1. Rachel

    how are all your pictures so dreamy and gorgeous?

  2. love the picture and cherry blossoms in DC. i was there two years ago and i have a picture from arlington with tons of cherry blossoms on my desk at work. it's the best time of year!

  3. Lyndall

    I love that photo :) Springtime blossoms and Autumn leaves are two of my favourite things.

    My old Polaroid 600 camera is asking me to fill it with film!

  4. Lily

    I've been there in the spring and the cherry blossoms really are so pretty!


  5. Such a gorgeous photo! It looks amazing down there!

  6. Gaby

    I hope when you bring your baby girl to check out the cherry blossoms this weekend that you'll be donning your yellow dress, it's too pretty! Happy spring!

  7. Renée

    What a beautiful photos!

  8. Sini

    Amazing photo! All the photos you post here are amazing. And that house, I want one :)

  9. Yellow is such a happy color. Cute photo!

  10. I've always liked this one of you! Great polaroid lady!

  11. Rhianne

    I still adore this photo. Its crazy how fast those two years have gone.

    Have fun :)

  12. i remember that photo from the first time around. one of my fav blog photos to date.

  13. abby

    wow, have i really been reading your blog for this long???

  14. Angela

    so i was so excited to stumble upon your blog, but when i try to click the previous entries button, it never works? :( this makes me sad. i was so looking forward to starting from the beginning and working my way through the posts to the present. any suggestions? has anyone else had this issue? pooey! (insert sad face here)

  15. I was just reading about the Cherry Blossoms in DC yesterday! Did you know that Japan gave the first cherry blossom trees as a gift to the United States and that 100 of the original 3,000 still grow in DC today! I think it's a magical story. So this year is the 99th year of cherry blossoms in DC!

  16. We are moving to DC soon and this sure helps — what beautiful cherry blossoms!

  17. Hard to believe how fast time has flown. I remember when I started reading your posts when you were still in NY. Happy anniversary on your move to DC – love that town.

  18. Shamini

    cute picture!!!

  19. You know… I need more fun little dresses…

    Perhaps I'll focus on those this year in my wardrobe…

  20. I'm headed to D.C. for the weekend to enjoy all the Cherry Blossom goodness. I've been wanting to go for years, can't wait to be surrounded by all of the blossoms!

  21. love that coat :)

  22. You're simply stunning. Always.

  23. Kris

    They are so so pretty! Love it when the pink beauties make their way up to Central Park but would REALLY love to see these in DC one day!

  24. How *lovely*! Especially with that bay window in the background! We've only been to DC once but it was too early for the blossoms… this is making me think we need to go back :)

  25. Jessica

    I just got over to the tidal basin yesterday. (the last two years I have gone to late in the season). they are just as beautiful as always. just wish it would warm up a bit.

  26. LeRae

    What a beautiful photo~
    I wish it was spring soon.
    Vanilla Day

  27. nicole

    My dad lived in D.C. for a few years for work. I would visit him while on my university's spring break; the cherry blossoms are still very vivid in my mind. Ahh, memories! Thanks for this post! I love that photo; it's so you. xo.

  28. so excited! my husband and I are moving to DC in a few weeks and even though I think i'll miss the cherry blossoms this year, I can't wait to have them bloom next year!! they're so beautiful.


  29. Lisa

    oh those are so gorgeous! i just love your polaroid pictures!

  30. Beautiful pic…I'm going to D.C. tomorrow to visit my sister. I can't wait!!!!

  31. this is gorgeous, I love the feel it gives you. Im excited about the blossoms too, wish they would last :)

  32. Amanda

    oh they are so pretty hey? when i was in NV a few weeks back it was the same beauty! i love it! i wish we had more of that up here! i'm not sure if the weather would allow :(

  33. Kelsey

    I've always wanted to go to DC in the spring to see the cherry blossoms, you are so lucky to live there!

  34. AJD ∞

    That photo is absolutely dreamy. I just moved to Washington state and there are cherry blossoms here as well! When they fall off their branches I am sure it will be hard to wait until next Spring for them to bloom again!

