first picnic of the season.

it was 70 degrees on friday. 70, i tell you! since eleanor and i were already out and about, we decided to go steal dad away from the office for some five guys in the park.

did i tell you i can eat burgers again? one great thing about no longer being pregnant. eleanor must like them too since she’s having no trouble packing on the ounces! just look at how well she pulls off the pudgy tummy look!
  1. Whitney

    Where do you find tops like Eleanor's that aren't onesies?

  2. Jaclyn

    Your hair is too cute. Please write a post about how you get your bangs up like that?
    P.S. Elanor is such a gorgeous baby <3 You are the cutest little family.

  3. Eleanor looks like an Easter egg, in her spring colors and with her round chubby tummy!

  4. Seriously…cutest little family ever! :) I love how you share pics of your family…I just think you all are so adorable! :) Hearts, janna lynn

  5. you have successfully created in me a five guys craving.
    i love her little hat and her disgruntled expression.
    and i love your carpet bag, naomi!

  6. Oh my gosh! She's getting so big!

  7. Sarah

    Wow, I just discovered your blog and I love it! I just had a baby, I have a dog that I adore, and I'm into crafting stuff too so I was so excited to find a blog that is so interesting to me! Fun! I can't wait to read more =)

    – Sarah

  8. Maria

    She is such a beautiful little girl!

  9. Nina

    love the photos! she's getting so big! she's really very beautiful! :)

  10. What a little beauty and that little belly is a crack up. Nothing better than a baby and 70 degrees/awesome!

  11. carissa

    her hat!

  12. Yay for burgers and picnics. Just saw your "I'm overwhelmed" tweet… praying for y'all today :)

  13. you are gorgeous, love your glasses!! and eleanor is getting more and more beautiful every day! i love how much personality she has in her face now. <3

  14. omg i love her tummy! so precious!


  15. you need to update your banner and have a sincerely from Eleanor, too.


  16. rachel

    isn't she just a doll? :)

    Your family is beautiful!

  17. Breezy

    Hi there! I am visiting DC for the first time next week. Are there any places that you would definitely suggest to see or go to?? Things that maybe aren't obvious. Any awesome restaurants or shops?? Thank you!

  18. Rachel

    I love these pictures! Oh 70 degrees sounds so nice right now! What a cute baby, and your outfit is lovely, too.

  19. How cute is little miss Eleanor! wear are her clothes from?? such a cute simple outfit and that hat is beyond amazing!!

  20. how great! i'm visiting in D.C. this weekend with my sister and her family and we had a picnic on friday as well! the weather has been gorgeous! :)
    and….even better, we went to Ray's Hell Burger–which you blogged about a while ago. I was sooo stoked to place a thumb-tack in Oregon–where i'm from. And Oregon just got our very first five guys and fries….and i tell you, i'm sold! :)

  21. Eleanor is super cute and you are looking great!!

  22. How delicious is Eleanor!!
    Isn't it fun being about to eat all of the foods that you had to stop when pregnant.

  23. Amanda

    mmmmmm! i LOVE five guys!!!

  24. 5 guys is great! We just got one here in Baton Rouge.
    I do have to say I find myself craving Shake Shack every so often. Wish they deliverd all the way down here!

  25. Sarina

    Love the blog! Is that yellow bag your diaper bag? If so, do you mind telling me where you got it? I love it! Thank you so much!

  26. Oh Naomi, I love your little family. I need to come back to DC soon so I can hold your baby! Loveloveloveyou, Claire

  27. Monique

    What a fun outing you all had. Five guys yum! Love your new glasses. There just perfect for you since you love yellow. Eleanor is adorable love her hat.

  28. I am a new follower! Your blog is amazing and your family is adorable.


  29. Devika

    Hey Naomi! GREAT photos. I'm really enjoying following your life with beautiful Eleanor.

    Question, though: Was there a reason you weren't eating burgers during your pregnancy? I'm really curious on this point for some reason.

  30. @devika, no reason besides they made me sick throughout so i had a hard time even looking at them.


  31. how are you able to look at her every day without dyyyyyyyyying from the cuteness? that tummy would kill me.

  32. Jaclyn

    This is so adorable! Nothing beats a picnic :)

  33. Poppy

    Eleanor is absolutely adorable! And I love her name :-)

  34. Jessica

    Ah, I was just curious :) Thanks.

  35. you are so cute darling! i absolutely love your whole look

  36. Hi!
    I have started a blog after being so inspired by yours!! CONGRATULATIONS from cloudy England on the birth of your gorgeous daughter, she is so pretty, make me broody!
    I love your photography and style and most of all rockstar attitude to life! Stay well and thanks for being awesome!
    Mez xx

  37. Cassie

    Awww your picnic looks like such fun!

  38. Angela

    OH EM GEE! just stumbled upon your (darling) blog and i'm not married, or expecting, BUT, that is the exact diaper bag i want! the "cake" series is so perfectly chic and any shade of yellow is my fave. your kingsley is the funniest and your family is just too cute! LOVE! cheers to you and your sweet eleanor :)

  39. BSJ

    You look great! And so does baby. That little tummy kills me! So cute!

  40. what a photogenic family! ha! those first two pictures are GORGEOUS – definitely frame-worthy. Eleanor is lucky to have the two of you as parents :)

  41. Amy

    Oh look at that gorgeous baby tummy! I also love her hat :)

  42. That is a very cute baby hat! I love it!

  43. Thank you for writing. Your posts have inspired me to keep blogging and I cried to my self tears of hope and excitement thinking of all of the good things that will come. I posted a little something on my corner of the interweb-world. I hope you don't mind that I mentioned you and your beautiful family. I enjoyed looking back to the days when you had short bangs and posted silly videos. <3

    I love this blog post because E was around the age that my son, Michelangelo, is now.

    -L O V E