1. Dawn

    I am right there with you. I have always loooved cupcakes and we have a few cupcakeries where I live. Heaven! Those look yummy and being a mom agrees with you. You look stunning!

  2. Cupcakes are YUMMY!!!! Those look especially delicious!

  3. kELLO!

    i REALLY appreciate your title. i love cupcakes, but i fee like i can't because they're so cliche now.

    good for you and sprinkles! :) i'm sure you'll be very happy together.

  4. kELLO!

    i REALLY appreciate your title. i love cupcakes, but i fee like i can't because they're so cliche now.

    good for you and sprinkles! :) i'm sure you'll be very happy together.

  5. gee

    oh i love their banana cupcakes…yummmm!!! <3

  6. JenLynn

    I'm waiting for the crowds to die down before trying it. But there are so many all over DC at the moment, I have plenty to keep me occupied until then.

  7. Naomi – here is the irony of your statement … it is because of blogs like yours that have made cupcakes COOL! You helped rock the cupcake world!!! Your baby is such a beautiful newborn – wow.

  8. julia

    you look as if you got your hair cut.
    look amazing.I think you should try the short hair.i am serious.

  9. Joan

    cupcakes are forever! they will always be cool. i've still never tried sprinkles but nashville's Cupcake Collection pretty much rocks it out! xoxo love

  10. by r.

    love. love cupcakes. and pictures of cupcakes. and sleeping babies in cute little hoodies.

  11. becky

    The title of this post sums up my feelings exactly—I will always long for a cupcake even when they are out of fashion (but gee, them BEING in fashion is so much more fun). I wish we had more cupcake bakeries here in England—although I guess I live rurally so maybe there is not so much of a demand. It strengthens my resolve to open up my own bakery one day, though :)

  12. from one cupcake lover to another…. these look delish!

  13. Renée

    Oh those cupcakes look so delicious and the photo of you and Eleanor is so pretty!

  14. Nuha


  15. You always take such great pictures!

    I've never been lucky enough to make it to a Sprinkles in person – but a few Christmases ago a friend gifted me with Sprinkles' Red Velvet Cupcake Mix – normally I'm staunchly against boxed mixes, but I am so glad I gave these a shot. They're some of the most incredible I've ever had – bakery or otherwise!

  16. Your title speaks my mind!
    Little Eleanor looks so beautiful! x

  17. Next time I'm home I definitely need to do some bakery hopping! YUM!

    Your little one is SO precious I am so happy for you both! ox

  18. katy.

    Fantastic. I've always loved cupcakes as well and if they are ever wrong, I will never want to be right.

    I bought mini-cupcakes for a bible study at one of our amazing bakeries in Orlando(the two-time winner of cupcake wars owns it..YUM.) and was secretly happy we had more than half leftover. Oh, it's going to be a great weekend!

  19. amber

    those look delicious!!! mmmm now i am craving a cupcake :)

  20. Tegan

    you're so lucky! we have nowhere like that near me… and cupcakes are the coolest! :) xo

  21. kate

    naomi- i'm pretty sure YOU made cupackes cool.

    baby e is so pretty!

  22. Melissa

    You look absolutely fabulous for a woman who just gave birth a couple of weeks ago! Absolutely the envy of all the cool moms out there!

  23. Andrea

    Congrats!!! Soooo goood. My fav is when my husband surprises me with a box of those little beauties (we have one in Scottsdale)

  24. you're blessed! we don't have any cupcake places out here in prattville! lol we do have some killer donut places though :)
    *MeM the buddy :)

  25. i love Sprinkles…their chocolate cupcakes are my favorite! Your little one is getting so big so fast. Our little girl was born a week ago and I can't believe how much she changes on a daily basis.

  26. Cortney

    It's still so weird to me that a *food* is considered "cool" or "in fashion" in the first place. Makes me realize just how much food security and abundance we have that something like eating superfluous calories and sugar can be a trend, you know? Some people can't even get clean water, but we have enough calories in our country to feed everyone twice, so we have the opportunity to brand and market things like cupcakes and turn it into a trend to eat them… crazy!

    This isn't me bashing on cupcakes, or liking them, I'm just sometimes struck with how much excess we have when others have so little, and how that plays out in things like something as basic as food being "cool" or "not cool" or "on trend", like it's an accessory. Our society is a bit wonky, haha.

  27. Jessica

    Wow! yum, we have a few cupcakeries around here! If you ever visit california, there is Cara's in Ghiridelli square in SF! So yummy, E is just cuter in every pic! Thanks for sharing with us!

  28. those two cupcakes together look like boobs. : ) happy friday to you and your fam!!!

  29. Amanda

    i'm going back to DC next waeek, and I am going to have to try that place out! yum!!

  30. I pass the Sprinkles in Chicago every.single.day on my way to work ~ so hard to resist! Adorable pictures of your little one! She's precious!

  31. Holly

    can i just say i love how you two still go out and do fun things even with a new baby? is that weird? i feel like there are so many times i see/hear about couples being cooped up and never leaving the house after having a child. but seeing you still finding time to enjoy the things you love and sharing them with little eleanor is inspiring. :-)

  32. I LOVE Sprinkles!!! We have them here and they are my favs!! I think they their red velvet just may be my fav, with the carrot cupcake following close behind!!

  33. Caitlin

    Wowww. That chocolate sprinkled one is turning me into a ravenous wolf.

    Adorable little Eleanor :)

  34. Sprinkles is my favoriteeee. I love the dark chocolate cupcake w/ sprinkles. You have to follow them on twitter! They tweet secret words all day and if you whisper the secret word at the store, you get a free cupcake!

