it was like christmas morning.

today was like christmas morning for me. i had an eye appointment and turns out… i had to get glasses. when i called josh after my appointment to tell him, he replied “congratulations! today your dreams came true!” and then i felt a little bit stupid. i guess i haven’t masked how much i’ve longed for a legit excuse to wear glasses. i think they are the best accessory around. now i don’t have to steal josh’s or wear fake ones anymore. and… life is no longer blurry. hooray!
p.s. thanks everyone for the kind comments. so glad i’m not the only one who has wanted glasses since a little girl. mine are oliver goldsmith in the o’connell style in tokyo tortoise.
  1. @meghan, it's the ergo baby carrier. i lOVE it. doesn't hurt my back or body at all.


  2. you look great with glasses!

  3. congrats! this reminds me…I need to make an appointment with my eye doctor :-/

  4. vanessa

    i always wanted glasses and braces when i was a kid! luckily i didn't need either.

  5. That's hilarious! I used to lie when I was younger during my eye exams to try and get glasses, but the docs were always on to my game

  6. That's funny. I've been wearing contacts since I was 15 (I'm 40) & lately I've been having problems with my contacts & have been wearing my glasses more. I HATE wearing glasses. I usually suffer with contacts, just so I don't have to wear my glasses. I don't get the whole glasses thing, but that's great if you are excited.

  7. Trudy

    check out

    they combine quality, style, and affodability. $95 for frames and prescription!

    plus its a buy one-give one company.

  8. Trudy


  9. Oh man, I remember how upset I was when I found out I needed glasses. I was about 11 years old and I just flat-out refused to wear them. I HATE glasses! I wear contacts and without them I am as blind as a bat. That's life I guess; girls with straight hair want curly and vice versa :-)

  10. Carlee

    I got Lasik a few years ago and totally miss my glasses, ha. They ARE the best accessory :)

  11. i've always secretly wanted glasses too…these look great on you!

  12. They totally suit you. If I could pull off glasses like this I'd do it. My eyesight is atrocious! x

  13. I love my glasses. :D

  14. You look SO GREAT in those frames! I'm the same way – I wanted glasses for forever but never needed them. Then, I got my eyes checked and needed glasses. I absolutely love them!

  15. we got our eyes tested in elementary school and well, i needed glasses. which surprised my parents. i never had headaches and colored in the lines. anyway, the other kindergarten parents were actually upset because i had glasses and their kids wanted some too. funny how that works.

    they are a great accessory!

  16. Ashley

    hey there lady!! i am in LOVE with your glasses!! when i checked out the site and looked for the o'connell style they looked very different then the ones you have on in your photos :( was i looking at the right ones??