before we end the motherhood posts…

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…i just have to say a few words about mine. last week, my mom flew into town and literally saved the day, every day. josh had to go back to work last monday so it meant a lot to have someone here with me for a few days since eleanor was only one week old and i really have no idea what i’m doing, still.... Read more

first family walk.

on eleanor’s 5th day of life, we went on our first big walk around capitol hill as a family of four (i like including kingsley in our family count) and introduced eleanor to the capitol. i guess technically our first family walk happened the night before when we walked to our friend’s house for the evening, then to CVS for juice and then to grab chinese take-out.... Read more

guest post: what i love about motherhood, by elaine qualter

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“Sticky hands. Refusing to share. Temper tantrums. Whining. Unreasonable demands. Short attention span. Mood swings. High-pitched shrieking. Picky eating. Choosing her own clothes. Putting on those clothes v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y. She is three years old and she isn’t always easy to deal with, despite my morning yoga and meditation routine and lots of chocolate therapy. Her name is Mayumi.... Read more