it’s a girl!

yesterday we welcomed a beautiful baby girl into our family.
born in washington d.c. on february 1st, 2011;
8 pounds 3 ounces, 20 1/2 inches long.
no name yet, but we’re getting close!
she’s everything we could hope for.
we’re so in love.
  1. Congrats she is absolutely beautiful and can't wait to hear what you name her!

  2. Sandra

    Congrats – she´s so beautiful.

  3. Welcome to the world a beautiful baby .. I want to be a mother too cute:)

  4. k.c.

    yay!!! congrats! been offline a few days and am just catching up. baby eleanor is soooooo beautiful. enjoy these precious days!

  5. Congrats! She chose a wonderful birthday. It's been mine for 27 years! Best of luck. :)

  6. Andrea

    Baby girl is so adorable!

  7. Abigail


  8. My sister took about 3 weeks before she and my brother in law settled on a name for my nephew. I called him Epic, because he put her into labor for 72 hours straight and he didn't come until 5AM the day he was due… stubborn little boy. But he was so beautiful and happy. Trust me, it will just get better and better from here!


    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  9. Grimm

    I am so excited for both of you! I have been following you blog for quite some time now; this is by far my favorite post!!!

  10. kokoro

    Congratulatations!I'm so happy for you! God bless you!