eleanor at breakfast.

we had breakfast at our favorite little place, jimmy t’s, a few weeks ago with our friends andrew and carissa. i’m sure you already know how talented and wonderful the two of them are (if you don’t, go here and here) but carissa took some photos of our little family together at breakfast and i am in love with them. i just keep looking through all of the photos thinking, “wow, this beautiful baby girl is ours.” i still just can’t believe it. carissa, thank you so much for documenting this sweet morning for us. these photos are very special and dear to me.

  1. Marfio

    Carissa is one talented lady! You can definitely see the love in your family and the love she has for you. Eleanor has the best expressions for such a little babe!

  2. your friend is really a wonderful photographer, the pictures are beautiful. love how E smiles at your husband in the last picture!! sooo cute!

  3. These are just beautiful! What talented friends you have! Also where did you get that baby blanket? So pretty!

  4. Emily

    i love following your blog.
    Eleanor is honestly one of the most beautiful babies i have ever seen.
    i always look forward to seeing new pictures of her.
    you and your husband are truly blessed. :)

  5. she looks so much like you it's crazy!

  6. amandaa

    Dont know if you are familiar with American Sign Language, but in the second picture, it looks like Eleanor is signing "mommy" :)

  7. Jello

    very pretty pictures… adorable and precious is what i'm thinking… love, Jello

  8. so adorable. all those bows and flowers you got her for her hair are absolutely the cutest thing. i want to buy some and I'm not even close to having a mini me yet. Maybe next year?! :)

    the last photo is particularly great. what a lovely family shot.

    thanks for sharing! OH and I love the Kingsley post too. I have two pups and I can only imagine the trouble those two are going to stir up when the time comes.



  9. She is so precious :) What a beautiful family!

  10. this might be one of my fav. posts of yours, ever. i cannot get over how perfect she is.

  11. I'm in love with the black and white photos. Eleanor is so precious and cute. It gives me the warm and fuzzies.

  12. Rachael

    Love the photos! Especially the black and white ones!
    Love the clip in Eleanor's hair! So cute.

  13. The last pictures is ADORABLE!!!

  14. I love the photos (light, color…). Eleanor is so cute, you have a nice family!

  15. You look fantastic and Eleanor is such a little beauty. Naturally, I love how you've accessorized her hair:) The bottom pic is a framer. Congrats again!

  16. Her sweet smile in the last photo kills me!! Too cute.


  17. So precious! :) One of the cutest families.

  18. lauren

    i absolutely love these pictures! it makes me even more excited to have a daughter of my own this august. so tender. you have a beautiful family!

  19. I know I'm one in a long line of commentors but…..I've followe ur blog for a long time & was so excited for u to have ur beautiful baby girl!! I absolutely love the last photo of E. smiling up at y'all! Precious!! Oh, & I think you should add it to ur banner, cause u know u need a fam pic up there! :)

  20. Such beautiful photos I adore them :)

  21. kivioq

    These are breathtakingly beautiful!!

    And that perfect striped shirt again! May I ask where you got it?

  22. these photos are gorgeous…God bless your beautiful family!

  23. Inessa

    such a cute little family indeed and these are great shots of the three of you

  24. cait

    You have the most gorgeous family I've ever seen!


  25. tRiSh

    Those pictures are so lovely: what a beautiful family!
    I can't enough of her stare at you two and this beautiful smile! <3
    She's adorable! You did a wonderful job!

  26. i love these pictures. you family is adorable!

  27. I am dying to know where this shirt is from as well!

  28. I love, love, love that last photo. So adorable. What a beautiful family you have!

  29. becky

    That last one is absolutely stunning—I love her little smile! Carissa is an excellent photographer (I have been following their wonderful blog a lot lately).

  30. Oh my gosh that last one where she is looking up at Josh just melted my heart. Gorgeous.

  31. Ashley

    she is sooo gorgeous and lovely!!

  32. Most wonderful post. You have the most beautiful little family. I have always wanted to adopt, but you almost make me want to give birth to my own little one… almost. :)

  33. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. She is a perfect little baby.x

  34. Devon M

    so sweet! #6 is maybe the most adorable family photo ever taken. congrats.

  35. these pictures are super adorable!

  36. Janssen

    She is so beautiful. Don't you sometimes look at your baby and wonder how YOU got that baby? I think that daily about my own little daughter.

  37. I love eleanor's cute hair flowers….also..have to say i love that you dont dress her head to toe in pink. xo

  38. So I just spent 2 whole hours reading your blog. I love it. Your little family is gorgeous, especially your newest member. Totally adorable. Thanks for the wonderful pictures and posts. =)

  39. suuch beautiful photos. perk of having amazingly talented photographer friend! eleanor is just perfect. please put these up on your walls! i love them!

  40. gorgeous. i'm due in sept (we're also waiting to find out the sex!) and this makes me so excited.

    like others have asked, where did you find the blanket? i love it.

  41. KTSBerg

    Your daughter is soooo cute! I have a 10 week baby girl :) Where do you get all those cute clips for her hair?

  42. jenn

    So adorable!!

  43. BSJ

    Such perfectly captured moments. I love that face she's giving your husband in the last photo!

  44. Naomi! All of your beautiful baby photos just makes me smile! :) She is beautiful and Gorgeous with so much light! It warm my heart that you now have a little cute family of your own!

  45. Oh my gosh, she's so adorable!! I love the name Eleanor too – so regal!

  46. truly so touching. thankyou for sharing.

  47. Ditte

    The last picture was so touching, I gasped and got a little tear in my eye. I know it sounds stupid, but it's such an adorable picture, I can't stop staring at it.


  48. Maggie

    These pictures are amazing. So beautiful. <3