my sisters and my little brother.

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it meant the world to me to have my three sisters and little brother here over the weekend. i love these kids so much and enjoyed spending time with them. sure, technically they were here to meet eleanor more than hang out with me, but still. i’m glad we’re all so close and am really excited to see how their relationships with little eleanor develop and grow over the years. she is a lucky lady to have such sweet aunts and uncles, on both sides of the family, in her life.
  1. Michelle

    no fair! you are all insanely good-looking!

  2. you have such a beautiful family! and it looks like you have a lot of fun together too!!! i want a big family too now! haha

  3. joyce

    where did you get that stroller!!!

  4. Eleni

    Aw, these photos just exude happiness. Wonderful.

    PS: glad Kingsley's still getting kisses, too!

  5. What a cute family you have! You all look so much alike haha that is so dub that you have been able to spend so much time with them. Family is forever!

  6. such a beautiful family!! it looks like such a great visit!!

  7. Kristina

    too cute! loving the picture of you and your brother, with Eleanor yawning!!

  8. oh just so sweet!! she definitely is one lucky lady to ve so loved by so many people!

  9. Michele

    LOVE big families! I have 5 sisters and can't wait for when we have neices and nephews. So much love. :)

  10. So fun to see everyone in the same place! You four are beautiful and little Isaac is not so little anymore! Such a cute kid! You are right, Eleanor IS lucky!

  11. These pictures say more than a hundred words! So lovely they came to visit you!

  12. Sini

    Sweet pictures :) I don't know if anyone else has the same problem, but everytime I come to your blog, my antivirus tells me that there is a virus that tries to enter. I just wanted to let you know, if there is problems with other ones too.

  13. Such a beautiful family! :)

    I want to hear about that stroller! Looks awesome!

  14. AmyLee

    Love these pictures! You guys are all so cute. Baby E is so lucky to have been born into such a loving family :)

  15. aaez

    these are beautiful pictures, especially the one of your little brother and eleanor. so sweet.

  16. Jayda

    I love Eleanor's adorably big yawn! Haha :)

  17. Missy D.

    What a good looking crew! You all resemble each other so much. Beautiful smiles and shiny hair for all!!!

  18. Splendor

    now i am sure. beauty is in your blood. you all look like each other and that's wonderful. i loved the pic where E is yawning. :)

  19. these pics are so beautiful naomi! thanks for sharing. can't believe how big eleanor is, what a little lady!

  20. i love your stroller!

  21. holtkamp

    your family is the cutest! i have a little brother isaac too! :)

  22. Jennifer

    You all have such amazing teeth! x

  23. thanks everyone. i love my family, lots!

    @joyce, the stroller is a Stokke Xplory in beige.

    @sini, i hope you didn't get a virus coming to the blog! i don't know anything about that but i'll ask josh to check it out. thanks for letting me know!


  24. Autaven

    You are such a beautiful family!! I'm honestly jealous, I'm an only child and I would now never have just one child, it seems cruel. Lovely pictures! :)

  25. naomi, you have a beautiful family and a gorgeous little girl!

    Question: Are you breast feeding? If you are, how is it working out for you?

  26. loooove your polaroid wall. and the pics of kingsley are pretty special. :) oh and eleanor yawning?! priceless.

  27. Sophie

    Great pictures, you (all) look so happy :)

    Too bad you don't have kind of a "blog-history" (where you can read the posts month by month – i would love to read the beginnings of your blogging-time and scrolling back by using the Previous-Entries-function is so unhandy)

  28. Has a more beautiful family ever existed?

  29. all of you have that SAME smile!
    how sweet! :D

  30. Such sweet photos. I have no idea why, but that one of your little brother holding Miss Eleanor, and the look on his face made me tear up a bit.

  31. So great! And those photos of Kingsley made me laugh! :D How's he taking having a new little baby in the house?

  32. You and your siblings look so alike, it's crazy! Your little brother is adorable! Not to mention Eleanor, gorgeous!

  33. ooh my goodness! You are all freakin' adorable, loving the one where your sis …where she is picking up your pooch, hehe! xx veronika

  34. Morgan

    wow, what an good looking family! you guys look so close and like you really enjoy your time together.

  35. Mary

    What a beautiful family! Love these pictures… and Eleanor, so gorgeous!!

    Mary xx
    Delightful Bitefuls

  36. Jenna E

    You guys all look so much alike! Very sweet

  37. Ronise

    you all look so much alike, it's hard to tell who is who in some pics. beautiful family.

  38. Alivia

    The photo of your brother & Eleanor makes me melt. So beautiful and peaceful. ALL of these photos are so perfect, though. I adore the one catching your little one yawning!

  39. Megan

    those are the cutest pictures! you have such a beautiful family. i really love the one of Eleanor and Issac, so precious. I am very close with my brothers and it is such a blessing. Family means everything!

  40. Amy

    Adorable family!

    I checked out those cute baby hair flowers that you link to – do they really stick to their heads? What do you use to stick them??

  41. I have three sisters too and it's the best. Don't have a cute little freckled brother though. Kinda wish I did!

    p.s. You are as stunning as ever and that little babe of yours?! Sweet as pie.

  42. these pictures are great!

    where do you get all of your knit hats, if you don't mind me asking?

