our favorite bbq.

thanks to these friends for introducing us to willards bbq a few months ago. we’ve been back quite a few times, even though it is all the way out in chantilly, virginia. (that’s far… especially if you drive out there at 9:45 only to find out they close at 9. which may have happened to us on friday night. but that might have been a good thing because i was in my slippers.)
anyway, sister bekah was in town over the weekend so we stopped by on saturday afternoon to introduce her to the amazing-ness that is willards. josh likes the burnt ends and i like the pulled pork sandwich. we also like the peach cobbler and corn bread.
i think pulled pork sandwiches are my new hamburger. and we sort of want to move to chantilly.

and this below is my new favorite photo of sister bekah and baby e.
such beautiful girls. eleanor is so lucky to have such sweet aunties.

  1. Katy

    yup! Chantilly is great! :)

  2. Michele

    LOVE pulled pork sandwiches! Eleanor is soooo cute! You and your sisters look a lot alike!

  3. I absolutely love finding hidden treasures like these! They all seem to have a kind of charm that just makes you feel so comfortable while you eat! thank you for sharing pictures of Eleanor! She is just too adorable!

  4. Ana

    That last picture really is absolutely adorable! But I also love the one of Eleanor with her dad…she looks very intrigued by that sandwich! :)

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  6. Ashley

    !! You were literally a mile from my home. We go to Willards all the time. We braved DC this weekend to get some jam and honey from the Eastern Market. Oh! and I also had my first Sprinkles cupcake. So good. :)

  7. looks like a great place and the picture of your sister and E is too cute!!
    have a lovely week, kristina

  8. Yum- I love all the signs and the food looks like good, tastey, honest grub! Your daughter is stunning x

  9. Eleanor is so cute. Can you tell me where that striped onesie is from?

  10. janis

    Mike & i got some pulled pork sandwiches a few weekends ago – just amazing. I definitely prefer it over a hamburger!

    Have a lovely week, Naomi!

  11. Adore the photo of Eleanor and Josh. Eleanor's face is priceless. It's like: Are you honestly going to eat that? Absolute gold. Thank you for sharing photos of your precious family :)

  12. Amanda

    I <3 Willards, that is one of the few places that everyone in my family can agree about! I am all about their sweet potatoes, regardless of what form they are in :-)

  13. Mary

    I love places like this. All the food looks great! E is adorable!

  14. Chaucee

    Love these photos!

  15. Mmm that really does look delicious!! I'll have to try it out – thanks for the recommendation!

  16. Yeah for cute babies and pulled pork sandwiches!

  17. Oh man. Pulled pork is amazing. As are adorable and precious children!

  18. meig

    Oh yum! I'd be lying if I said my fiancé didn't bring Willards home for dinner for us nearly once a week! It is delicious!

  19. Eleanor is so freakin' cute. Her eyes and cheeks! I live in the area but have never been to Willards and now it's on my list of things to do this weekend– I love bbq and cole slaw. Can't wait!

  20. Eleanor's face is so darn quizzical sitting in Josh's lap. I've said it before…but I love her faces!

  21. molly

    I lived in chantilly shortly after I married my husband. Wow, that was a while ago!

    E is adorable!! That goes without saying but I'll say it anyways :)

  22. Yum! I work in Chantilly, and have never been here before. Looks like I have lunch plans for this week. Your family is so precious! :)

  23. Never been to Willards, but we're heading down to Williamsburg Va. this weekend to go to MY fav. bbq – pierces pit bbq. Anyone ever been? Sooo good.
    I can't believe how much Eleanor has grown already. Adorable.

  24. Latoya

    LOVE Willards! Eleanor looks so adorable!!

  25. MellyB

    BBQ = summer to me, so having a good bbq place is like having never ending summer in the middle of winter. score. I love when babies are still so small and easy to take to restaurants. She looks so tiny on Aunties lap!

  26. oh goodness, that picture of eleanor and your sister is so cute!

  27. Cambria

    That last picture is so freakin cute!! I love how cute Eleanor is.

  28. I love good bbq! :). Now, I need some in my life!

    That last picture is absolutely precious!

  29. @kelly and kelly, eleanor's onesie is from h&m.; that have great baby stuff!


  30. thanks for the great suggestion!

  31. kokoro

    oh you guys LOVE these photos!!!!!

  32. Morgan

    holy crap, she is so cute!

