blue eyed baby girl.

these days for entertainment, we like to stare at our baby girl.
(tv? what tv?)
it’s always fun to try to determine
if she looks more like her mama or her papa.
when comparing our own baby photos to hers,
she is definitely a josh baby.
and for the record, i was one ugly baby.
one thing is for certain, she definitely didn’t get my eyes. (thank you, josh.)
  1. she is absolutely precious!!

  2. she's such a sweetheart. love her lips and eyes. You two made a beautiful baby!

  3. She is so precious congratulation she is so ADORABLE <3


  4. I've been wondering all along what color eyes she has—thought they were blue, but wasn't sure. (From an outsider's perspective) I think she looks a lot like your little brother! They seem to have the same precious nose.

  5. supposedly the first child is always mean to look more like the father–it's a biological thing–meant to ensure that back in the day long before coupling was made official by marriage and the like–that the father would know the child was his (by looking at it) and therefore stay to protect the family.

    love to you all. give miss e a big kiss for me.

  6. gee

    such a beautiful baby..i can never say it enough.. :)

  7. Shelly

    Oh gee. I think I need to tell my man to look at how cute your baby is, so he wants one. :)

  8. Mary

    she is perfect!

  9. She is just too precious!

  10. colleen

    nothin' better than a set of baby blues! she is a looker

  11. Soooo cute!

  12. I love her button nose! I can't imagine you being an ugly baby at all. Cheers to no tv and enjoying the life around us.

  13. kate

    good heavens she's pretty! i'm sure you just devour her with kisses.

  14. buhdoop

    I heard it is a survival mechanism for babies to look more like their Fathers when they are born. That way the Father will want to protect him or her or claim him or her as his.

    PS. I think she definitely got your forehead. Super cute photo.

  15. I put a picture of your adorable little boo-boo on my blog, because…I couldn't resist!

  16. Maddy

    I really think she looks like you.. but she does look like Josh too.. I guess she's just the perfect mix :)

  17. She's a beaut!! Big expressive eyes look almost magical…xo

  18. Gah! I love this pic!!

  19. Katie

    Ohhhhhh this picture is making my heart melt. I miss my own Eleanor being this tiny!

  20. Morgan

    don't be so sure! i was born with blue eyes and one day i woke up (at about 8 months) and have had brown eyes ever since.
    hopefully little E will keep her baby blues though!

  21. She is seriously one beautiful baby! I'm sure you've heard that a lot… but I have high standards for cute babies :)

    and she definitely has your smile!

  22. what gorgeous eyes!

  23. What a beautiful little bean!

    I just stumbled upon your blog and absolutely love it. I'm officially your newest follower.


  24. Trina

    My husband and I are going "awwwwwww!!!" right now! Such a sweet, cute little baby!

  25. i'm a new reader, and i found your blog from your instagram photos. your little lady is simply stunning, and you are absolutely lovely as well. i'd love to shop your closet! can't wait to follow your journey!

  26. amanda

    look at her! so innocent and pure. what a dollbaby!

  27. Jenna E

    She is stunning!!!!

  28. megan

    she's just lovely, naomi — but i really think she looks exactly like you! and i can't imagine you being an ugly baby, either. ;)

  29. *melt* I think she's the perfect combo of you two! ;)

  30. her eyes are gorgeous!

  31. Arlene

    From some pictures back your baby's pics remind me of your little brother Isaac :) -from a longtime lurker/stalker of your blog. Hehe.

  32. really?! i think she looks JUST like you. she's your little mini twin! and seriously, i have to tell you. i absolutely just die over her- she is just ADORABLE.

  33. Your baby girl is seriously one of the most beautiful babies I have seen in a while!!! Y'all did good!

  34. Nina

    She's just adorable!! and the most beautiful eyes! :)

  35. So gorgeous. I see a resemblance to both of you guys. Dark hair and blue eyes, thats a great combo!!

  36. such a beautiful baby :)
    but sometimes it reminds me of your little brother Isaac. :)

  37. Tine

    she is so beautifull!!!
    I love really love reading your blog. :)

  38. julia

    beautiful eyes,but maybe the color of he eyes change later.

