1. Lauren

    Oh my goodness!!! What a cutie!

  2. Rachel

    The last picture is probably the cutest face I've ever seen! <3

  3. Lindduh

    OMGOSH! she is sooooo cute!

  4. She is so stinkin cute! I have to know where you got that hat! I have been googling and can't find it anywhere……

  5. tRiSh

    she's the most adorable Valentine's baby of the world =D

  6. Can you please tell me,Where you got these adorable hat?

  7. @indian house, it's from babyGap!

  8. Thank you so much for reply.But,I was not able to find it on babygap online site.

  9. mama p.

    uh oh
    these pictures have made me incredibly broody
    she's so lovely!

  10. Vero S.

    Congrats, she is really adorable.

    I need to know where the lion hat is from…I have been looking everywhere for it and I can't find it! My little one will be born a Leo and I really want the hat for him/her.

  11. Maren

    oooooh my gosh, eleanor is sooo cute!! :)