chubby little cheeks + other little things.

i promise josh isn’t choking our baby in that first photo although it might look like it. that’s just some fancy burping hold they showed us at the hospital (along with things like ‘how to hold a newborn’ which i needed major help with.) i just die over eleanor’s chubby cheeks as she is being burped.... Read more

week one.

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this morning at 1:16am, my baby girl turned one week old. i have no idea how that happened so fast. time is moving too quickly for me and it makes me cry. this has been the best week of my life. it’s also been the most painful (which also makes me cry), but regardless of that, it’s been incredible.... Read more

guest post: what i love about motherhood, by leah wright

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“Being a mother is the hardest and most wonderful adventure I’ve taken in life. While I am lucky to have learned from my amazing mother, sisters, and friends about what it takes to be a mom, I owe it to my son and daughter for being my true teachers. They’ve taught me to forgive quickly, reminded me that learning is magical, and proved that taking time to sit, talk, and play with them one-on-one is much more important than having a perpetually clean house.... Read more

guest post: advice to a new mother, by megan hunt

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***first off, thank you for the sweet congratulatory messages. we are on cloud nine over here and feel very blessed that baby davis has finally arrived all safe and sound. while we go snuggle our new babe for a bit, i’ve asked a few of my favorite bloggers who are mothers to guest post on the blog.... Read more