an old polaroid of those pretty little cherry blossoms. and a girl in her favorite yellow dress.

around this time two years ago, husband and i made the move from new york city to washington d.c. and were welcomed with a bounty of blossoms. this is our third springtime in d.c. and the cherry blossoms are more beautiful than ever. i wish they’d last until july… excited to venture out this weekend with baby girl to a few of the monuments to see them up close!... Read more

rockstar giveaway! (closed)

today we have a bunch of wonderful giveaways for you from a few of our sponsors! the first is a 1 hour e-design consultation with caitlin wilson design. check our her website and design blog to see her work!the second is a 1 hour portrait session with west coast based photographer anna gleave. (please note that anna travels often for destination weddings and photo shoots, so location shouldn’t discourage you from entering!) and the third is a $50 gift certificate to shop mamie!... Read more

oh, the weekend.

things that made the weekend not so great: coming this close to buying a house we loved here in d.c. on saturday, but not having it work out. after realizing we aren’t getting the house, driving all the way to ihop in virginia for pancakes to cheer us up only to find a long line wrapped around ihop of others who want pancakes, too.... Read more

blue eyed baby girl.

these days for entertainment, we like to stare at our baby girl. (tv? what tv?) it’s always fun to try to determine if she looks more like her mama or her papa. when comparing our own baby photos to hers, she is definitely a josh baby. and for the record, i was one ugly baby. one thing is for certain, she definitely didn’t get my eyes.... Read more

figuring it out.

eleanor and her first doll from sweet carissa. i’m still figuring this all out. sometimes i think i can do more than i can and try to take on the world in impossible ways. i don’t like when people assume you are stuck at home because you have a baby so i’ve pushed and pushed to continue living life how i did before eleanor arrived.... Read more