my sisters and my little brother.

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it meant the world to me to have my three sisters and little brother here over the weekend. i love these kids so much and enjoyed spending time with them. sure, technically they were here to meet eleanor more than hang out with me, but still. i’m glad we’re all so close and am really excited to see how their relationships with little eleanor develop and grow over the years. she is a lucky lady to have such sweet aunts and uncles, on both sides of the family, in her life.
  1. vanessa

    i always love seeing pictures of all your siblings. i bet isaac is a riot, growing up with all these extra "mommies"!

  2. @allie, thanks! it's a petunia pickle bottom diaper bag, from their cake line.

    @brooke self, it's an xplory by stokke.

    @the phipps blog, it's a shi shu baby blanket!

    @marfio, yep, i am the oldest! it's so much fun!

    @aukergirl, my dad got me that hat in peru!

    @cassandra marie, he's taking it pretty well, actually. i have a video of the two together i need to post soon. someday when i have time to upload my videos from the camera. :)

    i think that was everyone's q's. thanks for the kind words! xoxo

  3. Michele

    Your entire family is gorgeous!

  4. jlc

    I LOVEEE the little sign in the background that says Welcome Home to you and Baby Eleanor.

  5. Anna

    You and your sisters all have the same smile :)

    Little Miss Eleanor is such a perfectly beautiful baby.

  6. @jlc, isn't that sweet? my friend made it and hung it up with balloons when we arrived home from the hospital. i never want to take it down. :)

  7. amanda

    i love, i love, i love!

  8. Autumn

    Your family is adorable, I hope my kids are really close someday when I have them like this :)

  9. What a beautiful family! Seeing all that love made my tear up :)

  10. How fun! I hope when I move away my siblings will come visit me!!! And I am LOVING your stroller, so cute!

  11. So gorgeous! This makes me want to go and hug my sister.

  12. Colleen

    Love the picture of Isaac holding her. You are looking great and your boobs are HUGE. Lucky baby!

  13. Grace

    love this post :)

  14. What a beautiful family you have!

    Pst… Sweet stroller!

  15. You're so stylish, Momma!

    You and your sisters and Eleanor are ALL beautiful ladies… and it looks like you're loads of fun too!

    Love it.

  16. Victoria

    Aww you all look identical!

    Eleanor is so adorable. x

  17. Leslie

    These photos are absolutely gorgeous!

  18. Michelle

    ahh i am lovin that little yawn picture.
    your adorable!! and congrats a million times she's absolutely perfect

    love m.

  19. Robert

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  20. milbert

    I love sisters! I have six sisters and a brother and I love to see how other siblings relate to each other. We have so much fun when we're together. We have a sisters' blog, you should check us out!

  21. Becky H.

    You have such a beautiful family! … and your daughter gets cuter and cuter with every post!

  22. Whitney

    They're all SO good! But the one of Eleanor and your brother? Beautiful!
    Stroller? So futuristic and neato looking!

  23. Linds

    I have a question too!
    I've been trying to find a way to display my polaroids in my home. We have hundreds! How are yours mounted? What did you use to stick them up there? Are they framed by anything? It's hard to tell from the picture. But I'm so thrilled to see someone display polaroids. How did you do it? Guide me!
    P.S. Beautiful family!

  24. The love tween you & your family is so touching. Congrats on Elenanor, she is a beauty.
    Quick Q- how do you get the bows to stay on? I can't seem to get them to stay on my 6month old Moxie Mae.

  25. Megan

    Whatta gorgeous family!

  26. Kelsey

    it's great you have such a tight knit family

  27. Josh

    @linds, i just used a small piece of painters tape on the back of each polaroid. it doesn't harm them and they stick really well. they aren't framed, just placed beside each other.

    @mommie to moxie mae, i use honey. just a little drop. i find it sticks better than anything else i've tried.


  28. Josh

    oh no! i'm logged in as josh, but this is naomi.


  29. sheena

    you girls are absolutely gorgeous!

  30. Cambria

    All of your sister and you have the same smile!! Among other things! you girls are so stunning!! :)

  31. yaoxu

    Love LOVE Love your blog! Congrats on the baby and cheers to a new chapter in your life!

  32. All you siblings are so similar looking! Loving the kisses your sister is giving little Kingsley there. You have such a lovely growing family. Lucky lucky you :) x<3

  33. Nicole

    did you pay full price for your stroller? they are SO cute but super expensive.

  34. love the stroller picture :)

  35. Nuha

    oh my goodness, I am devouring your blog!!! Congrats on your newest addition, I bet your over the moon!! And I love that stroller, is it from Gap?

  36. you have such a beautiful family! you and josh make the perfect couple and of course, the perfect baby…

  37. Beautiful photos of a beautiful family. Bless xx

  38. Great shot! :)

  39. momtog

    your little one is absolutely precious. where did you get her darling hair accessories? do they clip in or do you karo syrup them? hope all is well :)

  40. Hailey

    So crazy how you guys look so much alike!

  41. Maren

    How in the heck do stay so skinny darling? Please share

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  43. Okay what is your cute nail polish color you are wearing the the first picture? AND where did you get Eleanors clothes?? She is always dressed so cute and stylish!

  44. Ashley

    i love the paintings featured in this post, can you please share the artist's information for the paitings titled "forty fourth season" and "thirty seventh season"? i tried googling them but could find them :(.