week one.

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this morning at 1:16am, my baby girl turned one week old. i have no idea how that happened so fast. time is moving too quickly for me and it makes me cry. this has been the best week of my life. it’s also been the most painful (which also makes me cry), but regardless of that, it’s been incredible.
this little girl has changed my life forever. i love her so much already it hurts. i love holding and kissing and cuddling her. i love feeding her. i love watching her sleep, even if it means i’m sleep deprived. i love seeing her with her daddy. i love that he calls us “his girls.” i love talking to her and telling her all the dreams and wishes i have for her. i love her little sneezes and hiccups and the sounds she makes as she sleeps. i love her chunky little rolls and button nose. i love her sweet spirit and the joy she brings into our home. i love knowing that no matter what happens in this lifetime, we are sealed together for eternity. i love how proud she makes me to be her mother. i just really love my little eleanor.
and even though it’s hard to see week one of her life already over, i really am looking forward to week two. and week three. and all the weeks after that.
photos of eleanor and mama right before we left the hospital to go home.
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  2. Congratulations, your daughter is beautiful!

  3. You are the most beautiful mother ever and Eleanor is gorgeous!

  4. she looks so cute. you´re both so beautiful.
    and those words you wrote… they really put tears in my eyes. it was just so beautiful and cute.
    i hope you three are having a wonderful weekend!
    god bless you!
    xoxo, pink lady <3

  5. tRiSh

    so glad to see a mommy with looooong hair, you two are beauuuuutiful!