we tried out the new dc-3 over on barracks row last night and oh my! it’s tasty. reminds me of my favorite hot dog place back home… tommy’s, which i miss far too often. i’m glad we finally have a place close by with awesome hot dogs! i have a feeling we’ll be here often throughout the spring and summer… yum!

  1. Lyss

    wow i've never been the first to post on your blog! But you two look adorable! And hot dogs sound really good right now…

  2. MJ

    YUM. I love seeing the places you go in DC. Makes me excited to go back soon :)

  3. I am never one of the first few to post because of the time zones ;-)

    You are all looking so healthy and happy! Motherhood suits you!

    PS. Thanks for the hot dog craving now! Haha

  4. Rachel

    Those are lovely pictures! I am wanting a hot dog now though…even though it is only 11 in the morning. dang.

  5. Thank you for posting this… my husband and I always wonder if we'll still be able to go out to eat whenever we have a baby. (we love going out to eat!). Nice to see you guys doing your same favorite things even with a newborn :)

  6. Legs

    YUM! I love DC-3! It's been too long since I've been there.

  7. kirby

    i keep saying it's a good thing we don't live on 8th street anymore because we'd eat there all the time…but turns out we're there all the time anyway…woops :)

  8. LOVE these pics! i am currently craving a hot dog…drool :)


  9. Those look amazing! Next time I am there I will have to try those. YUM

  10. We love our ergobaby but make sure you use the sun shade while you eat :) I always drop food on my little Olive's head!

  11. I love that you love Tommy's!! Its one of my favorite places! And the owners are close friends!! Its pretty much the best place ever!! :) Glad you found a subsitute in DC!

  12. Oh how I love a good hot dog!!

  13. Katie B

    You two should make a trip to downtown Annapolis over the summer! They have amazing food all over the place, including a hot dog stand called Pip's and the best chocolate malt I've ever had at Storm Bros just a few spots down. There are also tons of cute little shops to check out. The entire area is VERY baby- and dog-friendly…a lot of shops have water bowls and dog treats sitting right outside! Not to mention the whole place is right on the water :) And while you're at it, you might as well get there early and go to Grump's or Main Ingredient for breakfast and take a walk around Quiet Waters Park before you get to downtown! As you can tell, I love this city!

  14. JenLynn

    I will definately have to swing by the next day I'm in Capitol Hill. I love hot dogs and I miss Frosttops from back home immensely. I would love a local fav for when I'm not back in WVa.

  15. Jello

    hi! just wanted to say hi and adorable i think you guys are… i'm probably your newest reader but i'm already hooked! mmmm hotdogs… love, Jello

  16. Bridget

    baby in the ergo… YES!

    glad shes finally with you on your fries/burger dates. and i cant wait till i can drink soda guilt-free. i am pregnant and still drink it sometimes, but guilt-free will be oh so nice. yours looks so good that now i want one. dammit.

  17. hanner

    may i recommend the pennsylvania dutch dog on the pretzel bun… the BUN! it's the best part.

  18. I love Bubble Up!
    We have an amazing Philly and Hot Dog place in Salt Lake that serves tons of vintage/rare sodas – it's one of my favorite places! :)

  19. It's so nice to meet another girl that digs hot dogs and donuts and cheese burgers. Hot dogs are literally my favorite food (though I seldom have them). I yearn to go to the East Coast because I know the best hot dogs are there! Eat an extra one for me! xo

  20. Sini

    mmm sounds good! can I ask a question, how you keep yourself so good looking and fit? :) you look amazing!

  21. Yummy! Every once in awhile a good hotdog is all you need.

  22. Miranda

    Oooo yay! My boyfriend and I were just talking about wanting a good hot dog. thanks for the recommendation.

    I love that you packed the little one along, she looks so cute in the carrier.


  23. Love the vintage feel of it. Whenever I visit my dad in Iowa, we always go to George's and get coke in glass bottles. He stacks the buns up his arms to put your toppings on. I love it!

  24. Kayla

    Looks like tons of fun. We don't really have hot dog places around here so I can't imagine what it's like to go out to them. I wish we did though.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  25. ohhhhh so american. i love it. funnily enough, hotdogs and hamburgers aren't the main food group in europe. sometimes i miss it!

  26. Andrea

    Wow, looks like you definitely found a winner -I'll have to look it up next time I'm in DC


  27. Haley K

    yum. yum. YUM. Yay for family night's out for some good eatin'! I love a good hotdog…and knowing that you're from utah, have you ever put fry sauce on your dog? it's my favorite :) And what is bubble up?? the bottle's so cute it's making me thirsty just looking at it ;)

  28. Rachael

    Aww, is Eleanor in that baby pouch? Um..I think I spelled that wrong. Or it just looks wrong.
    But if she is….to die for!

  29. Gaby

    Looks yummy! Australians aren't really into hot dogs unfortunately, so I haven't had one in ages :(

  30. The thing I miss most about being a vegetarian is hot dogs! These look sooo good. And your family is so perfect. Enjoy!

  31. Jessica

    can't wait to try this place!!

  32. gotta love a good, quick place to grab a bite!

  33. I've always felt a bit deprived that I've never gotten to try a 'real' American hot dog, I get the feeling what we have here in Australia might be a poor substitute! Ah well, I might just have to travel to DC or New York to have one, or maybe both! Thanks for the travel inspiration!

  34. nole

    I love DC-3! My favorite is the California Left Winger – a falafel dog with avocado and tzatziki sauce. So yum!

  35. Delaney

    mmmmm….. making me want a costco hot dog. IS that weird that I love costco hot dogs. I think they are awesomely amazing :)

  36. ya'll are so cute :)

  37. your dog seriously has the coolest face ever!

  38. Marfio

    I love your fair isle jumper! It looks like your wee family is having a lot of fun.

  39. LOVE that you're using an Ergo! I really do love mine.

  40. Katelyn

    I just started reading your blog a couple months ago and I must say I really love it! You and your husband give me hope that I will meet a guy who appreciate me and respect for me who I am. Also, Eleanor is adorable! :)

  41. Nina

    love the photos! and it looks like so much fun! :) hot dogs sounds pretty good right now! :)

  42. tRiSh

    love the pictures! the tones are splendid! =)
    when I come to dc, I definitely wanna go there…
    thanks for the tip

  43. Looks like a nifty place to have a dinner-meet up! Definitely a place I could hang out in.

  44. met

    has anyone tried the veggie dog? ;)