first picnic of the season.

it was 70 degrees on friday. 70, i tell you! since eleanor and i were already out and about, we decided to go steal dad away from the office for some five guys in the park.

did i tell you i can eat burgers again? one great thing about no longer being pregnant. eleanor must like them too since she’s having no trouble packing on the ounces!... Read more

diary by kingsley: lesson 101 for dogs if they bring home a baby.

“friends, i’m pretty sure you’re all acquainted with our new little addition at the davis house. she’s cute, she’s tiny, she’s allowed in mom and dad’s room (even on their bed!) and she’s kind of the center of attention these days. well, in case you’ve forgotten, my name is kingsley and i’m also adorable. i’ve put together a little list of things to do to get attention if your parents bring home a baby and you notice life just isn’t the same.... Read more