  39. i was wondering who she looks more like….couldn't tell. regardless, she's maybe the cutest baby in the history of babies (that's a lot of babies, too).

  40. I think Eleanor got the best bits of both of you :) She is perfect. What a blessing. How precious is she? Xx

  41. You and your family are beautiful!

  42. i can't imagine you not being a cute baby, naomi!
    either way, eleanor is absolutely beautiful :)

  43. Ellen

    She is so beautiful! I love reading your blog. I look forward to reading every post and looking at pics you post too.

  44. Rich

    You never know… they say that baby's eyes can change up until they are 2 years old. She is a doll, blue eyes or brown!

  45. Carolyn

    I find it impossible to believe that you were an ugly baby!!! Not gonna trust you on that one. :)

    E is soooooooo gorgeous. Those lips!

  46. Aw, Elle got the blues too! Love them. Of course, dough-y brown eyes melt me too. Maybe next go round! :-) I'd love to have a blue eyed girl and a brown eyed boy or girl as well!

  47. Don't feel bad, I have a girl and a boy and they look nothing like me! p.s. I have a blue eyed son, those eyes will make you melt :)

  48. Aw God… So precious this little princess is!

  49. this photo took my breath away :) lovely little eleanor!

  50. She is just too adorable!!
    She has such character and you can see it in a simple photo like this!
    Love it

    Vanilla Blonde

  51. she's so cute! i don't know if this is just me… but when you first posted a photo of her, at first glance, i thought she looked like your brother!

  52. She is such a beautiful baby! Oh my goodness!

  53. Kasia

    She's absolutely stunning.

  54. Iris' eyes are turning blue too! But other than that, she looks just like her daddy.

  55. She's so darling. I'm so many moons from having a baby, but when I see a baby this cute I get an urge to have one, like, now.

  56. Marine

    She's soooo precious and I can't believe you were an ugly baby !!!

  57. She's beautiful! I think she's a perfect mix of each of you.

  58. EmJeter

    I've become a shameless blog-stalker.
    I love love love her complexion.

  59. Susie

    What's amazing is that their looks can change with time . . . she could end up looking much more like you in a few years.

  60. Rachael

    Her eyelashes are one of the cutest things ever!!
    Beautiful eyes too! I love the color of them.

  61. She's beautiful! Which camera did you take this picture with?

  62. Cristi

    She is Beautiful.

  63. tRiSh

    She looks just adorable! Those eyes are the cutest!
    Show us some pics of you & Josh as babies… maybe? =)

  64. She's adorable. But I guess you already know that ;)

  65. I said she reminded me of your little brother from day 1, I guess other people are noticing it too! She is gorgeous!!

  66. Rhianne

    gosh, I would stare at her all the time too, what a cutie!

    i love looking at photos of my boyfriend when he ws a baby and imagining what our kids might look one day (though I'd never tell him that or admit it outside of this comment) I hope they have his eyes too :)

  67. .rae.

    ah man. what a beautiful little girl.

    my son is 2 and the only time i can stare at him is when he's asleep as it's the only time he keeps still. you'll never stop staring at her, I think it's a mummy thing. :D

    Enjoy all your moments….

    p.s. i also love using 'nashville'. :)

  68. Kelly

    These days for entertainment, we start at your baby girl online. Somehow more creepy…?

  69. BSJ

    Perfect. It's almost like she sees something. Something special, beyond the veil sort of thing ;) Precious.

  70. What a little pixy! She is so sweet!

  71. Hi! I love your blog!
    I follow him for quite some time. I'm from Cordoba – Argentina and my name is Carolina. And I wanted to ask, what is the camera you used for this photo? thanks! and kisses

  72. slayer

    She is perfect! I love her little mouth!