a playdate with mister kingsley’s bulldog friends.

mister kingsley’s little bulldog play group got together over the weekend. between the warm weather, 22 bulldogs and pup cakes, he was in heaven.
we were in heaven too, since a few new baby bullies have joined the group. watching kingsley play with them was adorable. it made me miss the olden days when kingsley was this big. (see other bulldog play date posts here and here.)

we love you, kingsley.
  1. they're so cute when they're babies.. I miss the days when dave was a pup and do crave another one to re live it again.. but two dogs would be too much for me and I'll never stop..

    looks like a wonderful play day!

  2. toria

    awe so sweet! we are in an old english sheep dog group and we love our play dates!

  3. That first photo totally made my Monday.

    Nothing cuter than a puppy face.

  4. Katie

    These pictures are adorable! I want a bulldog, but my husband thinks they're ugly. They're too cute!

  5. Thanks for a smile on Monday morning! Cuteness!

  6. Ana

    Well, Kingston sure has a lot of friends! Lucky him!
    Oh and I think that the sweater you're wearing is so beautiful! I need some colour in my life.

  7. I love those bulldogs!!!!! Kingsley seem to be calm.
    I´ve a question, when did Kingsley stop to grow? I´ve a french buldog, she is almost 6 months and she is so small! I do not know if she will grow a bit more..

  8. amanda

    kingley goes to more parties than i do. what a rockstar.

  9. Kingsley is so lucky to have such wonderful parents. It is so cute that you bring him to play dates. ADORABLE… his friends are cuter then cute too.. just like your family! Congrats on the adorableness that is your baby girl!

  10. Rachel

    These posts always make me want a bulldog, and I am not even that big a fan of dogs (although I LOVED the dog my family had when I was young). Sounds like an awesome weekend.

  11. aaahhhhhh!!! How quickly little pups grow! x

  12. Aww, that is the cutest idea ever! I can't imagine coming across 22 bulldogs playing together. I don't think I would be able to survive the cuteness!

  13. Cassie

    Awww the pups are so cute! I love the idea of a puppy playdate!

  14. amber

    oh my gosh! this is way too cute! and look at those puppies…precious :)

  15. That's a lot of cute running around! (and are you guys loving your ergo? babywearing makes life so much easier.)

  16. Rachel

    i love that little itty bitty one! such a cute play date.

  17. Olivas

    Ooooh I love dogs!!! We have a Pug!
    Kisses for all.

  18. Kristyn

    That first pup's face… too sweet. My fur babes are almost two, I miss when I could actually pick them up.

    Love that jacket you are wearing!

  19. The bully doing the splits slays me… tucking that one away for a day when I need a pick-me-up :)

  20. Gussy

    puppies. almost as cute as babies. almost ;]

  21. Ashley

    Awwwh so adorable!!!

  22. They are pretty cute.

    Miss Eleanor is gorgeous…and you look awesome, mamacita!!!

  23. Oh my..the new baby pups are too cute!

  24. Luisa

    The dogs are cute :)
    I love your sunglasses and jacket.

  25. Alivia

    So cute! I can't wait to have my own bulldog someday…til then, I will live vicariously through you ;)

  26. aw what a bunch of cuties!! gotta love those big hunks of bull-love :)

  27. awww, baby bullies! so cute!

  28. Natalie

    Oh gosh, that looks like SO much fun! I love when a lot of dogs play together! And all bull dogs? How cute is that!!

  29. that's so cute that they have an all-bulldog playgroup. we do a big thing in chicago with pugs twice a year!

    and also, that is the prettiest jacket ever! can't wait for full-blown spring!


  30. JenLynn

    Bulldog puppies are the one of the cutest breeds in my book.

  31. Rachael

    Aww, bulldogs are the cutest!

  32. CAPow!

    I'm DYING from the cute! It's making me look forward to the day we finally bring home our little bully!!

  33. Ah! I can't HANDLE bully pups. They are TOO CUTE!!! I have an Olde English bully (who is huge) and would love it if we could take him on bully playdates.

    Bullies are the best little things that ever lived!

  34. there are too many kinds of cute in this post! love.

  35. Oh my gosh, those little bullies are adorable! I love how little they are compared to the older ones! Kingsley is so mature :)

  36. kate

    ohh i'm dying over here. they are soo cute! and you look so lovely, as always. and you do NOT look like you just had a baby!!

  37. haha! how precious!

    that looks like good times :D

  38. erin

    that is a GORGEOUS sweater.

  39. SO CUTE! I squealed at every picture.

    My boyfriend wants a bulldog and I really hope he can get one! :D

  40. kate.

    so cute! love those sweet pictures of eleanor too!

  41. Little bulldogs are so cute! And big ones remind me of people somehow…all gruff and excitable at the same time. That must be awesome to watch.

  42. jenny

    ha! A playdate for kingsley too! I love it!

  43. Renée

    These photos are all amazing, your family is so pretty!

  44. Sidney

    i would lose my mind if i ever came across so much bully cuteness at one time. kingsley is so precious.

  45. M.

    ah! i LOVE this… bulldogs' squishy faces get me everytime!!!!

    and hello!? can we talk about how great you look??? that's actually incredible! love your jacket!


  46. Which dog park is that? One of the Arlington ones? When we lived there, we *loved* the dog parks. It was actually why we picked our specific apartment.

  47. Cheray

    Ohhh!! they're all so adorable!!
    There's a new baby bulldog that goes to our park & i just want to steal him everytime i see him!
    so cute x

  48. Marfio

    Okay. As a non-pet owner, I had no idea dogs had playgroups but it is a very cute idea. It definitely looks like Kingsley had a great time.

  49. c.

    so cute! love bulldog posts

  50. how sweet! and I love that jacket too <3

  51. jlc

    love your top!!

  52. Jenna E

    aw I wish there was dog park close by for my pups! Looks like fun!!

  53. so many cute pups! :D

  54. Anna

    how do you get involved in a bulldog club???? i have a frenchie who would love to meet some other wrinkly faces. i can only imagine all the cuteness.

    the hummingbird haps

  55. Faith

    Oh, my goodness! These pups are adorable.

  56. So CUTE! Josh looks adorable with the baby carrier, and Kingsley is so big! You have a gorgeous little family. By the way, you look just like Emma Stone in that last picture.

  57. Oh man! I have to find a bulldog play group out here in LA for Berkeley!

    Such a cute idea!


  58. Look at that little boo doing the splits! He's so freakin adorable!!

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  59. I don't want to be someone that puts up random info, but this applies

    As a family and community that loves bulldogs, you should read this email/website we received this morning from our local bully rescue.


    Please also pass along to anyone else that you know who loves bulldogs and would love to donate to the cause.

    Sorry for the weird posting but it's just so sad and it's such a great organization!

  60. Katie

    Oh, these photos are absolutely precious!!!

  61. rebecca

    22 pups! holy cow. omg, kingsley is the cutest little man.

  62. Natasha

    They all are such cuties!!! =)))

  63. I have the Black Ergo as well…its the best baby carrier!
    Cute little family you have!

  64. All these little Bulldogs : too cute for words !

  65. Terhi

    You have such a beautiful family! All the best from Finland :)

  66. OMG, I can't deal with the adorableness of these little bulldogs!!…lol…I love animals. And liking this blog a lot! Glad I ran into it..—Lorena

  67. Carly

    Did/do you have any issues with Kingsley being jealous or threatened by baby E? As much as we try, we treat our pup like our kid sometimes, and I worry he might flip when we have children.