  35. Beautiful picture. Aren't memories just awesome?

  36. I just have to say that I really like your blog! Hope it's okay that I added the link to my daily-read-list. ;)

  37. love your blog! i started reading it when i lived in dc and you were in nyc. now i live in nyc and you live in dc! but i'm moving to dc this summer and i just wanted to let you know….i am bringing shake shack with me (if you haven't heard this already)!

    ps. congratulations on the beautiful new addition to the family! it has been awesome watching your family grow!

  38. Love this! I grew up in Washington D.C. and moved out to Seattle for college. Oh how I miss the cherry blossoms, the capital buildings…my feet propel me back! : ] so this warms my heart.

  39. What a sweet sweet photo.

    I'm on the hunt for the perfect yellow dress! ;)

  40. Haley K

    oh this gets me excited for the cherry tree in our backyard to bloom! :) And thinking of you walking your little E through countless blossom filled trees in DC puts a smile on my face <3

  41. jenny

    Every year around this time… my family would make the treck from Maine to Florida… and pass through D.C…. and the BEST part would be opening the windows and smelling the cherry blossoms!!!! LOVE your picture!!!

  42. Chelsea

    LOVE that dress!

    you are just SUCH a gorgeous girl!!!! <3

  43. Oh my goodness!! That yellow dress!!!…. I love it.
    Cherry blossoms ARE beautiful! So fluffy.
    Have a great day and give that cute baby a squeeze!

    Richmond, Virginia

  44. buhdoop

    Beautiful photo.

    Looks like it's time to change your header. "…Kingley and Baby too"

  45. Erin

    i ♥ cherry blossoms!!!

  46. jennie

    Yes please N, where do you find these dresses?? xo

  47. Sonja

    Ah! They're so beautiful!!! I can't believe things are already blossoming in DC, I'm jealous.
    and side note: I love that dress very much! :o)

  48. Ingrid

    i'll be seeing the pink blossoms this weekend too. if i see you, i'll certainly say hello! :)

  49. What a lovely yellow dress and picture! I was just at the DC cherry blossoms last week and they were beautiful…I'm posting all my pictures from it on Friday! :)

    Liesl :)

  50. Drea

    such a beautiful picture!

  51. @jennie, i got it a few years ago at H&M.; :)

  52. Jenna E

    Gorgeous photo!! I want to see blossoms, at this rate we will have winter for another couple of months :(

  53. I grew up in D.C and I miss the cherry blossoms so so much! One of my favorite memories is my parents taking me to the Cherry Blossom Festival and letting me buy everything cherry blossom scented and anything that was the same shade of pink.

  54. Can't wait to visit Brooklyn Botanical Gardens some sunny day this spring and see the cherry blossoms there and celebrate Hanami. Never done it before so I'm excited. It's going to be beautiful.

  55. jlc

    this pic reminds me of when i fell in love with your blog… i actually got nostalgic! can't believe i've been following for so long…

  56. This is the most amazing picture! Looks so old-timey! It would be nice to have some sort of spring-like weather/scenery in Chicago… I'll just live vicariously through pictures like this!

  57. Autumn

    Memories are the best. Especially when you can think of now and like it even more :)

  58. Tanya

    I have been there twice, but unfortunately never when the cherry blossoms are out. It is on my bucket list.

  59. Okay I am slightly—scratch that–totally and completely obsessed with the yellow skirt in your blog header. Any chance you will divulge where it is from? And congrats on the little one, she is an absolute beauty! Such a gift from above :)


  60. such a lovely photo:)

  61. Marine

    Amazing pict ! Light and colors… So poetic, I love it !

  62. Hang in there with the house hunt! It took us 4+ months to find the perfect Cap Hill home, but we finally did last April and it was well worth the wait! Happy Spring!

  63. Sera

    this makes me really miss DC! enjoy it while you're there! so beautiful!

  64. I get cherry blossoms near where I live, and they're so gorgeous and define spring to me. Those, and daffodils!

  65. seeing this photo makes me miss DC so much! i was living in Capitol Hill last year and absolutely loved seeing the cherry blossoms!! :) too bad im back in Ohio now…

  66. Nuha

    This is a gorgeous photo. I absolutely adore cherry blossom trees. They are gorgeously girly :)