it was like christmas morning.

today was like christmas morning for me. i had an eye appointment and turns out… i had to get glasses. when i called josh after my appointment to tell him, he replied “congratulations! today your dreams came true!” and then i felt a little bit stupid. i guess i haven’t masked how much i’ve longed for a legit excuse to wear glasses.... Read more

our favorite bbq.

thanks to these friends for introducing us to willards bbq a few months ago. we’ve been back quite a few times, even though it is all the way out in chantilly, virginia. (that’s far… especially if you drive out there at 9:45 only to find out they close at 9. which may have happened to us on friday night.... Read more

i love…

picking up josh from the airport. (no more single parenting this week!) planning family trips for summertime.

bath time with eleanor. girl scout cookies. (thin mints, hooray!) any excuse to make a cup of aztec hot cocoa before bed. (like, rain!) the way my house smells after baking bread. little hearts in hot cocoa from peregrine.... Read more

the first month of being a mother.

eleanor and me. and the first time i held her. i have learned so many things this past month as i’ve become a mother. i’ve learned a lot about babies. i’ve learned a lot about my own specific baby girl and her signals and signs. i’ve learned that it’s ok to let other people help you… even if you *think* you can do it all on your own (which you can’t, by the way.... Read more