  43. MellyB

    I have three little sisters and a brother too! My brother is older and I love our family. Really, there is nothing better in the world than a close happy fam that you can totally be yourself with.

    And having sisters to share clothing with is pretty sweet!

  44. Rachael

    Great pictures! It's great that they all came out to meet little eleanor! Not that they wouldn't!
    You and your sisters all have the same smile! So cute.
    Wow, your dog is big!

  45. I love that baby blanket. Where did you get it?? She is adorable and looks just like you!

  46. Lauren

    Three things. Your brother looks almost exactly like you. I love the photo of your sister and Kingsley. where did you get that buggy? <3

  47. Erin

    You all look alike! :) I love the pictures. They really make me smile.

  48. Tessa

    These pictures are so extremely sweet! I can't get over the fact that you all look like twins!


  49. Family is so incredibly important and it's such a blessing when one is as close as yours.
    Your family reminds me of mine!
    So special!

  50. Ashley

    You are adorable, Eleanor is adorable, your sisters and little brother are adorable. Aww I just love your little family. xox

  51. janis

    i'm so happy you got to spend some quality time with the fam! looks like a lovely time! :)

    ps. i like the polaroid wall!

  52. My favorite is the picture of you and your brother sitting on the couch with Eleanor because she's yawning! SOOO cute!

  53. Anna

    Your family is adorable. :)

    The photo of your brother and little Eleanor is precious.

  54. allie

    You're family is so beautiful!! I NEED to know where you got your diaper bag! It's so cute i love it!!!!

  55. Shelby

    Wow you look so good for just having a baby! I just had one about 8 months ago and its always interesting to see how your body will react… but having a baby is the BEST best of luck to you!


  56. You have such a beautiful family, and you all look so much alike :-) You are very lucky.

  57. You have the cutest family ever! Each one of you looks alike, but you can tell that you each have your own individual personalities as well I love these pictures :) I love family! YAY for eternity!

  58. cuteness all around:)

  59. cute cute cute family!

  60. Yvonne

    You guys look so much alike! Love that. Great snapshots. Sometimes those are better, than posing :)


  61. Jennifer

    This post is almost too adorble to handle. :)

  62. you look great and so happy! little eleanor can´t be cuter!!

    nice pictures!

  63. Kuleigh

    Love the shot of your brother holding little e! Your family is so beautiful. I'm sure it felt great to have them all there supporting you and loving the newest member of the family.

  64. i love these! you and your sisters look so much alike and are all so pretty! glad you could spend some quality time with all of them and Eleanor.

  65. Nat

    How do you like your diaper bag? Do you recommend it?

  66. Melany

    she really is such a beautiful newborn! looks like you have a fun pack of siblings.

  67. Naomi, you look so good! Kingsley is HUGE! Your family seems so wonderful. Eleanor just keeps getting cuter!

  68. those are some amazing genes you folks are passing & sharing.

    gorgeous family!

  69. I love these photos! Y'all are so cute! :)

  70. Mars

    Oh my gosh your little family is so stinkin cute! You guys all look so much alike. Your little brother is adorable! And of course, Elenor is a doll :) Love your cake bag too!

  71. I don't think I've ever seen such a beautiful family. Baby Elenor sure won the DNA jackpot!

  72. love these pictures!! wow, what a cute family. i love that picture of eleanor with your lil bro.

  73. your stroller looks so cool! i've never seen one like it before (but i'm in idaho, so there's lots i don't see ;). also, that picture of your little brother with his brand-new niece is probably the sweetest thing ever. so cute.

  74. Hdub

    I have a couch almost exactly like yours…I'm in the process of refinishing it. <3 it.

  75. Shannon

    Amazing how much you all look alike! No denying you're related :) I LOVE the pic of your brother holding eleanor. Looks like a fun filled weekend!

  76. what a strikingly beautiful family naomi! these pictures are so sweet. the first image of your sisters–so gorgeous…you all have such similar smiles and look so much alike-perfection!

  77. I love the one of Eleanor and her little uncle…so cute together. And she looks blissed out.

  78. JenLynn

    They all look so sweet. They will be the best aunts and uncle.

  79. Katie

    okay, all the pictures are cute, but the last one with the dog? is. the. best. :)

  80. zelina

    what a beautiful family. you all look so much alike.

  81. Felicity

    Man you really are peas out of a pod!

    Loving all the love that is obviously being shared.

    Felicity x

  82. Michelle

    Your family is absolutely precious! And I'm glad that Kingsley is still getting lots of attention. Thank you for sharing!!

  83. marisa

    Ahhhh So cute and like everyone else I LOVE the one with Eleanor yawning such a big baby yawn!! :)

  84. Gaby

    Looks like you had a wonderful time! This is the kind of thing that makes me want a big family…

  85. Samara

    Wow you all look exactly alike, but at different ages/genders.

  86. you have the cutest family ever. so happy for you!!

  87. erin

    sweetest post, naomi.

  88. Marfio

    Family is amazing. Are you the oldest? It looks to me like your family were as pleased to hang with you as they were to meet Eleanor.

  89. That stroller is adorable! You are always so stylish!
    Where did you get it at? I don't even have a baby but I want one. haha