first picnic of the season.

it was 70 degrees on friday. 70, i tell you! since eleanor and i were already out and about, we decided to go steal dad away from the office for some five guys in the park.

did i tell you i can eat burgers again? one great thing about no longer being pregnant. eleanor must like them too since she’s having no trouble packing on the ounces! just look at how well she pulls off the pudgy tummy look!
  1. Adorable family! :) Eleanor is such a cutie.

  2. your family is so cool!i love your blog very much. you are awesome!

  3. Rhianne

    yeay for burgers and baby bellies, she is the cutest :)

    So glad its getting warm again, I can't wait to have food out in our garden

  4. Seriously, that is one cute kid.

  5. I am so happy that you can eat burgers again, no one should go without them! Especially Five Guys…

  6. Oh gawd, we have the same tights waiting for our June baby (if it's a girl). Cuteness!

    I haven't been able to look at meat the same since I got pregnant…looking forward to that :)

  7. MellyB

    I'm so jealous of your seventy degrees! I have to go scrape the snow off my windshield in a few minutes. I'd sell a finger for some spring weather.

  8. Chaucee

    You look adorable in your new glasses : ) It makes me want to update mine, ha!

    And yay for eating burgers! I'm glad Elanor loves them as well….seems to be a family tradition with you two!

  9. Ruth

    Ohmygosh–totally envious of your glasses, now! I've always wanted them, too. Eleanor is so sweet!

  10. Eleni

    Ah, I love her little belly!

  11. j.

    your little baby girl is the cutest thing i have seen in a loooong time! <3

  12. Mary

    adorable! I can't wait to go on my first picnic of the season

  13. Kelly

    She is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Lovely :)

  14. She's such a beautiful little baby! And her tubby tummy is just precious :)

  15. Oh gosh, she's so cute!! That tummy puts a smile on my face! What a cutie pie

  16. Lena

    cutie-pie <3

  17. such a beautiful family. she's adorable. what a great day to enjoy a picnic in the park with her!

  18. Yay spring! Yay picnics! Yay you in yellow and Eleanor in purple and green! What lovely photos, you made me smile.

  19. Alivia

    I adore E's hat. She's such a cutie!

  20. what a beautiful family!

  21. It is simply adorable how much you embrance your new life as a little family; so much joy and love!

  22. Brooke

    so cute!! where'd you get your purse?

  23. Three great things:
    5 guys



  24. ...

    So happy that the sun is out and it is picnic time again! Your baby is presh, love your hair blob and 5 guys is always good.

    Looks like a perfect day to me!

  25. I have a tubby baby…I heart tubby babies!

  26. Poo

    Oh I heart Eleanor! She is soooo cute :)

  27. Bridget

    i am pregnant and WANT burgers like mad. like mad, i tell you.

    the glasses look great by the way. think the needing glasses all of a sudden was pregnancy-induced? could i too be so lucky?

  28. Maddy

    she is so adorable, and you two look like you're having the time of your lives.. which is amazing! and her little hat… I die!

  29. N

    i have to know where you got that purse! it is fantastic!

    your daughter and you are both so beautiful and you wear your new glasses very well!

  30. tRiSh

    lucky you! & great thinking!
    can't wait for our first picnic of the year, thank you for the inspiration <3

  31. What a nice little family outting :)

  32. Gussy

    her little outfit is too cute! and your new glasses are fun ~ he he, saw your tweet about how you were excited to get them! ;]

  33. i love your outfit!! can you please share where you found that skirt? & where are your go to places for clothes? thx. :)

  34. Eleanor gets cuter every time you post new pictures! Can't wait for picnics in the park! xo

  35. Renée

    you all look so happy!

  36. It hurts just a little to see all that beautiful green grass and no jackets in your pictures and then to look out my window and see snow. Ugh!

  37. oh my goodness eleanor is so beautiful! i want to go on a picnic so bad now!

  38. @N, it's from petunia pickle bottom (it's actually a diaper bag!)

    @kelly-lynn & @chaptstick fanatic, the skirt if from urban outfitters!

    yes, 70 degrees friday, but big thunderstorm this morning! sorry to those who have snow…. spring is close! i promise!

  39. oh my gosh her hat!!! freaking adorable!!

  40. eleanor is the cutest little thing!!!
    P.S. love your new glasses! they look so chic on you!

  41. Adore these pictures, your family is just too CUTE; what an awesome day at the park. xx veronika

  42. Cassie

    Ah I love chubby babies! She is beautiful. And I forgot to comment on the post but I've always wanted glasses too! Love yours :)

  43. Love the pop of mustard color everywhere! …and E's belly… ♥ ♥ ♥

  44. you have such a beautiful little family! Im so jealous its 70 degrees there!!!

  45. kokoro

    Naomi& Josh I know you know that but your baby is gorgeous!!! Baby E. grow healthy! Oh and where is Kingsley? Happy Spring!