  33. oh my gosh, were you cracking up when you first saw that photo of those 2? it's hilarious. i loooove the one of her and josh too. my goodness…..she could not be any cuter.

  34. we served mini pulled pork sandwiches at our wedding reception last august. love it! baby e looks so darling in stripes. happy birthday to your sister!

  35. I am going to have to drag my husband and brother to Willards now. We love trying new BBQ places. Looks delicious.

  36. yum, pulled pork bbq is my new hamburger, too!

  37. Jasmin

    aww such lovely photos as always x

  38. that looks so delicious!! and sweet elenor! she wants a bite to!

  39. lauren

    You have the most adorable family! I love reading your blog :) I'll have to check out that place the next time I'm in DC!

    xoxo Lauren


  40. That is the cutest facial expression on baby E's face. Love it! If i'm ever in that area i'll check it out.

  41. Gussy

    BBQ… mmmm! yummy.
    what a fun trip :]
    (i hope you wore cute slippers at least. hehe.)

  42. Rachael

    "If you're still hungry, pull up here" Love that!
    Can't believe how big Eleanor is getting! She was just born!!

  43. Mallory

    I love BBQ Pull Pork sandwiches. They are perfect for the crock-pot. Super easy. Your baby is so darling!

  44. by BUN

    yum!! I just love all of the photos of your little girl! she is too cute…



  45. Erin

    You should try Hill Country, it just opened on 7th across from Carmine's!

  46. I haven't been to Willard's but Rockland's in Arlington is SO DELISH and much closer!!

  47. jlc

    your sister is SO pretty!!

  48. Marfio

    Doesn't Chantilly mean whipped cream in French? Who wouldn't want to move there??

    The food and company looks delish – you're a good big sister!

  49. Oh, all your posts make me want to move to the USA and EAT! Looks deeelicious.
    You must get this a lot, but my Eleanor is getting big! I love how quickly they grow and change at that age, it's a wonderful thing to watch.

  50. colleen

    i grew up in northern virginia (vienna) and loved it. love the last pic of eleanor with her aunt!

  51. Hehe her face in that last pic!

  52. yummm…love bbq! Eleanor is getting so big…adorable!

  53. CAPow!

    Pulled Pork Sandwiches are my FAVORITE!

    And Little E is ADORABLE!!

  54. Oh my goodness that food looks amazing!!! Your blog is so cute, and so is your family!


  55. rebecca

    oh, these pics remind me of good home-cookin' growing up in the south. new yorkers don't know what grits, cornbread, or gravy is. seriously.

  56. Oh my gosh, the food looks amazing! Love the last picture, too sweet ♥ I can't believe how big E is already!

  57. Kristin

    every time I read your blog, my heart longs to be back in D.C….I love your blog, it is so wonderful…and congratulations on the family..you have a beautiful family!!!

  58. Baby E is so adorable. I'm in love.

  59. You guys should check out Branded 72 Pit Barbecue in Rockville, MD. That is some crazy good BBQ.

  60. tRiSh

    gosh, this looks so good!
    love the tones on your pictures, a lot.
    B. & E. are super adorable too! =)

  61. Willards is THE BEST! My fiance and I live about a mile away, and it is so hard not to eat there on a weekly basis. Too bad we didn't run into you there, it would have been great to say hello! You should totally move to Chantilly, it's very family friendly! :)

  62. Bridget

    bbq is YUM.

  63. Ooh, I didn't venture to Chantilly much when I lived in DC, but we did go to Rocklands quite a bit! E is cuter than cute!

  64. willards looks so fun. and pulled pork sandwich? awesome.
    i love how much you love food, it just makes me want to come and visit all these cute spots!

  65. bbq and cornbread… southern food at its finest : )

  66. so my sister is doing this fun ,cute blog about how she takes her old clothes and re-fashions them into cute new clothes for her daughter. I thought you would appreciate it. She is so talented.


    Your daughter is so beautiful. I just had a boy 5 weeks ago.

  67. It's not fair how good that all looks! Ready to drive 9 hours for that sandwich..

  68. Yum!! That barbeque looks delicious, now I'm sitting in my office thinking how to force my friends in Alexandria to go to Chantilly with me to give it a try :)

  69. Tania

    yum! And super sweet with E and her auntie. My M has the same onesie, h & m rocks!

  70. BBQ is beast! I had some Wednesday:)

  71. E has a serious case of the cute girl!