such lovely people xxx

  76. how did they get those saxes to play so well without wetting their reeds?! hahaha…I am such a band geek. <3

    This just makes me miss my musically talented friends that much more.

  77. Amy

    Seriously, I woke up singing this song!

  78. cras4

    that was really cute

  79. I am so glad to know we are not the only ones that do this! Impromptu Music-Filled nights with friends are the best! :)

  80. As a fellow sax player (alto) I so enjoyed this impromptu mini-jam session. I went to this avant-garde jazz show the other day. This was better.