eleanor at breakfast.

we had breakfast at our favorite little place, jimmy t’s, a few weeks ago with our friends andrew and carissa. i’m sure you already know how talented and wonderful the two of them are (if you don’t, go here and here) but carissa took some photos of our little family together at breakfast and i am in love with them. i just keep looking through all of the photos thinking, “wow, this beautiful baby girl is ours.” i still just can’t believe it. carissa, thank you so much for documenting this sweet morning for us. these photos are very special and dear to me.

  1. Jenny

    I love Jimmy T's. But these photos are just precious. Breakfast is such a wonderful part of the day, and it is so special that it was captured so naturally!

  2. erin

    definitely something to treasure, that little one. and these photos, too. you guys look so happy.

  3. Gussy

    PRECIOUS! how sweet, and what great photos to add to your home :]

  4. Such an adorable little girl! I love her flower hair clip. :)

  5. Gina

    these pictures are amazing! so beautiful and to think…you were just at a casual breakfast…gorgeous family.
    Off the subject but if your interested in doing a giveaway on your blog I have been making the most adorable "hoo-hoo" nursery pillows and would love to coordinate a giveaway on your blog!
    Let me know if your interested
    [email protected]

  6. Esther

    I absolutely love these! The first and last are my faves:)

  7. Senja

    She really is so beautiful. And you just shine so much more since you became a mom :)

  8. gee

    eleanor is so beautiful. <3

  9. I love Eleanor's expression in the last photo. Soooo cute! She's going to be a heartbreaker!

  10. Kasia

    You two make such cool parents! She is beautiful!

  11. Linka

    You are right to be in love! these photos are simply amazing! i love them!! The last one is my favorite!

  12. nadia

    Oh my goodness, they are all so beautiful, but the last one? Sooo precious as she looks up to her daddy and smiles.

    Lots of love to you all :)

    xo Nadia

  13. These photos are lovely but the last one especially is adorable with her little smile! So cute. xo

  14. Rachel

    I just love her and those kissable lips.

    we bought those same blankets for our little babe and she loves them!! They are so soft. xo.

  15. absolutely stunning photos. ;)

  16. Shalyn

    Y'all have to be the most beautiful little family in the entire world! :)

  17. MellyB

    Oh the last one of her smiling up at daddy is a heart melter!

  18. Becky

    These are amazing, the last one is so adorable!

  19. The love in her eyes in the last photograph is just beautiful :) xx

  20. these are exquisite!! carissa is oh so talented, and your family is just glowing with happiness, your joy is contagious

  21. I love, love, love the last one!

  22. Chiara

    Yay Family pics!!
    You are such a good looking fam!

  23. Omg I love the last photo of her smiling up at her daddy–that is too precious!

  24. Rae

    Look at the happy baby at the end!

  25. Annie

    You must have just about died when you saw that last one. So precious! Little E looks lots like your mom, doesn't she?

  26. lynette

    She looks like she has a wise heart. Beautiful.

  27. Liz V.

    These photos are the sweetest :)

  28. The flower in her hair is so so so cute!!!! What an adorable family you have.


  29. She is an absolute doll! Beautiful photos!

  30. Bridget

    GORGEOUS. i love them.

  31. These are amazing, especially the first one. Congrats!

  32. Meg

    Oh my, your photographic friends are just amazing! I especially love the first picture, what a perfect capture of love and family.

  33. s a m

    Naomi, I know all baby pictures are special but these are just exceptional. There is so much life in them. Carissa obviously loves you two very much – you can see it in the way she sees you through a camera.

  34. eleanor's face in that last picture is to die for! so precious!!!

  35. She is so adorable. :D

  36. Erin

    Ooh I LOVE the last picture! She says, "Hey, I know you!"

  37. She is such a cute little thing!!!

  38. Rach

    the first one is so lovely. such a frame worthy shot! how lucky you are to have such wonderful photos.

  39. Alexa

    You guys are such a lovely family. :)

  40. so darling!

  41. colleen

    so beautiful…i know i'll have a wedding in Virginia and you've convinced me that these two should do it. awesome pictures!

  42. Maria

    Such a beautiful little family !

  43. You have an amazingly beautiful little family. All these photographs are precious but the second one from the top especially melted my heart.
    It looks as thought little E is signing 'mom' (American Sign Language) What a sweet coincidence !!!

  44. So sweet. Her eyes look blue in the second to last picture…

    Very sweet photo's. She is very talented!