  46. so cute! gotta love five guys and 70 degree weather!! who doesn't?! :)

  47. bethani

    such a darling family!
    can't wait for more fun family moments.

  48. Shamini

    oooh so cute
    loving the last picture
    and yes! yay spring is here

  49. katrina

    what an adorable little family you have!
    i just ate five guys for the first time the other day and lovedddd it.
    you must share your beauty routine with us sometime! your hair and makeup are always so lovely!

  50. Jessica

    Cuteness. Just a quick question if you don't mind – is there a reason Josh doesn't wear a wedding band? Of course you don't have to answer, I was just curious. :) Is that part of Mormonism?

  51. Sweet photos! I cracked up when I read that she's "packing on the ounces".. so teeny tiny that she's merely packing on ounces while the rest of us have to worry about packing on the pounds! haha. :)

  52. I love little E's tummy! So cute. You are such a stylish, gorgeous new mommy! Those glasses are great!

  53. Erin

    love love love. so adorable. Wondering where your new fab glasses are from and who makes them?

  54. So incredibly cute!

    Can't wait for a picnic here soon! :)

  55. she is absolutely adorable!! my cousin recently gave birth and im just gogo gaga over her!! I love your daugters blue eyes :)

  56. very cute! i must say you loo GREAT! I love that you have this great motherly glow :)

  57. So cute!!! You have such a beautiful family. :D

  58. Kasia

    I just love your little family! So adorable!!

  59. Anna

    Stumbled upon your blog and can I just say—that baby girl of yours is just darling!? And you look great for just having a baby!

  60. janis

    you look so fabulous in your glasses! and e is such a cutie!

  61. Your daughter is gorgeous and I adore your glasses!

  62. Picnics are the best and 70 degrees? Even better! So jealous. It's so fun being a little family of 3 (plus dog!)

  63. Whitney

    Oh my goodness! She's getting so big!
    Not to mention she's adorable. Good gravy.

    Is your v-neck american apparel? and if so, do you really like their t-shirts(good quality etc)?

  64. soo sweet. it's adorable how gentle josh is with her.

  65. Meagan

    Such a lovely family!

  66. HM

    Huzzah for spring! Looks like you all had a lovely time at the park. You and Elanor look adorable. :)

  67. @whitney, my t-shirt is from Madewell. i like their shirts a lot!

    @april, thanks for that link! i'm really excited about the elephant parade! hopefully it won't rain…. :/

    @erin, my glasses are by oliver goodsmith.

    and @jessica, no, it's not a mormon thing. you are encouraged to wear a wedding band actually and josh does have one but it's been digging into his finger. it's on our to-do list to get him a new one but we haven't gotten around to it yet. :)

  68. oh my word, that tummy! I want to smudge it with kisses (but that would be creepy, so I'll leave it to you!) ;)

  69. What a fun blog you have!!! Your baby girl is adorable :)

  70. vanessa

    Wow, Naomi…you look amazing for just having a baby! :) Eleanor looks adorable like always…and i LOVE the first/last little tummy pictures…way too cute! :)

  71. vanessa

    i try not to be too materialistic, but i keep wanting to tell you how much i want to have a baby just so i can get a diaper bag like yours.

  72. Holly

    such a cutie! oh! and yaaaaay to burgers!!

  73. Jessica

    Gosh, I wish spring would show its face here! It's been raining now stop in Northern cali! We just got a five guys I can't wait to try it!
    Eleanor is a doll!!!

  74. Rachael

    Yay!! Spring!!!
    Eleanor is such a cutie! Love her little tummy! AND her hat!! Awww.

  75. buhdoop

    Okay, this may be reaching, but have you thought about a post on maintaining your figure during and after pregnancy? Because child, yours bounced back like nobodies business.

  76. She is way too adorable! I love the pudgy-ness!! I'm jealous of your 70 degree weather! Enjoy!!

  77. Shelley

    You have such a darling little girl! We just had our first in December, a girl as well, and I am just loving being a new mom. Love the blog, love the photos, and love her chubby little cheeks.:)


  78. I was recently introduced to your blog and I love it. Such a precious family!

  79. Marfio

    E's baby bell is precious as is her stylin' green/purple/yellow combo. Thanks for the heads up about the changing bag – I am tempted to get one just to carry all my junk around!

  80. Morgan

    ahhhh love that bellybutton!

  81. Faith

    She has the cutest bellybutton! Looks like a fun day!

  82. Yummy baby! She's such a doll. And she looks SO much like your little brother on the last photo!! Amazing.

  83. 2busy

    What a cutie! I am so jealous of your warm picnic weather.

  84. taylor

    her hat is too cute! and you look so pretty with glasses!

  85. Ariel

    love the new glasses!

  86. Dawnica

    so jealous! it's still 40 in utah and there's snow coming..

  87. met

    so fun. what's your fav picnic spot?