1. Gina

    this looks like something from a doggy food ad!

  2. Carly

    harper does that too — and when he tries to get out he knocks down about five boxes. and then we have to buy them. sigh, dogs.

  3. Adorable picture.

  4. Caty

    Ha! I love his little bum sticking out from all the treats.

  5. Maddy

    hahahaahah this is great.. seriously this could be an ad!

  6. Jenna E


  7. kate

    oh my goshhhh adorable!

  8. Haha, I love this picture! :D

  9. OMG….freaking laughing till I cry. I have a bulldog as well and I can totally see this happening in my life as well.

    Love the blog!

  10. Gave me a good chuckle :) I wish every store would allow dogs inside… I think the world would be a much funnier place!

  11. I love the 'ooops' sign in the background. It suits the moment.

  12. nova

    Too cute! I love dogs!

  13. Morgan


  14. colleen

    Hahaha i love him.

  15. JenLynn

    So adorable. Doggy heaven.

  16. JenLynn

    So adorable. Doggy heaven.

  17. that is ridiculously cute!!

  18. So cute! Your blog makes me want a bulldog even more than i already did!

  19. Amanda

    BEST.PHOTO.EVER! Kingsley is just too cute!

  20. Oh how I adore Kingsley!
    We lost our boxer dog last year and although he will never be replaced I'm only just now considering bringing a new puppy into our home.
    Perhaps a bulldog will be our new family member?

    xx Felicity

  21. Rae

    Aaaaand he's gone.

  22. Too cute! I can totally see my bullies doing this. Makes you wonder if there were some freebies floating around back there!

  23. HI-LARIOUS! That Kingsley is such a card.

  24. Mary

    ha! so funny!

  25. Trivia

    ahah :) lovely pic

  26. ellen

    That photo needs to be entered in a contest!!

  27. Kate

    This photo is fantastic! *smile*

  28. Haha oh man, gotta love Kingsley. Too cute.

  29. he's the cutest!

  30. rebecca

    this post needs no words. perfection.

  31. It totally looks like he's on his way to doggy Narnia haha

  32. Tara

    Oh my goodness… I LOVE!

  33. That picture is priceless!!! love it!


  34. Carly

    this is too adorable- definitely made me giggle :)

  35. Kasia

    Kingsley I heart your doggy face!

  36. vanessa

    d'awww that's hilarious!! funny doggy :]

  37. Holly

    this is hilarious…..that is all.

  38. Renée


  39. best thing i've ever seen.

  40. i want a puppy! (named hugo. white and fluffy, please).

  41. Saara

    absolutely superadorable. This one goes on the wall in a frame right? :)

  42. Nina

    hahahaha!! SO FUNNY!! i love this!! :)

  43. Gisela


  44. this is too cute!! it makes me want a dog even more than I already do but we're not allowed one in our apartment (we already have a secret cat that we're not supposed to)!

  45. This really is just too funny! Love it!

  46. Amanda

    that is SO cute!!!!!

  47. Bobbie

    Kingsley should know he is the inspiration for my next dog :) xoxoxo


  48. Diana

    Hahaha, this is adorable :) It's a bleary day in NYC, thanks for the early morning pick-me up!

  49. tRiSh

    this made me laugh so hard! thanks so much for sharing, it's so cute!

  50. Chiara

    This picture made me really happy!! I laughed out loud, thank you!

  51. so hilarious! thanks for sharing the little everyday things in your life that make you laugh!!


  52. haha! I'm so glad you captured this! Thank you for sharing :)

  53. Tanya

    thank you! this photo has made my day! :)

  54. I adore this picture!
    If I brought my 110lb Lab, Dutch, to Petsmart he would be up in that shelf and I am pretty sure it would all come tumbling down. I can also see him sitting there looking up at me basically saying Mom! What did I do?
    Anyway, this picture made my morning!

  55. Leslie

    This is absolutely darling! I love taking my Boston Terrier, Violet, into the pet store with us (and showing her off). :)

  56. Poo

    Hahaha! I love this picture! Thank you for sharing this :)

  57. Kristyn

    Haha, amazing. What a cutie.

  58. Olivas

    jajaja!! Kingsley is very nice.
    Here we haven´t got shops like that.
    Kisses from Spain.

  59. Such a great picture! Love it!

  60. this is classic, i love it.

  61. What a little cutie :)

  62. That picture is so adorable.
    I absolutely love your blog, I have been following it for over a year now and I cannot get enough. Thanks for all of your wonderful posting. Btw, congrats on getting the glasses you have always wanted!


  63. lol… how funny is he!!

  64. Jacque

    Aw…such an adorable picture!!! I recently started following your blog, and I absolutely love all of your lovely posts! :)

  65. this is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!! totally.

  66. Faith

    This is a wonderful picture! As others have stated, you should definitely enter this into a photo contest!

  67. Lol! He's so funny! Great pic!

  68. Gussy

    haha! i love this!!! Bauer – our 8mo pup, would totally do something like that. ♥!

  69. by BUN

    this just totally made my morning! my parents have a bulldog…and I swear they are all the same!

    by bun

  70. Rachael

    You should do more 'Kinsley Diary' Posts! They're funny.

  71. Yea! PetSmart! Thanks for keeping me employed!

  72. Karin

    hilarious. i love it!

  73. Sasha

    Ha! Oh my goodness, Kingsley is such a ham. I love watching him :)

  74. bethani

    kingsley is such a ham! he definitely knows how to work a camera, even when hes not looking ♥

  75. Hahaha. I want a baby bully so bad! Kingsley is adorable, thanks for sharing! Xo

  76. Meagan

    How cute! :)

  77. hahahaha ohhhh kingsley, you are a hoot! :)

  78. i can see a cute dogs butt and onitsuka tiiiger :D

  79. Eeny

    this is the best kingsley picture ever. so hilarious. love it.

  80. Hilary

    Best picture ever! My pup is a total food hound as well. Gotta love em!


  81. Sonja

    Hahahaha!!! Amazing! Best photo I've seen all day!
    ppfft, no! Best photo all week!
    SO cute! :o)