  35. I'm not a big cupcake person myself, but the chocolate ones with chocolate sprinkles look really good right now…

  36. I love the title of this! I get so cranky when people accuse cupcakes of being trendy. They are always delicious, and I will always love them too!

  37. Those all look DIVINE. Almost too pretty to eat!

    The next time I'm in DC my father is so taking me there. :)

  38. those little sweet cheeks are just too cute! i want to squeeze them :)

    i too plan on having a lifelong love affair with sprinkles! past the trendiness! have a lovely weekend, taza…i am oh-so-glad i discovered your blog just before your darling baby girl was born! it has been a joy to follow!


  39. kivioq

    These pictures actually made me tear up with the sweetness and cuteness. Naomi, where is your striped shirt or sweater from? It's perfect!

  40. Pilar

    love your title! i'm right there with you. we just got a sprinkles here in chicago, but i haven't tried them yet. they look delicious!

  41. Ana

    Those cupcakes look delicious, but your own little cupcake is just adorable! :P

  42. Baby just melts my heart. So darling.

  43. say no more about sprinkles. we love the red velvet and coconut!

    your baby girl is darling. hope all is going well with mama-hood. :)

  44. amen lady!

    i love cupcakes and sprinkles! oh man. i loved going to sprinkles in scottsdale when i was having a bad day.

    portland has some great cupcake joints too though.

  45. Liz

    Yum – I've been dying for a good cupcake!

  46. I'm with you! I can't even tell you how happy I was when Sprinkles opened their doors in Chicago last year! I can never have enough of their red velvet. They're also a block and a half away from another good downtown "cupcakery", More Cupcakes Chicago.


  47. good :)

  48. Totally with you here- I've been obsessed with cupcakes for as long as I can remember. Maybe because it's one of the only things I can actually bake :) and I'm so in love with sprinkles these photos make me want some asap! xoxo Marissa

  49. I hear that pie is the new cupcake. I wouldn't mind a few pie shops 'round town.

  50. i love the title of this! I feel the same way! My cupcake obsession will always continue on! :)

  51. I rarely comment but I just wanted to thank you for inspiring me. Your love for precious Eleanor and family makes me smile.

    She is so precious and I love that in every picture you can see the pure happiness and joy she brings.

  52. Those cupcakes have half-convinced me to give up my shut-in lifestyle and leave the house for something better than Little Debbies.

  53. Marfio

    Your bubba's sweet, sleeping pink cheeks are adorable. Glad to see you're getting some cupcake action!

  54. Faith

    The title of this post resonates with me. Those sweets look delicious!

  55. Sini

    ooh sweet, looks so delicious! Your posts gives me the feeling that I really need to visit d.c, you have the special collection of all yummy restaurants! :)

  56. Natalie

    Sprinkles is right by my house in Scottsdale. It's almost like I pay a separate tithe – I'd estimate 10% goes toward my cupcake gluttony. Ridiculous. I was there yesterday. Even left with a splinter in my mouth from the wooden fork. Stalk their twitter daily and you'll score yourself many-a-free cuppycakes ;)

  57. Luisa

    I wish we had those cupcake places in Germany :P
    They look super delicious.
    The first picture is sooo beautiful and Eleanor is just so cute.

  58. They look so yummy and cute!
    I'll have to try some next time I'm in DC!


  59. Sarah

    I was so excited when Sprinkles came to Houston!! They are one of my favorite special occasion treats!

  60. Kait

    I love cupcakes and will eat them in any form. Thank you for this post :)

  61. Chelsea


    that little baby of yours is such a sweet pea.

  62. You left me wanting some yummy cupcakes! I was so happy when I realized I have one in Chicago! Yay!!! Tomorrow's Plan: Sprinkles Cupcakes!

  63. Jealous. Jealous. Jealous. Jealous. JEALOUS.
    You are such the lucky girl indeed! :)

  64. Cassie

    I've never been to Sprinkles, but those cupcakes look amazing!

  65. Amelia

    love all the things you post about dc, i'm from right outside the city. you look gorgeous! beautiful mother :)

  66. sprinkles cupcakes = sinful.

  67. Tae

    we were just there last night on a trip to DC – we're from princeton! and i then i checked your blog today… so funny. the vegan red velvet was incredible (it had a cute little "v" on it too.)

  68. was there a crazy wait? Ours always has at least an hour! What ones have you tried? We loved the red velvet and the chocolate marshmellow. We have to go back to try the chocolate peanut butter one! Any other must tries?

  69. apparently you can buy the red velvet mix at williams sonoma and make it yourself if you leave an area with sprinkles. it's so expensive – i can't do it unless it's on the Firm but i'm just cheap like that.

  70. sorry – that was supposed to be a comment from me, not the husbs. oops – now he seems like a weirdo.

  71. I am so glad it is finally open! Red velvet, here I come…

  72. Tammy

    Is a Californian who has tried many of the Sprinkles cupcakes flavors I highly recommend Red Velvet, Chai Latte, Strawberry, and Pumpkin :)

    P.S. I love your blog and have been following it for awhile now :)

  73. Muffin

    what the title said. :)

  74. Cheray

    Hooray for cupcakes! Looks like a fun outing x

  75. misss_e

    Sprinkles is delish. Way better than Gtown cupcake (overrated). The best sweet potato cupcake is over on Rhode Island in Mt Rainier @ Delectable Cakery.

  76. Kelsey

    I've never been to a Sprinkles!