diary by kingsley: lesson 101 for dogs if they bring home a baby.

i’m pretty sure you’re all acquainted with our new little addition at the davis house. she’s cute, she’s tiny, she’s allowed in mom and dad’s room (even on their bed!) and she’s kind of the center of attention these days.
well, in case you’ve forgotten, my name is kingsley and i’m also adorable.
i’ve put together a little list of things to do to get attention if your parents bring home a baby and you notice life just isn’t the same.
  1. when they’re sitting in a chair, curl up at their feet and let out a huge sigh. this usually reminds them to pet you.
  2. if the baby just won’t stop crying, don’t bark or pace even though you want to… simply put your paw on mom’s lap as if you say “i know ….it’s ok” and she’ll love you even more.
  3. add more head tilts and cute confused looks to your routine.
  4. lick the baby’s feet when they let you. i promise they’ll think it’s adorable.
  5. leave them a present at their bedroom door in the morning to remind them that your last walk before bedtime just wasn’t long enough.
  6. and if all else fails, forget all of your training and go back to tearing up furniture like you did when you were a puppy. i swear it gets their attention every time.
(sigh.) i really need a yard.
love, kingsley.”
  1. jenny

    oh Kingsley! The arm chair?? Couldn't you have gone for something a bit more easily replaceable? Like smelly slippers?? Or Baby paci's or something? But… you know… You do have to get attention.

  2. this is so cute! poor little kingsley looking for attention…sounds cute even though some of his attempts are not very appreciated!

  3. aside from my own two bullies, kingsley is my favorite.

  4. Deepali

    That is precious! When we brought my son home, my golden retriever's ears perked up at the sound of his cry and she stopped trying to sleep in my room once she figured out I was getting up every few hours. But on the up side, she lets the baby boss her around and ride her like a horse whenever he wants because he feeds her scraps from the table.

  5. Oh how funny!! But that's too bad about your chair. I would like all dogs to add more confused head tilts into their routines every day.

  6. toria

    oh no!!!!! well it is a big adjustment for puppies!

  7. Katie

    Poor, poor Kingsley … My hubby and I are expecting our first little one in June and recently bought our first place. The kicker that sold us this house? The large back yard — We're hoping that our two fur babies (an English Cocker Spaniel and a Brittany) will adjust well to the addition, but here's hoping that if they engage in any destructive behavior, they keep it outside! Sorry to see your lovely chair go …

  8. JenLynn

    The poor chair. But doesn't he look so cute "guilty".

  9. Leslie

    Kingsley, you should post your diary entries more often! you are fantastic!

  10. We have two dogs that enjoy chewing and are 3 months prego! One thing I think about is the frustration I'm going to have when they chew the baby's toys because their toys practically look the same! Have you had any trouble with that?
    We are thinking of getting a gate to seperate the baby play area but not sure what's best!

  11. gee

    hahah..i love these posts.
    he is so cute and innocent looking.
    one of my dogs that was very loyal to my mother would leave a surprise for my mom when she went on trips out of state..! haha..she started locking her bedroom door.

  12. Renée

    haha these posts are always amazing!

  13. kate

    awww kingsley you poor baby! my dachshund tory knows just what you're going through.. and she has used those same tricks to get my attention! keep your chin up! i love all your diary entries, by the way. i hope to see lots more! :)

  14. Cathi

    Ah, Kingsley – your parents still adore you as do all of us readers…hang in there, you will have a fun playmate soon when little E gets bigger! xxoo :) P.S. I love your diary entries..

  15. Tereza

    aww, after we brought our son home we watched Lady and the Tramp and I felt soooo bad for our dog!

  16. Marie

    It must be so hard for him getting used to being the second favorite around a house. But i mean, a baby will always be number one.
    Sorry king, if it helps, I still think you're adorable.

  17. Erin

    Haha… I'm not sure it gets any better with a garden when there's a new baby about. Our dog Gus can confirm it's not! x

  18. Johanna

    Oh man…I pray to the Lord that my pup doesn't regress but I think it's inevitable.

  19. bonnie

    poor kingsley! maybe a tiny dog chair to rip up will be the answer.

  20. This is funny because it's 100% TRUE!!! We brought home our baby boy last November and our mini schnauzer could definitely have added to this list…here are some golden nuggets of advice from her:

    1. Everytime the baby wakes up in the middle of the night act like its time to get up for the day. Jump around and tell your parents you are ready to go outside and then eat breakfast…this will not drive them nuts at all.

    2. Freshly washed baby clothes are the best! Tiny socks are just like little appetizers! Your parents will not have time to fold them and put them away, so help yourself to whatever is in the laundry basket!

    3. When feeling neglected or blue, simply hide under the bed. Your parents will start to wonder where you are and what you're up to and will come searching! Just to keep things interesting start barking and/or growling the MINUTE that little intruder takes a nap. This will get you attention, but it may not be positive…you will take what you can get.

  21. Giselle

    Sweet Kingsley! We all still love you!

  22. Kinglsey is just so precious and…well…precocious :)

  23. Jeni

    I love that dog of yours and love the post he wrote.

    p.s. Congrats on your baby girl!