  45. Ashley

    The last picture melts my heart.. I just love the little smirk she is giving to Josh. Lovely pictures! :)

  46. Jenna

    So precious! You guys have such a beautiful little girl and make such a beautiful little family.


  47. such a sweet, sweet family.

    much love


  48. janis

    it's no surprise that carissa would take such beautiful photos but really – these are so lovingly gorgeous.

  49. This looks like such an ideal and lovely morning! You all look really happy; Eleanor's smile in the last picture is super endearing!

  50. What a beautiful human being you've both created :)

  51. That last picture! I don't even have the words.

  52. My goodness, I've said it before but I can't believe how precious she is. Such beautiful pictures! :)

  53. Would you look at that smile! What a darling little treasure!

  54. Emily

    You guys are the cutest!!

  55. Well why not just melt my heart! Holy beautiful! You guys are such a darling little family! Can't wait to have my own too! Congratulations on your little addition! And good luck with Kingsley :)

  56. Oh wow! She is such a beautiful baby girl! Especially love the first and last ones! So precious!

  57. Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous! You three are such an adorable family and look sooooo happy :D

  58. Emily

    She may be the cutest baby ever! Lovely family pictures. xx

  59. kt mac

    she is totally smiling in the last picture!

    beautiful beautiful photos .. I can't stop staring either – their really sweet! :)

  60. So beautiful. What a gorgeous family.

  61. i literally gasped out loud at the last one. so sweet.

  62. b.a.

    her hair is soooo darling! and your boobs look awesome. (should i have kept that one to myself? sorry.) either way, josh is a lucky man.

  63. Kari

    Wow, your baby is so pretty. What an adorable family! :)

  64. taylor

    great photos! eleanor is getting so big!

  65. Lanee

    Your blog usually makes me hungry and want a baby which would all be fine if we weren't living in China (where we can't get things like hot dogs, french fries, normal breakfast food, etc. and where I'm pretty positive I don't want to deliver a baby). Thanks for the good reads.

  66. she's something special. these are beautiful photos.

  67. Alivia

    So sweeeet! In one photo she looks exactly like you, and then in the next just like Josh! Too cute.

  68. Fantastic pictures. She is adorable and I especially love the photo of her smiling up at her lovely family at the bottom. Congratulations again and again!

  69. Faith

    What an adorable family! That last photo is especially sweet. Eleanor loves her daddy!

  70. Feven

    The last picture made me tear up. I have full confidence that Eleanor will grow up in one of the most loving homes in the world!

  71. Liz

    That last photo, where she's looking so adoringly at her daddy, what a precious picture! She's a doll.

  72. Shalini

    so cute naomi! i love the first one with you two gazing at her and her little toesies and the last one of her smiling up at josh :) you look so happy and lovely too!

  73. jenny

    I can't get over how BEAUTIFUL sweet little Eleanor is. Just precious. Again, Congrats.

  74. I absolutley LOVE the last picture. It captures a little piece of heaven on earth. Families are Forever!!!!

  75. just beautiful photos. what a beautiful gorgeous loving family you are

  76. those are beautiful pictures!
    and if you dont mind me asking… i keep seeing that darling blanket she's wrapped in some of your photos. where did you get it?!?

  77. Precious. Beautiful photos of a beautiful family. I adore the last picture. My favourite.

  78. cait

    beautiful pictures, and i love the flower in E's hair!


  79. HOW are you the cutest little family on this planet!!!!!? the last picture with her smiling at you guys is the cutest ever. GOSH.

  80. Sammy

    that first picture? PURE PERFECTION. you guys are the cuuuutest family!

  81. Carly

    beautiful little family, beautiful pictures. :)
    the first and the last are my absolute favorites, ahh!

  82. Natalie

    Adorable photos of your adorable family. Love them!

  83. Miss K

    Beautiful photos!
    Can you please share where you bought your shirt? I have been looking for one like that for a long time!

  84. Ayley

    Does she have josh's eye color?? They lookin so blue!

  85. dear naomi, i think im in love with your baby, and your photos!if you mind me asking, what photo editor do you use?

  86. agreed with all of the above. these pictures are darling. your little family is beautiful.

  87. Fenke

    shes is so precious! and i can see, josh is also training the doing-everything-with-one-hand-while-holding-the-baby-method? our son is four month now, and we are both pretty good at it by now :-)

  88. kylee

    oh myyy. that last picture sort of just melts my heart.

  89. Renée

    oh these photos are all so precious, you have a beatiful family!! The last picture is so adorable!

  90. Saara

    amazingly adorable, loving pictures :) put them into frames in different sizes and hang up on the wall!