  24. Lovin' this post.

    Kingsley, Kingsley, Kingsley what will we do with you!!! [shaking head back and forth]

  25. miriam

    oh a yard. I can only imagine. not having to take the dog on a leash every time she has to/wants to go outside? some day…

    when my little almost 5 month old gets in a crying fit, my great dane will look at me with this look like "I know it's frustrating for you mom, it's frustrating to me too because I'm trying to sleep!" it's a bonding experience for us ;o)

  26. Aw, poor Kingsley. :(

  27. oh no!
    It's a good thing he's cute and charming to make up for this.

  28. MellyB

    My pup would lay on her back next to Phin every time I changed a diaper. Poor puppy had no idea how she moved down the totem pole so fast.

    Don't worry Kingsley, someday that new little babe will learn to feed you and you will like her a whole lot more.

  29. misie

    oh.mah.goodnessssss – i feel your pain. our dog destroys his bed if we leave him alone with it for 10 minutes and we don't even have a little one yet. furniture is the worst by far – i hope he didn't do that right in front of you but acted out in your absence. :-(

  30. Poor Kinsley. I hope you get a nice yard soon. Furniture stuffing is not your friend.

  31. Chiara

    Kingsley?! The armchair? really…not a little drastic?
    Those sad puppy eyes would do it for me…

  32. Poor Kingsley. The look on his face kind of says, "See, Mom? This is what I've resorted to."

  33. Dawn

    kingsley's look is all- you made me do this. lol

    he still has my heart!

  34. I've missed these posts Kingsley..thanks for posting one to let us know how you're handling the new addition.

    I can't believe he ate the arm chair!

  35. oh no, your furniture! Kingsley is just so cute though. I bet you couldn't stay mad at him for long. Sorry about your chair :/

  36. Morgan

    hahahahaa but he's so cute!

  37. Oh sweet little Kingsley! :) He always knows just the right words.

  38. colleen

    love his diaries!

  39. I love Kingsley's Diary posts :D They are too cute. But he's very naughty for ripping up that chair!

  40. Kelly

    Oh my goodness! Kingsley! Yikes. Love his diary though!

  41. Anna

    aw, poor buddy! if only he could play with my little smoosh face.

    the hummingbird haps

  42. Faith

    This is a cute post! Way to add some humor to a frustrating situation!

  43. hahah oh kingsley, don't worry they still love you just as much

  44. oh kinglsey! I love the pictures of him on the chair. Reminds me of my pup Bella…ripping appart everything.

  45. Poor Kingsley :( …. We have a pug that is sure to do the same when Little Bun arrives. Bless them xx

  46. Flora

    My dog tore up a couch before when he was a puppy. It was cheaper to buy a new one than reupholster it!


  47. hey kingsley, do you want to go and eat italian spaghetti with me?

  48. Saara

    Oh Kingsley! You are more than welcome to visit me every now and then :) I miss my dog that passed away and I would love to play with you some extra :)

  49. Emily

    My Frenchie Bella really appreciated this advice. She's preparing for our little one coming home in June.

  50. love-v

    Poor guy, being second fiddle is rough. I wonder what my bulldog will do when I'm pregnant and there isn't room for him in my lap (yes, 50 lb. lap dog here). I'm glad that he's not a chewer, that poor chair! I feel for you.

  51. Rachael

    Eating the furniture…I'm sure you know better Kingsley!
    Love this post! Make me laugh. Such a cute dog!

  52. Brooke

    Oh no! I have a 3.5yr old & a 9month old that are just as spoiled with love as Mr. Kingsley. Of all the things to be nervous about for my upcoming delivery, I'm most nervous about this. My poor babies.

  53. So sweet! It's funny, I was so nervous to bring home our first daughter with our dogs. I had no idea how they'd react. And yet, they were amazing. Took to her instantly and kissed her feet and tried to lick her entire face, nonstop! Same goes with our second baby, minus the part about me being nervous. Kingsley will adjust soon enough, and these little antics are so adorable (to us, at least)!

  54. Inessa

    I always look forward to these posts

  55. tRiSh

    oh poor Kingsley… Let me give you a big hug <3

    p.s. please don't destroy your mommy & daddy's beautiful furniture…

  56. This is ADORABLE! Awww, Kingsley. Good to know he has some extra tricks up his sleeve.

  57. oh kingsley! it's a good thing he's so cute.

  58. Dogs are nothing but big babies.
    So adorable!

  59. katieae

    NOT THE CUTE ARM CHAIR! what a little rascal.

  60. Naughty Kingsley. That armchair is (was?) lovely!

  61. this is hilarous. i love how you said it from kingsley's point of view.

  62. Poor Kingsley! But just wait, in a few years you will have a new best friend who will always be up for a play session with a Rockstar Bulldog.

  63. kingsley– you will always be their first baby!!! Mommy and Daddy still loves you!

  64. Oh no!!
    He's back to his old tricks!
    If only Kingsley knew how well he really does have it!!

  65. Hi Kingsley, we still love you too :)

  66. BSJ

    tsk tsk tsk! Story of my life. Glad we're not alone. Although now that our pooch is 2 years old she's mellowed out a bit.